4 Reasons Why I Still Volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario

I signed up and did my job as a volunteer for Jomar Hilario’s latest run of his Virtual Careers Seminar.

You might ask: I am an exceptional Social Media Engineer. Why do I still volunteer for the said event?

Here are the reasons why:

  1. The Virtual Careers Seminar started everything for me. Yes, I attended Jomar’s 2-Day Internet Marketing Workshop first before he offered the How To Become a Virtual Assistant Seminar. (That was how long the seminar name was.) Yet it was in the latter where I decided to make the leap. During that time, becoming a VA seemed attainable. And so I completed my assignment, faced many rejections, until I got job offers.
  2. Because of the Virtual Careers Seminar, I got a job offer that made me a full-time virtual professional. In the next seminar batch, Jones Mancilla, a volunteer, listened to a Arvin Peralta talked of his online career journey. Arvin told the participants that his client is looking for another social media manager. Even if I wasn’t a volunteer, Jones immediately sent me a message. “I instantly thought of you. I know you fit the job,” I remember Jones saying. Months later, I was accepted as a part-time social media manager. After one month, I was offered the full-time position, which led me to resigning from my government job.
  3. It is untrue that I no longer learn from the same seminar. I shared anecdotes on the Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Group. They may be funny, but the learnings still made sense today. Moreover, I witnessed the participants engaged that would make them understand what they would to do after the seminar. (I saw them dissect my virtual careers resume on the workbook given. I didn’t know what to think nor feel.)
  4.  The latest seminar run took place on my birth month. So, I thought it’s great to serve people because I still can.

4 reasons why I still volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario


4 reasons why I still volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario

Here are the photos (and Boomerangs) of the recent seminar.

[UPDATE] Here’s a video done by one of the co-volunteers, Mary Anne de la Cruz.

To all seminar participants: Focus on your goal. I’ll see you on the exceptional side.

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