Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Careers Summit: Date With Freedom 2017 recently took place. Over 100 people, composed of summit participants, their family and friends (more on this later) attended.

You may remember that two years ago, I was one of its speakers. This time around, I heard 10 success stories of virtual professionals AND a client (Dr. Sixto Carlos of Makati Dog and Cat Hospital). For the second time around, Preacher in Blue Jeans Bro. Bo Sanchez stopped the summit because of his presence – literally!

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Here’s what I learned: the virtual professional speakers were getting better, not only in speaking but also in their online careers.

Do you know why?

Because they learned from others who got in the online career path first. They got the best practices. They took note of the face palm moments and decided to never do it.

AND they included their great personalities.

Nagmo-morph din pala ang virtual professionals, ano?

It was a day of learning, fun, and meeting new aspiring virtual professionals, and my super friends!

Here are some of the highlights of the Date With Freedom Summit:

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Liza Dela Cruz tells us that YES, there is job security in virtual careers.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Yuan Natividad advised us to “forget what you feel and remember what you deserve”.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Rowell Austria told his heart tugging story about him leaving his daughter every time before he became an online professional.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Rachel Buiza brought the hands down with her amusing stories. She told me during the break that she appreciated the Skype call we did a few years ago when she was starting. I actually couldn’t remember, but hey, I think she’s doing exceptionally now!


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

FAM BAM Part: an interview with the family members of two of the summit speakers.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Dr. Sixto Carlos of Makati Dog and Cat Hospital shared with us the perspective of a client. He’s so humble and he. loves. marketing. period.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Rowen Iral showed us that it’s possible to ask a traditional company if we could do remote work – and they would say YES!


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Jay Sarthou and Pinky Anicete (not on this photo) tempted me to change careers! They are home-based travel agents and they are getting every travel perks you can imagine.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Melvin Receno, a former OFW, shared how power words – ordinary words used at the right time – could trigger something exceptional for you.


Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Analyn Roque is a Virtual Manager. She hires and manages and guides virtual professionals. I love how she shows genuine concerns to all the people she hires.


What’s more, this year’s summit allowed the participants to bring their family members and friends! They also got the chance to meet virtual professionals in the flesh because aside from the speakers, there were also virtual professional guests who hopped from one table to another.

I was one of the guests during the summit so I got to transfer from one table to another and answered questions. Here are more photos!

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

To Jomar and his team and volunteer (hugs to all!) , plus the speakers and other guests, THANK YOU for making this happen for the third time!

12 hours. It may seem sssooo long. But if you’re having fun, it’s not enough.

Korean Hearts Flutter: Date With Freedom Summit 2017

Speakers and guests with Jomar. Thanks, Jomar, for making this happen!


To all the Date With Freedom participants, here are some of my unsolicited advices from two years ago (don’t worry; still works):

Date With Freedom Notes from The Avengers and J.A.R.V.I.S.

Date With Freedom Post-Evaluation


AEVA_got your fast pass

Got Your Fast Pass?

AEVA_got your fast pass

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Locomotive Train Station at night.

No matter how old you are, you should go to Disneyland. It doesn’t matter where – Florida, Japan, Hong Kong – basta pumunta ka. It has the same system of making you happy. No wonder it’s called the happiest place on Earth. (Unless you’re a Feast attendee, then Disneyland is the second happiest place on earth.)

It was my second time in Hong Kong, therefore my second time, too, in Hong Kong Disneyland. It still gave me the same giddy kid feeling that a life of yesterday, today, tomorrow, and fantasy is possible. Hindi mo alam, tumatawa or nakangiti ka na pala ng matagal.

Maliban d’yan, Disneyland is a life success story of its visionary, Walt Disney. And if you are aware of it, you might experience lessons, too.

Percy, one of the tour guides we met on our stay (and I guess one of the angels disguised as human kasi lahat ng MTR at directions itinanong ko sa kanya pero lahat sinagot n’ya and more!), gave my brother and I the latest map and show time guide for HK Disneyland. Ibinigay n’ya sa amin ang map and guide the night before we actually went to the park. Great advantage for us to get to know the park and the show schedules AHEAD of others!

Kahit na inaantok na ako from the day’s city tour and Ocean Park walk, I studied the HK Disneyland map and guide. I braced myself for more walks the next day kasi mas malawak na ang HK Disneyland compared to the last time I was there! I also found out that the street parade (called Flights of Fantasy) was moved to 12NN (last time it was at 1:30PM). So from there, na-plano ko ang mga shows na papanoorin namin.

Then, I saw the FAST PASS feature.

According to the HK Disneyland Times Guide, Fast Pass is a complimentary service for park guests. It would give you an opportunity to enter selected attractions WITHOUT FALLING IN LINE. Why did I say this? Because waiting time for an attraction could take up to 1 hour!

