How to post a WordPress blog

You now have a WordPress account! Hooray!

You don’t know how happy I was when it showed my first post, with the title, “Hello world!”

But then, it was a generated post. So it is time for me to study how to post a blog in WordPress.

I looked at all the features and the buttons. I still found them scary to me. What if I press this and something happens?

Good thing I love talking to myself. So I told myself again: face your fears. For everything else, there’s always the Back button.

And faced my fears I did.

The output?  My first ever WordPress blog.

Want to face your fears too? This is the how-to guide on how to post blogs in WordPress.

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Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo is the social media engineer, writer whiz, content marketing strategist, podcaster and training & development specialist exceptionally rolled into one. She's the amazing half of The Joy and Ann Show, the audio podcast for the jovial and amazing Filipino Freelancers. She's also the author of the e-book, "Small is BIG". When she's experiencing a writer's block, she laces up and goes for a run. Follow her on her official social media everywhere.

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vatrainingann - June 16, 2010 Reply

Because of blogging sites such as WordPress, it is now hard to imagine life when all we had were our diaries. I was so religious in updating my life through writing my day. But I would say that it was the best training.

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