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Normal by Jomar Hilario

Years ago, my mentor, Jomar Hilario, posted a poem on his website. I printed the poem and posted it on my cork board in my room.

At first, I didn’t understand the depth of the poem. During that time, I am beginning to learn online marketing and work-from-home opportunities as a virtual assistant.

Years went by and every time I read the poem in my room, I began to realize that I have become abnormal. In a good way, I hope.

I thought of reading the poem and uploading it to my SoundCloud. As I asked Jomar’s permission, I inquired of the poem’s title. Yes, the poem had no title!

So after many years, Jomar named the poem “Normal”.


What are your thoughts about Jomar Hilario’s “Normal” poem? Share it on the comments below.

4 reasons why I still volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario

4 Reasons Why I Still Volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario

I signed up and did my job as a volunteer for Jomar Hilario’s latest run of his Virtual Careers Seminar.

You might ask: I am an exceptional Social Media Engineer. Why do I still volunteer for the said event?

Here are the reasons why:

  1. The Virtual Careers Seminar started everything for me. Yes, I attended Jomar’s 2-Day Internet Marketing Workshop first before he offered the How To Become a Virtual Assistant Seminar. (That was how long the seminar name was.) Yet it was in the latter where I decided to make the leap. During that time, becoming a VA seemed attainable. And so I completed my assignment, faced many rejections, until I got job offers.
  2. Because of the Virtual Careers Seminar, I got a job offer that made me a full-time virtual professional. In the next seminar batch, Jones Mancilla, a volunteer, listened to a Arvin Peralta talked of his online career journey. Arvin told the participants that his client is looking for another social media manager. Even if I wasn’t a volunteer, Jones immediately sent me a message. “I instantly thought of you. I know you fit the job,” I remember Jones saying. Months later, I was accepted as a part-time social media manager. After one month, I was offered the full-time position, which led me to resigning from my government job.
  3. It is untrue that I no longer learn from the same seminar. I shared anecdotes on the Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Group. They may be funny, but the learnings still made sense today. Moreover, I witnessed the participants engaged that would make them understand what they would to do after the seminar. (I saw them dissect my virtual careers resume on the workbook given. I didn’t know what to think nor feel.)
  4.  The latest seminar run took place on my birth month. So, I thought it’s great to serve people because I still can.

4 reasons why I still volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario


4 reasons why I still volunteer at Virtual Careers Seminar of Jomar Hilario

Here are the photos (and Boomerangs) of the recent seminar.

[UPDATE] Here’s a video done by one of the co-volunteers, Mary Anne de la Cruz.

To all seminar participants: Focus on your goal. I’ll see you on the exceptional side.

How I Used Facebook Ads to Increase My Entries to James Altucher's Ultimate Book Giveaway of 2017

How I Used Facebook Ads to Increase My Entries to James Altucher’s Ulitmate Book Giveaway of 2017

A month ago, I saw James Altucher’s Free Book Giveaway. I signed up because I wanted to win 20 books worth $450.00

Since this the free book giveaway is a sweepstakes, I needed to have more entries so I could increase my chances of winning. I am not sure if my friends won’t be able to help me get enough entries for the contest.

Suddenly, I remembered: I can use Facebook Ads for this!

So I did the following:

  1. I created a short blog post around the giveaway. I published it on my website.
  2. I created a Bit.ly link for my unique URL link for the book giveaway
  3. I worked on the visuals for the ads on Canva.
  4. For the Facebook ads, I targeted US and Canada since those countries are familiar with James Altucher and his works than in the Philippines. But I ran a campaign for Philippines for a few days.
  5. For the Facebook ad campaign interests, I chose those who know James Altucher and the other authors whose books he’s giving away, plus those who love contests, sweepstakes, and books.

More details on my Slideshare.


  1. I should have checked the country and age of my ads. I noticed that Canadians were the ones who clicked my ads more than the US. Given those data, I would have created a new ad set focusing on Canada only.
  2. In one of my campaigns, when I checked the age breakdown, I saw the those who clicked my ads more were the ages 25-34 and 45 to 54. Given those data, I would have focused on targeting those ages for my ads.

