Something exceptionally unimaginable happened in my email inboxes

I have four emails in Gmail. I have one each specifically for:

  1. purchases
  2. social media platforms
  3. online marketing/virtual assistant lessons
  4. official VA email (where I get messages from my clients and from the freelance sites I’m subscribed to)

Yes, you may call me OC (obsessive-compulsive). But that’s my way of sorting my online life.

All those emails have a handful of emails in the inbox, waiting for kingdom come to be read. I do use Priority Inbox and Labels. But for those emails that need a free time to consume, they stayed in the inbox.

Until I officially called a recent week as ZERO INBOX PROJECT WEEK.

The result? Two of my 4 Gmail accounts got ZERO INBOX. I was surprised! I never thought that would happen!

Zero Inbox Gmail

I felt I was that guy lying on the snow after I saw my Gmail with zero inbox!


Zero Inbox Gmail 2

Look, butterfly! No emails!

I’m still working on my other two Gmail accounts to be totally zapped with emails. I’m excited as a Minion can’t wait to eat his banana!

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Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo is the social media engineer, writer whiz, content marketing strategist, podcaster and training & development specialist exceptionally rolled into one. She's the amazing half of The Joy and Ann Show, the audio podcast for the jovial and amazing Filipino Freelancers. She's also the author of the e-book, "Small is BIG". When she's experiencing a writer's block, she laces up and goes for a run. Follow her on her official social media everywhere.

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shawicortez - July 9, 2015 Reply

Sharing how you did it would be helpful, Ann!

    ANN Exceptional VA - July 10, 2015 Reply

    Shawi! I just did it – I sat down with one thing in mind: zero inbox. Most of the emails were videos, so I took out my notebook and wrote down what I learned. Some of the videos were only a few minutes! Imagine those links sitting on my inbox for a few months?!

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