Ann Exceptional VA: Writer Whiz

Ann Exceptional VA Skills_Writer Whiz

I am a blogger since 2009. Since then, I have written topics related to running, working from home, social media and online marketing.

I have created Blogger and WordPress sites to put all my blogs. I currently have a website where I share my stories and experiences in working from home.

Ever since I was studying, I enjoy creating essays and reading books. Later on, I provided services for writing training proposals, press releases and layout for communication materials used for the yearly convention of human resource school practitioners in the country. It was published in a widely circulated national broadsheet.

You need a Writer Whiz to create exceptional content for your website. In a digital world where stories are shared, you need someone who will help you make your company’s story relatable to your audience.

Your company can rely on me to:

  1. Identify potential audience for your article/book so you would know whom you are talking to.
  2. Research on content based on a given outline.
  3. Organize ideas that you would like to write so you can get it out of your head.
  4. Write articles that provide value to your followers.
  5. Help you fulfilling your dream of becoming an author through e-book writing.

As a Communications Officer in a government office, I wrote news articles related to the important activities of the officer I represented. Several of my articles were published on the website for consumption of Philippine media.

Moreover, one of the blog posts I co-created generated an organic 8,000+ Facebook shares and more than 300 re-tweets on Twitter. Three professors from different schools, as well as several speakers, asked permission to discuss my blog in their class/topic.

Apps I love to use:
AllTop, Asana, Audacity, Basecamp, Blogger, Boardreader, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Feedly, Google Drive, Google Suggest, Google Trends, Scribd, Slideshare, Reddit, Trello, Twitter, Quora, WordPress (free and hosted)