I still don’t know if I won the book giveaway. Nevertheless, this is another exceptional Facebook ads experience for me.

[UPDATE] Here’s the reply from James Altucher’s Customer Service Support. Well, I never won. Sniff sniff. Anyway, one of my clients said I gained experience. That’s what matters most.

How I Used Facebook Ads to Increase My Entries to James Altucher's Ultimate Book Giveaway of 2017

How I ran my first LinkedIn ads

How I ran my first LinkedIn ads

I dipped my hands in the very cold river of LinkedIn Ads for me to know if I could create a campaign on LinkedIn.

I think I made it through!

February 17, 2017 was the third year of my full-time virtual career. So I decided to create an offer for my e-book, Small is BIG.

I ran LinkedIn ads at the same time I ran the Facebook ad campaign for the same ebook offer.

Here’s how I ran my first LinkedIn ads for my e-book offer.


UPDATE: My good friend, Niña Mendoza, sent me this link for LinkedIn’s US$50 promo. Go ahead and try it!

Are you ready to receive 20 books for FREE?

Are you ready to receive 20 books for FREE?

I have shared the books that I have read (and reading) on Facebook Live, Periscope, and here on my website. I love the feel of the physical books on my hand.

I am happy that I have read 4 books so far this 2017. (I know; that’s 1 book a month. Yet I’m happy because some people can’t even finish a page.)

Imagine my excitement when I found out that entrepreneur and best-selling author James Altucher is giving away 20 BOOKS FOR FREE! If you’re excited to fill your home with books, click here to win 20 books for free: http://bit.ly/Win20Books

James Altucher, Peter Diamandis, and Steven Kotler

His giveaway includes over 20 hard copy books, written by some of the most successful entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, and all around choose-yourselfers.

Are your next must-read books on this list?

  1. ”Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss
  2. ”Bold” by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler
  3. ”Abundance” by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler
  4. ”Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins
  5. ”Damn Right!” (biography of Charlie Munger) by Janet Lowe
  6. ”Wonderland” by Steven Johnson
  7. ”Payoff” by Dan Ariely
  8. ”The Billion Dollar Sure Thing” by Paul Erdman
  9. ”Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari
  10. ”Moneyball” by Michael Lewis
  11. ”The Undoing Project” by Michael Lewis
  12. ”Stealing Fire” by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal
  13. ”Essays of Warren Buffett” by Warren Buffett and Lawrence Cunningham
  14. ”The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb
  15. ”Fooled By Randomness” by Nassim Taleb
  16. ”A Man For All Markets” by Edward O. Thorp and Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  17. ”Too Big To Fail” by Andrew Ross Sorkin
  18. ”Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance
  19. ”Hedge Fund Market Wizards” by Jack D. Schwager and Ed Seykota
  20. ”Reinvent Yourself” by James Altucher

Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Warren Buffett

I knew James Altucher from one of those “top entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter” articles. I am glad I followed him because he has amazing insights.

Join James’ 20 Books Giveaway here: http://bit.ly/Win20Books

AEVA_what i learned from my superpower

What I Learned from My Superpower

When I was in high school, one of my friends told me that one of our classmates said she hated the way I laughed. According to my friend, the classmate finds my laugh annoying.

Well, such is high school. It’s the stage of your life when you’re trying to know your place in the world because you’re no longer a child yet you’re not a full-blown adult.

You also struggle with zits from every corner of your face. And neck. And God have mercy, back.

You don’t have any idea if what you’re studying would make sense in life later on. (Hey, Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry and Trigonometry – I am talking to you.)

And then somebody tells you that she hates your laugh.

High school is already decades away for me. I could no longer remembered the way I laughed. So I don’t know if it sounded like a witch shrieking as she prepares her potion (or getting ready to cook Hansel and Gretel).

I am not going to lie to you: it hurt me when I heard that. I almost had to ask all my classmates if my laugh was indeed annoying. I also tried to changed the way I laughed! Believe me, if there’s a store where I could buy a different way to laugh, maybe I would have.

Yet during that time, I never considered NOT laughing.

I still laughed with my family and friends.

