Fangirl Mode: My First Encounters with Facebook Live and Instagram Live

It may be a usual thing now, but there was a time when Facebook Live and Instagram Live were getting tested.

Two years ago, it was the celebrities or influencers who got the Facebook Live beta test. I never knew if Instagram Live test were also given to the same people.

Nevertheless, my first encounters with Facebook Live and Instagram Live could be both summarized in one word: FANGIRL.

Facebook Live with The Hulk

Two years ago, I checking my Facebook account when a notification popped: “Mark Ruffalo is live now.”

Oh.My.Avenger. That guy’s my crush even before he signed up to turn green!

And so I clicked the notification and watched him say “Hi” and answer questions. (See the video here at 0:22.)

Fangirl Mode My First Encounters with Facebook Live and Instagram Live

I typed all the questions that I had on my mind during that time. Unfortunately, his Facebook Live video only took 10 to 15 minutes because he’s on his way to a movie premiere of Infinitely Polar Bear.

Fangirl Mode My First Encounters with Facebook Live and Instagram Live

On the other hand, his live video was an indication of what’s to come if you use the tool.


Instagram Live was launched last December 2016 in the U.S. and other selected countries. (One of my Australian clients used it immediately as soon as it was launched. One word: Jealous.)

A few months ago, I clicked the Top Live Videos and saw Tonight’s host Jimmy Fallon talking!

How amazing! I got to follow his career as a host. And here’s an unknown fact: the week that I started as a full-time virtual professional was the pilot week of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! His $100 bet still makes me laugh until this time.

I watched as he gave a studio tour when the show did a live episode in Los Angeles.

Fangirl Mode My First Encounters with Facebook Live and Instagram Live


I have used Facebook Live many times on my personal account, Ann Exceptional VA Facebook Page and The Joy and Ann Show Facebook Page. I am yet to use Instagram Live. But what these platforms tell us is that it makes the user closer to its audience.


How about you? Have you used Facebook Live or Instagram Live? Tell me more in the comments!


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