Ann Exceptional VA: Content Marketing Strategist

Ann Exceptional VA Skills_Content Marketing Strategist

Content is the essence of digital marketing. Without good content – that is, content that resonates with your target market, and where your target market is – you have nothing.

I used to hate working on a content marketing plan because I thought it would only waste my time sitting down instead of just making things happen.

However, I realized how I love content marketing and how it can revitalize a brand or a company online. That is why I decided to become a Content Marketing Strategist so I can be side-by-side with you in creating content that drive traffic to your online sites, keep customers engaged, and motivate your fans to share your content.

Your company can rely on me to:

  1. Identify the biggest irritations of your customers so you will know what type of product/service you will provide them.
  2. Provide engaging content through a well-designed and content-rich plan that can be easily implemented for your business.
  3. Create content that differentiates your brand/company from competitors so you can position the brand/company as an industry leader.
  4. Drive website traffic, inbound links, and optimize for search engines.
  5. Generate leads and build loyalty among existing customers.

As a Content Marketing Strategist of an eye health clinic, I created a content marketing plan that established the brand’s online presence. I also became a part of the team that implemented the plan. Moreover, I was able to create a content marketing plan for baby goods stores in Sydney, Australia.

Apps I love to use:
AllTop, Asana, Basecamp, Boardreader, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Feedly, Forums, Google Drive, Google Trends, Google Suggest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Toggl, Trello, Twitter Search, Quora