This is so powerful that it is almost exceptionally laziness – but I love automation!

I am using Buffer as an auto-posting tool since this year. I am so glad to be a Buffer user because not only it spells AUTOMATION, it also has exceptional articles ready for you to share to your chosen social media platform.

Recently, after much careful thought, I tried another automation tool: IFTTT or If This Then That. According to Wikipedia, IFTTT is a “web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called ‘recipes’, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist.”

As a social media engineer, I decided to continue using the Tumblr account that I opened for the VA 202 skills building. With that platform as a tool, I would like to use IFTTT recipes so that what I share from my Tumblr account is published in my other social media platforms.

ann exceptional virtual assistant

I wanted to utilize my Tumblr account. But how?


ann exceptional virtual assistant

Enter IFTTT!


ann exceptional virtual assistant

One of the IFTTT recipes that I am using.


Honestly, IFTTT did not disappoint. In fact, it did more for me. Here are the IFTTT exceptional results based on some of the recipes that I am using:

1. My Instagram posts to Twitter now has a photo preview.

ann exceptional virtual assistant

Check out this two similar Instagram posts on my Twitter. The bottom tweet came from Instagram, while the upper tweet with a photo came from IFTTT. Which is more engaging?

2. Whoever follows me on Twitter is automatically acknowledged with a “Thank you!”

ann exceptional virtual assistant

Follow appreciated!

3. The YouTube videos that I liked has a bigger thumbnail, compared to when I shared the YouTube link directly on Facebook.

ann exceptional virtual assistant

When you post a YouTube link on Facebook, the thumbnail is small.


ann exceptional virtual assistant

Using IFTTT to post a video via Tumblr to my Facebook, I think the legendary Brian Tracy looked dapper.


I know that for some, automation is laziness. But for me, automation means more TIME for anything – learn another skill, work on a new task, look for more clients, or play with your children.

Go ahead and try IFTTT!

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