Get More Social Media Checklists from Me

Get More Social Media Checklists from ME!

I noticed a lot of questions on social media groups on what social media courses to take. Some aspiring and current virtual assistants want to become better social media professionals by investing on courses. Moreover, in spite its existence for a long time, some business owners still don’t get how important it is to have […]

Facebook Has Been Good To Me

Facebook Has Been Good to Me

Facebook has been good to me since I joined in 2009. Actually, kaibigan ko ang nagbukas ng account para sa akin. Later on, ako ang naging mas maalam sa Facebook. Eventually, I left my secured government job and found clients who want to do Facebook social. Facebook has been good to me that I try […]

Pandesal Wisdom

Pandesal Wisdom

One Saturday morning, Mama instructed me to buy pandesal in one of the nearest stores in our area. When I arrived at the store, I said “Pabili” (May I buy?). The store owner (a lady) went out. I said, “Pabili po ng bente pesos na pandesal.” (I’d like to buy twenty pesos worth of bread.) […]

People Helping People

People Helping People

Do you know what is one of the best things about virtual careers? Based on my experience, kahit magkakapareho kayo ng skill, walang inggitan, walang politics. Instead, I see PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. Take this case: In 2016, Sha Nacino was one of the people I asked for help on writing a book and launching it. […]

top Focusing on the Profits

Stop Focusing on Profits

“It’s the PROCESS of creating the profits that matter!” Very true. I was talking to a new VA early this week and I told her that you think you need only money. But you don’t. Money may buy almost anything but not everything. Also, when your reason for working is for money or if you […]