$500 a week.

I was about to be in slumber yesterday when I heard my mind say this: “Ann is earning $500 a week.”

I didn’t know how it occurred. And I know was still awake.

To be honest, it is way way way higher than what I am earning now.

But come to think of it, it IS possible to earn that. I know I have the skills and the knowledge to bring that amount into my pocket.

And to my charity of choice.

And renovate the house.

And build my home office.

When I dozed off, I knew I never had a dream about the $500 coming into my hands.

But I know it’s going to happen.


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Ann Kristine A. Pe├▒aredondo is the social media engineer, writer whiz, content marketing strategist, podcaster and training & development specialist exceptionally rolled into one. She's the amazing half of The Joy and Ann Show, the audio podcast for the jovial and amazing Filipino Freelancers. She's also the author of the e-book, "Small is BIG". When she's experiencing a writer's block, she laces up and goes for a run. Follow her on her official social media everywhere.

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