Sa ngayon, only three shows have Fast Pass feature sa HK Disneyland: Hyperspace Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Iron Man Experience.

Here’s the catch: Fast Pass tickets are subject to availability. Madali s’yang maubos for each attraction. Kaya you need to look for the Fast Pass machine near each attraction to get it.

Inaantok na ako while reading the Fast Pass feature sa guide pero na-intriga ako how it works. So I decided that I will look for it the next day. Wala namang masamang makita ang Iron Man Experience without the waiting time and falling in line, di ba?

The next day, after kong mayakap sina Mickey at Minnie Mouse (one and a half hours for a photo and warm welcome hug – worth the wait, by the way), we went to Tomorrowland to eat lunch and check out Iron Man Expo Shop. At the back was the Iron Man Experience attraction. I remembered the Fast Pass feature. Magtatanong na sana ako sa isang park staff when I saw the Fast Pass machine. Nilapitan namin ang machine and then followed the instructions: place the Disneyland ticket sa scan area and wait for the Fast Pass ticket to come out.

IT WORKED! I got my Fast Pass ticket to the Iron Man Experience! It says I just had to come back on the specified time sa ticket and I can get inside the attraction!

Here’s a photo of the pass:

AEVA_got your fast pass

Pero alam n’yo ba kung ano ang nakita ko sa Iron Man Experience? A LLLOOONNNGGG LINE for the show! Eh ang lapit ng Fast Pass machine sa IronMan Experience. Ang no-line opportunity is just a few feet and a scan away! Kung alam lang nila ang Fast Pass, eh di sana hindi na sila pipila ng as much as 1 hour.

Ganito ka ba?

FAST PASS LESSON 1: Take advantage of the faster way to learn, to earn, or to become better. You will save hours (and even years) to your life.

On the other hand, even if my brother and I already had our Fast Pass tickets, we did not watch the Iron Man Experience.

Bakit? Kasi inikot namin ang buong Disneyland. We could end up staying on one area of the park only while waiting for our schedule or we could be rushing back to Tomorrowland kung mapalayo kami ng lakad.

Ganito ka ba?

Alam mo naman ang Fast Pass to virtual career (or just about having what you aspire in life) pero hindi mo ginagamit?

FAST PASS LESSON 2: You could have in your hands a book, a seminar, or even a small hack that could improve the way you work or improve your life. Do something about it.

Read the book. Review your seminar notes. Or better yet, kung na-download mo ang mga ‘yan, better unearth them from your computer or storage. Baka natutulog ang millions mo. Alam mo naman tayo: mahilig tayong mag-download ng learning opportunities pero hindi natin ginagalaw. (I heard you say “Aray! Ako ‘yun!”)

Got your Fast Pass?


By the way: Jomar Hilario’s Date With Freedom is on Saturday! This could be your Fast Pass to an exceptional virtual career. Ang balita ko ang gagaling ng speakers. One of them is our Mastermind Group member who just came home after being an OFW for a decade! May time ka pang mag-register and meet them. Sign up here.

my first copywriting exercise experience

My First Copywriting Exercise Experience

A few months ago, I published a blog about the lessons on investing in yourself while passing by NAIA-X. I mentioned there that I came from Jomar Hilario’s Masterclass, so I am going to talk about that now on this post.

The said Masterclass is Copywriting 101. Since I have an experience in creating landing pages, email marketing sequences, and preparing Facebook ad creatives, I thought it is about time to formally learn about copywriting. As you know, all the skills that I mentioned would be best combined with copywriting skills.

I had the privilege to attend the Copywriting 101 Masterclass because I guested in one of Jomar’s webinars in 2017. So off I went to the half-day masterclass, armed with a notebook, pen, and colored pens.

A Jomar Hilario seminar won’t end without an assignment. So for the Copywriting 101 Masterclass, the students were asked to COPY one of Robert Collier’s books. “Copy” means you get a notebook and a pen and you literally copy the content of the book.

Can you imagine your life back in school where you had to copy the notes on the board the entire Social Studies time? (Oh gosh, those hand aches.)

Yes, just like that. This time, more exciting.

I decided to look for my own material to write. I saw Gary Halbert’s Famous Dollar Letter. There is literally a $1.00 on the copy so it intrigued me. (As I did my research, one of Ryan Deiss’ sales letters also had a $1.00 on top of the page. Yep, it still works until now!)

After a month and 12 pages later, I finished copying the letter! Here’s the proof of the pudding:

my first copywriting exercise experience


my first copywriting exercise experience


my first copywriting exercise experience


This may seem crazy to you, but something happens when you practice copywriting. As I wrote each letter, I learned how each paragraph provides information, empathize with a customer’s challenges, and clearly explains the solution. Heck, I myself wanted to buy what Gary Halbert was selling!

