Hello! I'm Ann Kristine.

I help women entrepreneu​​​rs, authors and podcasters through social media syndication and marketing automation so they can exceptionally establish their brand, expand their following, and grow their business exponentially.

CLIENTS: I’m giving you ​TOP REASONS why you need Social Media to exceptionally GROW your business.

Meet Ann Kristine

I'm Ann Kristine, Social Media Engineer and author of Small is BIG: 5 Exceptional Small Things on How to Switch from Being a Corporate Junkie to a BIG time Online Professional. I have helped experts, retail stores, food and beverage companies, and innovative businesses get their message out through the right market through social media and marketing automation. At the same time, I also mentor aspiring online professionals to kickstart their purpose. And I do these with a smile!


Your company can rely on me to do the following:

Social Media Syndication

Let me help you build social media presence and nurture relationship with your fans.

Content Marketing

Let's work side-by-side in creating content that matters most to your buyers.

Social Media Advertising

Be at the front and center of the digital ad world through Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

Marketing Automation​​​​

Let's make your marketing actions easier.


I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.


5 Exceptional Small Things On How To Switch From Being A Corporate Junkie To A BIG Time Online Professional


  • How to systematically create your step-by-step online professional checklist
  • Why you need to do something every day to achieve your online professional goals
  • How an online professional mentor can give you a big leap to your online career journey
  • Why you need to have a league of exceptional people
  • What to do when life's setbacks hit you

Get this e-book to learn how small things can help you become a BIG time online professional immediately. 

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Marcus Ho

DigiMetric Pte Ltd Managing Director


Ann is a great social media manager! She manages clients' expectations to the best of her abilities. I'm very confident that anyone who is engaging her will benefit immensely in so many areas.

Ann is well trained in the area of social media marketing and her skills are highly capable of growing businesses in many areas.

CLIENTS: I’m giving you ​TOP REASONS why you need​ Social Media to exceptionally GROW your business.