I still dropped a punch line or two.

Aaannddd I still hated the Math and Science subjects (no laughing matter).

Two things that got me through the “hate remark”:

  1. I never hung out with that classmate most of the time. Sure, there were times when I spent recess and lunch breaks with the classmate, but not for the whole school year. The moment I found the people who accepted me as a friend, I stayed out of that classmate’s zone.
  2. I was blessed to finally found the best high school buds (and yes, we still do keep in touch). Did you know what they told me when I discussed the “hate remark” to them? One of them said, “Nothing is wrong with the way you laugh. She’s insecure with many things. Feeling n’ya maganda s’ya.” Woah. That blew me away.

You may say that I found my #squadgoals. But for me, I got more than that.

I found gold by hanging around with the best people.

The last time I heard, my high school best buds were happy for me when I released my first e-book.

Fast forward to today, I receive nothing but “love remarks” from my smile and laughter.

From offline to online interactions, many say that I got a vibrant personality, a hyper-Energizer-Bunny-like energy, and an infectious smile.

In fact, one of my clients say she is amused with my laugh because it is just full of happiness. She misses my laugh every time we don’t get to talk!

Because I continue to hang out with awesome friends and colleagues, I finally embraced the truth: Yes, people, I am the Energizer Bunny.

Well, not really because I am counted as a homo sapien, but you know the drift.

It was when I sent out a “What is my superpower?” question on Internet space that solidified – or should I say documented – that truth.

I got the idea of asking for my superpower from Pat Flynn, podcaster and author of “Will It Fly?”. It’s one of the best things I read so far (and I am still trying to finish).

AEVA_what i learned from my superpower

A snapshot of the Passion Planner page where I gathered the “What is my superpower?” data. Blown away with the results.

I know I have embraced the fact that I am a happy pill. But because of the consistent answers that I got from friends, I therefore conclude that one of my superpowers is CONTAGIOUS ENERGY.

I am a nuclear power plant of happiness!

Last April 4, 2107, Niña Mendoza and I presented a webinar on “The Power of Group Coaching” as part of our Smart Bizzy Mastermind launch. In the mastermind, we aim to find and help 10 people who can make up a dream team:

  • a dream team that could help you be clear on your goals;
  • an accountability team;
  • a dream team that could shorten your way to reaching your goals (so you won’t have to commit the mistakes that others did); and
  • a dream team that can harness your superpowers – and even more!

We told the webinar participants to ask “What is my superpower?” to 10 of their closest friends. People who know them inside and out. People who they trust not to sugarcoat their answers. I am excited to find out their own superpower results soon!

Some already signed up to the Smart Bizzy Mastermind. They each bring their own superpower. It’s like we’re building our own version of The Avengers! Niña I can’t wait to guide them every month, as well as learn from them, too!

And dare I forget to say that Niña is one of the many people who harnesses my superpower! She’s just amazing. (And a true friend, too!)

AEVA_what i learned from my superpower

Niña Mendoza is one of the many friends who help me harness and unleash my superpowers. (Photo by Ryan Mendoza)

If you’re a potential exceptional VA or an employee who want to become a VA, I invite you to the Smart Bizzy Mastermind. If you want to get support and at the same time give support, we welcome you to join us. Slots are filling out super fast so better decide now.

You might be wondering: whatever happened to my classmate who found my laugh annoying?

Well, we both survived the awkward phase called high school. We smiled and said “Hi” to each other every time we met in the school hallways. I never saw her after graduation.

But just in case my classmate would stumble upon my website and this blog, this is for her.

AEVA_what i learned from my superpower

Sorry, I can’t help but be amused every time I find out that my camera phone is in selfie mode. Naka-set kasi sa Beautification mode.


Smart Bizzy Mastermind is open until April 10, 2017 only. Visit here for more details: ninsmendoza.com/yourdreamsquad

Would you like to find out your Superpower, too? The Power of Group Coaching webinar replay is up! Watch it here

Blog cover photo courtesy of Ryan Mendoza.

I am doing another crazy thing (and I am tagging Niña Mendoza along).

I am doing another crazy thing (and I am tagging Niña Mendoza along).