As of this writing, I just finished writing Robert Collier’s The Boron Letters Chapter 1 in just one sitting. I also learned about exercising on that first letter.

Did my hand ached? Heck, yes! But it’s worth it!

I am excited to get the copywriting vibe of the greatest copywriters in the world! How about you?


Would you like to learn copywriting,too? Jomar Hilario’s Masterclass is offering Copywriting 101 and 202. Take your spot here and start learning:

Copywriting 101

Copywriting 202

Copywriting 303 (you can take both classes!)

AEVA_do you miss the office benefits

ANNswer: Do you miss the office benefits?

Overheard from Facebook: I miss the benefits in the corporate life.

Benefits. Hhhmmmm…..

Let’s see.

1. Insurance

Pwede ka pa din namang makakuha nito kasi malaki naman ang earnings mo as you work online.

2. Health card

Pwede ka din namang kumuha nito. Or be healthy. You actually have the time to be more conscious of what you eat (and better choices!)

3. Summer outings

Hhmm, yeah. Pero you have new friends na pwede mong mayaya. And you can travel anytime, right?

4. Christmas party

You give gifts to people you don’t like, may competition ng production (and we do it on the “sharing and caring season”!), aannnddd everyone’s talking about not having enough bonus.

Benefits. Hhhmmm…

Are you a virtual professional who also missed the office benefits? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

be the best by getting ahead

Be the Best by Getting Ahead

Here’s a lesson on being the best by getting ahead from a “late bloomer nerd.”

The previous weekends were a feast for geeks. A few weeks ago, Disney held their annual D23 Expo (Disney 23) at Disneyland. On the other hand, fans had a grand time in San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), also an annual event.

What do these two events have in common?

It’s in these events where you could wear cosplay and nobody’s going to judge you, buy hard-to-find and expensive toys, and get the latest on comics, TV series, and movies about anything and everything geek.

I became aware of these two events in 2015, since I was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Hint: Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston. Then I found out Robert Downey, Jr. started it all, and yes, the three Chrises…)

If you’re a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, these three movies are on your movie line up: Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. The latter is the culminating movie of the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if you’re an MCU fan, this. is. absolutely. and. immensely. important.

Official movie trailers of Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther are already online right after it was shown in SDCC this weekend. Avengers: Infinity War teaser were also shown in both D23 and SDCC.

Here’s the thing: Marvel did not release the Avengers: Infinity War teaser online (website and social media).

Fans are frustrated, some mad. For them, it is not right for Marvel to keep the Infinity Wars trailer to non-convention fans.

Okay, you might say “Ann is a late bloomer nerd”. This isn’t about that. Hang in there.

Marvel may have their reasons for this. But I’m looking at it at a different perspective.
You see, D23 and SDCC convention fans paid to attend the events. They made sure they were PRESENT.

Think of it as your much-awaited seminar or conference, or even webinar in the dead of the night.

If you’re someone who made an effort to book a seat on a life-changing seminar or kept yourself awake for a 2AM live webinar, then the good is on you. You learn ahead of others. The more you’d get if you execute what you learned immediately!

If you want to change your life, invest in yourself.

Learn and execute. Make sure that you are present in a situation where more people could help you so that you could see yourself in a place you dreamed of having, being, or doing.
Stop telling the world it’s not fair. You create your own destiny.


When you invest in yourself, you’d find yourself in the midst of like-minded people. Well, not as famous as these guys, but your get the drift. Credit: Facebook.com/MarvelStudios


What are the ways you are getting ahead? Share it in the comments below. 


Get More Social Media Checklists from Me

Get More Social Media Checklists from ME!

I noticed a lot of questions on social media groups on what social media courses to take. Some aspiring and current virtual assistants want to become better social media professionals by investing on courses.

Moreover, in spite its existence for a long time, some business owners still don’t get how important it is to have a complete Facebook Page.

I am going to make it easier for you.

I compiled a list of top social media online courses so you could stop asking and starting enrolling and studying social media!

As a bonus, I am also giving you a Facebook Page Set Up Checklist. Perfect for Facebook Social Media VAs who are helping clients set up Facebook Page. It’s would also be handy for virtual assistants who are building their own Facebook Page.

Get more social media checklists from me! Enter your name and email here to get the checklists!

Facebook Has Been Good To Me

Facebook Has Been Good to Me

Facebook has been good to me since I joined in 2009. Actually, kaibigan ko ang nagbukas ng account para sa akin. Later on, ako ang naging mas maalam sa Facebook.

Eventually, I left my secured government job and found clients who want to do Facebook social.

Facebook has been good to me that I try to share snippets of my life: realizations, lessons, overheards, kwento series, at kung ano-ano pa.

What I observed is every time I post stories, they have more reactions compared to shared links.

