3 Days After: A Look at My First FB Ad

I scheduled my first Facebook Ad to run for three days. After three days, I braced myself for the results. 

I first checked my landing page.


The results of my landing page.

The results of my landing page.


As you can see in the image, the landing page got 17 impressions. Out of 17 impressions, 1 clicked the Submit button. That means my conversion ratio versus impressions is 5%.

Hhhm, at this point, I thought I need to improve my landing page. Although it has the promise and the offer, I need to make it more enticing.

After checking the landing page, I went to Facebook Power Editor to see the ad report.

To my surprise, I found none.

Zero. Nada. Nothing.





I checked all the tasks that I did. I did them all correctly based on the tutorials given in the VA 202 seminar.

I also checked my emails and Facebook Power Editor, as I may have missed an email or notice that my ad did not work.

I got nothing.

To really convince myself that I did not get any data, I downloaded the Excel file report of the ad that ran. It had no data available.


A part of the downloaded Excel file from Power Editor.

A part of the downloaded Excel file from Power Editor.


Hhhmmm. I wonder what happened?

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