Last month, I got one good news and a couple of bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news para tapos na.

I ended my contract with two clients. (Sigh.)

Sa first client, I told the client to be clear with the tasks kasi bigla na lang s’yang hindi nakipag-communicate! Almost one year na s’yang walang tasks for me. Pero when the client came back, client said “let’s work again kasi you’re very good.”

Well, naniniwala naman ako sa sinabi n’ya. Pero malabong makipag-usap sa mga client na bigla na lang mawawala.

Sa second client ako nalungkot. Kasi serial Facebook marketer s’ya. Ang galing din n’yang magre-purpose ng content n’ya: from Facebook Live, the client’s team (one of the members was me) were able to put them on a podcast, Slideshare, and Facebook posts. The client is focusing on a new phase on her business, so she had to let me go.

Okay, mukhang nauna na ang Mahal na Araw sa bad news. Agahan na natin ang Easter Sunday, okay?

The good news is I GOT A FACEBOOK ADS CLIENT! Woot woot!

Time to work around headlines and ad images, as well as dance with Power Editor! I am so happy kasi magkakaroon ako ng chance na mag-handle ng Facebook ads ulit. Super humbled din ako kasi I was recommended by one of my clients to this new work. Wow, must have done something exceptional!

You know what I love about doing Facebook ads?

1. I get help from those who are doing it EVERY DAY.

I have attended seminars and webinars and read articles about Facebook ads. Yet none beats the EXPERIENCE of doing it. But for me to maximize the experience, I ask help from those who are better than me. Syempre, we are talking of MONEY here – ayokong masayang ang budget ng client.
And I lllooovvveee the people surrounding me because they are selfless. Hindi sila madamot sa oras at advice. Case in point: last weekend, I was able to generate 27 leads for my new client with help from friends.

2. I get to do A/B testing.

Here’s the truth about Facebook ads (and maybe for the other online ads) – walang one true formula para sa effective na ads. Of course, the headline, ad image, interests, and objective must be aligned. Pero in terms of cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), or click through rate (CTR), walang one true effective range. Kasi depende ‘yun sa niche, audience, at maybe, even the country that you are targetting.

For instance, in my current client, I published ad sets with two ad images: isang image na may text at isang image na walang text. After two days since the launch, napansin ko na walang nakuhang leads ang images na may text! Nagulat ako doon. Kasi, when I ran campaigns for my webinars or ebook, may text ang images ko and they worked effectively.



1. I want to help promising VAs (and those who are in the corporate world who would like to take the leap) through coaching.

I believe I am a product of advices and tips and strategies that my mentors, influencers, and group of friends. I wouldn’t be Ann Exceptional VA if not for the help that I get.

Sa bago kong project, I would like to return the favor. I would like to provide more time in helping promising virtual professionals at ‘yung mga gusto nang maging VA (pero hindi magawa).

Hey, I am a person who’s doing VA work EVERY DAY. I think I am capable of helping you. At hindi lang ‘yan. Isinama ko pa si Niña Mendoza. She is one of the people who continue to help me since the day I met her (if you could only see our first conversation close to three years ago. Grabe, she was able to dig it up sa Messenger!)

2. I want to test the market.

Some of you send me emails and private messages every now and then.

I get to reply to some. Unfortunately, not all.

What I observed was most of the people who contact me have the same questions: Paano maging VA? Pwede ba akong maging VA kahit hindi ako techie or marunong mag-English? Paano ka nagsimula? Natatakot akong maging VA eh. Paano mo ginawa?

I would love to reply to you all! Pero guess what, katulad n’yo din akong merong lamang 24 hours a day.

In the coaching project that I am introducing with Niña, I hope not just to answer these questions, but also to guide you as you do it.

At the same time, I am testing the market. I would like to know if you are interested in getting REAL help; as in may helping hand na sasamahan ka sa VA journey mo. I also want to know if this is for me. Sa daldal kong ito, kailangan kong malaman if people are going to take a chance on me.

Game ka ba?

Are you interested in getting further help?

