I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I woke up yesterday morning with this first thought in mind: I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I also took a good look on one of my visual boards. There are photos of people there that are reading my book. I was like, “Wow, you did happen last night. Awesome.”

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

These photos are in my dream board. The other day, they came true. I am officially a published author!

Last night, I did my first-ever webinar, “Top 10 Reasons Why You are Still Not a Virtual Assistant (and What You Can Do About It).” A few who attended the live webinar sent me messages saying that they learned a lot and were inspired (and amused, I think) with the stories that I shared with them.

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

The end of the webinar was also the launch of my first e-book, “Small is BIG: 5 exceptional small things on how to switch from being a corporate junkie to a BIG time online professional.”

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

My first e-book is out! Woo hoo!

Just like what the song says, “What a feeling!” Everything that happened became possible because of YOU! I cannot thank you enough.

Now, the perennial question: Is there a replay?

My answer: OF COURSE! Click here for the webinar replay: http://kickstartyourpurpose.com/BUYSmallisBIG

I encourage you to watch the webinar until the end. I got gifts by the end of the webinar. I hope you’d be able to catch them faster than you catch Pikachu and its crew.

Again, here’s the link to the webinar replay: http://kickstartyourpurpose.com/BUYSmallisBIG

I hope you’re going to make the best choices for your life today!


I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I saw these sheets of paper inserted on my planner. This was my e-book launch a month ago. Indeed, you gotta believe in small things. #SmallisBIG #KickstartYourPurpose

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