1 How to upload files from Scribd


I admit it – I find it hard to type Scribd in the URL area. I have consistently misspelled it every time I go to my account. Before that, I also had a hard time pronuncing it (okay, i’m kidding).

Pardon me. It may sound silly, but I always type the sites that I go to in the Internet. Due to security purposes, I always delete the browsing history.

But using, reading and uploading in Scribd is way easier. Below is my step-by-step guide in uploading anything worth readable in Scribd.

You bet I got Scribd misspelled when I was doing this.

1 How to sign up a Meebo account


I saw the website Meebo almost four years ago, when my immediate superior opened her account. It was her scheduled online discussion with her professor and classmates in one of her subjects during that time.

I knew she was busy so I only had a brief answer to my question “What is Meebo?”

Four years after, I saw myself studying it. Had I known how easy it was, I could have had an account four years ago.

But I have no regrets. I believe that there is time for everything.

For now, it’s time for me to share how I got to open my own Meebo account.

Keeping in touch with friends has never been this good.

1 How to post a WordPress blog


You now have a WordPress account! Hooray!

You don’t know how happy I was when it showed my first post, with the title, “Hello world!”

But then, it was a generated post. So it is time for me to study how to post a blog in WordPress.

I looked at all the features and the buttons. I still found them scary to me. What if I press this and something happens?

Good thing I love talking to myself. So I told myself again: face your fears. For everything else, there’s always the Back button.

And faced my fears I did.

The output?  My first ever WordPress blog.

Want to face your fears too? This is the how-to guide on how to post blogs in WordPress.

1 How to have a WordPress account

During the two-day seminar that I attended last year on Internet


Marketing, our facilitator, Mr. Jomar Hilario, mentioned two known names in blogging world – Blogger and WordPress. We were taught how to do blogging in the first, so somehow, I forgot about the latter. Moreover, Sir Jomar said that WordPress is complicated than Blogger, so I told myself that I may not need to open an account there.


Fast forward to the Virtual Assistant training. Sir Jomar mentioned Blogger and WordPress again. I thought maybe, this time, I would need to face WordPress.

I faced WordPress with fear. But because of the tutorial output that I need to submit, I literally learned how to use it.

Here’s my take on the step-by-step process of how you can create an account in WordPress.

My First WordPress blogpost

This is my very first WordPress blog post.

I created this blog so that I could put my outputs as a Virtual Assistant trainee. My mentor is Mr. Jomar Hilario.

I will also post here my journey to new learning.

Hopefully, when I get to finish the course, I would be able to look back to this journey with a smile – and see that I made it.

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