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I can not remember the exact time or year, but a few years back, I declared (written or verbal, I’m really not sure) that when I become a virtual assistant, one of the things that I see doing is going to the mall on a non-peak day (Tuesday or a Thursday). And in the mall, I will smile to a few people because all of us are virtual assistants. We are the ones inside the mall because we have time to do it – we just simply can.

Well, God has a way of tweaking dreams – but it happened to me anyway!

Recently, I was in a mall on a Monday. Even if I did not see familiar faces of virtual assistants, I was with my family. I am now a full-time virtual assistant serving clients that my hands and my brains can possibly handle.

It’s more cool than what I declared, right?

I felt I was walking in the clouds as I enjoyed a leisure day in the mall and then working right after we arrived home.

You may think that this a simple, non-sense dream. But for me, it was a big deal.

Because now, I have more time. I have more freedom.

See the proof in my latest video blog:


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Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo

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