Hindi ko alam na my posts (stories) eventually goes out of the Internet and meet me offline.

Cases in point:

1. Sa sobrang pag-amin ko pala na crush ko si Tom Hiddleston, ang daming nagta-tag sa akin ng videos ng news about him. Last year at Jomar Hilario’s Instant Virtual Skills session, somebody asked “Ann, kumusta ka na? Naka-move on ka na ba?” (Tom Hiddleston is Loki in Marvel for those who don’t know him. During that time, Hiddleston was dating Taylor Swift.)

2. A few weeks before the Tom Hiddleston incident, somebody approached me and told me how brave of me to reply sa barat na client  in a mellow way kahit nainis ako. The person even told me that he watched my Periscope about low paying clients, agreeing that we should be paid based on our skills, not where we come from.

Based on my experience, Facebook loves stories (UPDATE: Now it loves videos with uber-compelling stories). Even if I don’t get to share it to people face-to-face, Facebook lets other people know that I create stories every day.

That I am human.

Hindi ako robot na kailangan ng CAPTCHA.

At kinailangan kong kumain ng mahal na ice cream para makalimutan ko ang HiddleSwift.


This was originally published in Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Facebook Group in 2016.

o You Mean Business Let's Talk via Clarity.fm

Do You Mean Business? Let’s Talk via Clarity.fm!

Early in 2017, I attended Jomar Hilario’s Instant Virtual Skills. He mentioned a lot of tools and insights but one struck with me.

“Filter clients from non-clients.”

A tool that he recommended to this is Clarity.fm. It is a platform where you are able to talk to experts on different areas of business for 15 minutes. So if you have concerns or decisions, schedule a call with an expert and get well, clarity!

Jomar instructed the Instant Virtual Skills students to sign up as an EXPERT. For the students who are finding it hard to talk to people on client-VA interviews, a Clarity.fm-15-minute-call would help them get used to talking to potential clients.

From my end, I saw a deeper meaning to filtering. So the day after the Instant Virtual Skills sessions, I created my Clarity.fm Expert account.

Do you mean business? Let's talk via Clarity.fm

Here’s a screenshot of my Clarity.fm Expert approval Yay!

Here’s how Clarity.fm works.

You may ask: I already have a website, social media accounts and subscription to freelancing sites. Why get a Clarity.fm account?

Here’s my answer: I want to give advice to people who mean business.

I know that freelancing sites aren’t the only way to salvation, clients and VAs alike. By providing advice to business owners, I’d get to show what I have learned in online marketing and social media from years of doing it.

I know that there are still aspiring VAs who want to build their virtual careers. I’d like to filter the whatever-it-takes people from the curious.

Are you an aspiring virtual assistant who wants to experience a freedom lifestyle?

Are you a business owner who wants to get better insights on your online business?

Let’s talk via Clarity.fm! Schedule a call with me on this link.

Do you mean business? Let's talk via Clarity.fm

Look for my Clarity.fm account then start scheduling a call!

Pandesal Wisdom

Pandesal Wisdom

One Saturday morning, Mama instructed me to buy pandesal in one of the nearest stores in our area.

When I arrived at the store, I said “Pabili” (May I buy?). The store owner (a lady) went out. I said, “Pabili po ng bente pesos na pandesal.” (I’d like to buy twenty pesos worth of bread.) The lady gave me the bread, but she took long in giving me a change for fifty pesos.

While waiting, I saw two men – an adult and a teenager – riding a bike. They were approaching the store where I bought the pandesal. When they arrived, I learned that the adult man was the lady’s husband, the teenager the son. They came home from rationing pandesal from neighboring areas.

“O, bakit ang tagal mong mag-sukli? Naghihintay ang customer,” (What’s taking you so long to give change? The customer’s waiting.) I overheard the man say to the lady, gently yet with urgency.

“Naghahanap ako ng barya; naubos na kasi,” (I’m trying to get loose change) the lady said. She then came out of the store, gave me my change, and with a smile, said, “Eto na ang sukli. Pasensya na po, natagalan.” (Here’s your change. Sorry for the delay). I said no problem, and then went on my way.

An ordinary story? Not for me.

Here’s the thing: the family may be selling pandesal, yet they know to value a customer.

From afar, the man and the teenager saw me waiting. They were already sensing there must be something wrong with the customer engagement.

When they arrived, the man gently yet told his wife not to make a customer wait.

Their teenage son made sure their bikes were properly parked. If he won’t do it, their bikes would look not presentable (and in working condition!) to their other customers.

The lady who gave me the change gave an apologetic smile because of the delay.

So for me, they are not just selling morning bread.

They’re selling world-class pandesal.

And that, ladies and gents, is my pandesal wisdom.


How about you? How do you value your clients? Share them with me on the comments!

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