NIÑA AND I ARE INVITING YOU TO A FREE WEBINAR ON APRIL 4, 2017, 8PM, ENTITLED, “THE POWER OF GROUP COACHING”. To register, click here: http://ninsmendoza.com/smartbizzywebinar-registration

I am seriously having dancing nerves about this project. Kasi first time kong gagawin ang mag-group coaching! Makipag-chikahan lang ang alam ko. Pero sabi ng ibang friends, I have expertise (and the smile) that others don’t have. Eh naniniwala ako sa kanila (it’s either mahal nila ako or I love myself so much), so I am going to do this project with Niña kahit kinakabahan ako.

Well, the truth is, wala naman akong ginawa sa buhay na hindi ako kinabahan. Go lang ng go.

See you at the webinar!


PS: There is power in groups. Malalaman n’yo ‘yan bukas. Register ka na dito: http://ninsmendoza.com/smartbizzywebinar-registration

PS 2: I’d like to know if you really really really want me to help you. Help me figure it out with this project.

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

I still could not believe I became a panelist for Jomar Hilario’s Wealth Summit 2017 talk. Seriously.

Why not? Two years ago, I was a volunteer on his booth; held handwritten posters (you millennials call it fan signs), answered inquiries of Wealth Summit participants, and got starstruck seeing some of big names in financial literacy (and running after Bro. Bo for photos).

One year ago, I was privileged to attend the Bonus Day. It was the day when some entrepreneurs went on stage to share what their company is about and shared best practices. It was during that time I had a change of heart for Filipino business owners. They are passionate in their work and at the same time passionate about the growth of their employees.

Yet there I was, sitting in front with Jomar Hilario. With me were also successful virtual professionals Marco Locanas (a former OFW), Analyn Roque (a mom who used to pile credit card debts) and Nath Reyes (a guy who used to settle for less, now a Video Jedi).

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

While the Wealth Summit participants were learning during that day, we spent the time on two Rs: Revising and Rehearsing. We made sure that our stories made impact in spite of telling the whole thing for a total of three minutes (super hard for me ‘cause I always make the 15,000-word quota for a day for a woman).

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

In between the two Rs, we were able to ask questions and trade stories with our mentor and meet other virtual professionals who also attended the summit. Aaannnddd yes, more video antics while waiting. Plus we had to almost push each other to ask Bro. Bo for photos because he frequented our area to take a peek on some of the sessions.

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Jomar’s students (including me) and Bro. Bo Sanchez

Finally, 3:45PM came. Jomar’s session was one of those on board that time. It was also our turn.

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Session participants waiting outside! With them is Jomar Hilario.

Here’s the Facebook Live video of our panel Q and A during the Wealth Summit 2017.


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Jomar Hilario talked about how to get hired as highly paid virtual assistant in Wealth Summit 2017.


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

The “showbiz clap”.


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

That’s me!


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Marco Locañas


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Analyn Roque


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Nath Reyes

Not only was our session packed with people. I saw Kerygma Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Rissa Singson-Kawpeng quietly entered the room and listened to our stories! It was the highlight for me because I have LITERALLY watched her Christian-youth show back in high school. Now, she was watching me and the Motley Crew!

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Kerygma Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Rissa Singson-Kawpeng at the back of the session room.


I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

Not kidding ya: Jomar’s Wealth Summit 2017 session was packed!

Somebody came up to me and asked a lot of questions. I hoped I was able to answer all her concerns because I saw her signed up for Jomar’s free session on video marketing. But what moved me was another participant’s remark right after registering for Jomar’s event. She walked up to me and said, “I loved the way you told your story. Your smile never leaves you. It seems like you are a very happy person.”

Well, for someone who got to talk for three minutes about her 6-year virtual career adventure, who wouldn’t?

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

I attract wealth!

Photos courtesy of Chyi Manlapaz-Syquiamsam.
Videos courtesy of Nath Reyes.

You might be wondering: was I REALLY fired on Valentine’s Day? Yes, I was. Here’s the full story.

Want to ask me something during the Wealth Summit 2017 but never got the chance to do so? Sign up for a 15-minute chat with me via Clarity! For only P50 per minute, you’d get to ask me your most wanted virtual professional questions. Click here to schedule.