People Helping People

Do you know what is one of the best things about virtual careers?

Based on my experience, kahit magkakapareho kayo ng skill, walang inggitan, walang politics.


Take this case: In 2016, Sha Nacino was one of the people I asked for help on writing a book and launching it. All-out s’ya sa advice and tips. Because of that, I was able to launch my e-book in August.

When she learned about The Joy and Ann Show, she asked Joy and I everything about podcasting. All-out din kami sa advice at tips. (You know that Sha guested on our podcast, right?)

She launched her podcast, Write Conversations, in the same year. From her words, “Special shout out and BIG THANKS to my friends Joy and Ann of The Joy and Ann Show and Might for the tips and inspiration especially as regards producing a podcast!”

AEVA_People Helping People

Thank you, Sha! We appreciate you, too!

So yes, friends and network ang magiging ally ninyo sa virtual careers.

You’re getting the help that you need. All you have to do is ACT.

So please, act. Work on whatever you’re working on while listening to us and Sha.

The story of people helping people is just about Joy and Sha. You don’t want to hear more stories of this with Jomar Hilario, Niña Mendoza, Jones Mancilla, Nath ‘funchum’ Reyes, Nolan Ray Lazaro, Yuan Te-Natividad, Sweet Reyes and many others. Kasi mababaliw kayo sa blessing of friends and network.

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