Ann Exceptional VA: Training and Development Specialist

Ann Exceptional VA Skills_Training and Development Specialist

Two years after graduating from college, I talked to colleague during an office break. He shared with me how he wanted to shift to a human resource career. I got curious about human resource, so I asked him questions about it. Then, I did my own research. I got interested in working in human resources, but without a degree in Psychology, I did not know how to make a jump.

A few months after, I was hired as a training and development assistant. The position is a part of the human resource department of the company. I was thrilled! I took all the experiences as my hands-on learning. I learned that training and development is an important arm of a company so that employees continue to be empowered and well fit into their work.

I am your Training and Development Specialist. I have a total of 9 years working in training and development. Even if I am no longer working in an 8-to-5 environment, I still create training modules and conduct training programs, especially on online marketing and motivation.

Your company can rely on me to:

  1. Allow employees to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders.
  2. Provide a training plan and agenda to ensure alignment of training to your company’s vision and mission.
  3. Understand and maximize the employees’ learning styles, use various teaching techniques, check retention periodically and employ engaging learning materials so they will have fun while learning.
  4. Coordinate with different leaders in the organization to ensure that the training impacts your company through increased sales and employee productivity.

As a Human Resource Development Specialist in an international school, I prepared, organized, coordinated, and ensured the conduct of internal and external training programs for all employees for five years. I was able to put up a system in monitoring training programs attended by each employee, therefore ensuring efficiency and productivity in the company through the help of training. I also gathered important and related data in training and development, as well as performance of employees. Relevant data used for important human resources plans and projects of the company, such as hiring, promotion, and transfer.

Moreover, I have conducted talks on social media and virtual professional life in several seminars and summits.

Apps I love to use:
Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Trends, Google Suggest, Portable Document Format, Prezi