AEVA_Wealth Summit 2017

Wealth Summit 2017: From volunteer to attendee to…

The first time I attended the Wealth Summit was in 2015 as a volunteer for Jomar Hilario’s booth. I even reviewed the Facebook Ad terms and their offline counterpart in this post.

In 2016, I had the chance to sit down and marvel at Filipino business owners at the third day of the Wealth Summit. I told the world about it in this post.

This year (drumroll), I will be one of the panelists for Jomar Hilario’s talk in the upcoming Wealth Summit 2017!

Geesh, talk about level up!

I can now line up myself to past Wealth Summit panelists such as Jones Mancilla, Ana Margarita Olar, Ralph Solomon, Niño and Yuan Natividad, and others. So humbling to be part of the squad!

Wealth Summit is the annual event organized by Truly Rich Club. It has been graced by different speakers that help Filipinos find other income streams so they could live their lives better and serve others more. Wealth Summit has helped a lot of Filipinos not only here but abroad (I have seen OFWs coming home JUST to attend this. Cool, right?)

Two of the ways to grow your income is becoming a virtual professional or an online marketer. My mentor, Jomar Hilario, will talk about how you can earn from the Internet – like me!

I will be joined by other virtual professionals in the panel. My mouth is shut on this information so unfortunately, I can’t tell you who’s part of the motley crew this year. What I can tell you is that they too, had changed lives since becoming a virtual professional.

So just in case you’d like to hear me talk about my virtual professional journey (and hear my mentor and my motley crew talk, too), I invite you to join Wealth Summit 2017. Click here for details.

I am excited (and yes super nervous)! See you there!

Wealth Summit 2017: The Science of Wealth Attraction will be held at March 3 and 4, 2017 (with a Business Launch Pad Bonus Day on March 5) at PICC, Manila. Visit this site to reserve your seats now.


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Three Things I Learned in my Three Years as a Full-Time Virtual Professional

Three Things I Learned in my Three Years as a Full-Time Virtual Professional

I was not expecting to go offline last week. Although my family and I discussed of the minor house repair was a few weeks back, what I knew was the carpenter is still finishing another house repair. I didn’t know that the carpenter is starting to repair our house.

The first section of the house that he did was my home office.

In terms of work, I need not panic, as Friday (the carpenter’s first day of work) is my no-work day (more on this later). But as I was checking the development of the home office makeover, I then realized: the home office renovation has come just in time for the third year as a full-time virtual professional.

Three terrific years! Wasn’t it just yesterday when I saw myself going out of the office building one last time, all my remaining stuff at hand, guided by the bright full moon on Valentine’s Day?

The home office makeover gave me the opportunity to reflect on the lessons that my new career has taught me. Here’s what I learned from the first three years of my virtual professional career.

1. A virtual professional is an entrepreneur.

Forget telling your client that you deserve a 13th month pay while not telling it up front before you start working. Or settling for $3 per hour just because you think that’s the only rate and the only skill you know.

As a virtual professional, you are on your own. Super good when you want work which enables you to focus on your strengths and skills (and earn from it); but bad if you do not know how to manage yourself.

Once you decide to be a virtual professional, you hold yourself accountable for your career.

If you are currently an employee in the corporate world who practices intrapreneurship (someone who thinks how the company would grow by initiating ideas and projects), then you’d just need little adjustments. If not, you may want to consider doing that as early as now so you would get the feel of how entrepreneurship is done. When the times comes that you’re ready to give up your cubicle chair for your home office, becoming an entrepreneur is already a way of life.

Can anyone achieve an entrepreneurship mindset? Yes. But it takes time. It took me a while and to be honest, I am still learning!

2. Consider working on a flexible time basis.

Before my second year as a virtual professional, my contract with my full-time client was terminated due to business reasons. I was caught unaware of what happened. Worse, since I was required to work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, I did not have the time to look for other clients to serve.

Hey, I am not recommending that you do not get long-term full-time clients. If you have great working relationship with your clients, then go for it. What I am telling you is consider working for clients who are more focused on output than the hours. Sure, there are types of clients (and work) who prefer having required work schedules, yet there are also types of clients who don’t.

Based on experience, some of the best advantages of working on a flexible time basis are having more opportunities to serve more clients and having more time to work on your personal projects. I believe I would not have been able to release my first book and continue to co-host a podcast if I did not opt for flexible time basis.

3. Continue to learn in any way you can.

One mistake that I committed in my three years as a full-time virtual professional: I learning time was sacrificed.

The result? There were times when I doubted if I could get clients with the skills that I have.

Thinking that you know a lot means you do not know a lot. As much as you try to get skills from your work, commit yourself to learn outside work, too. There are no standard learning types, mentors, or where to find learning. The most important thing is to keep on studying about your current skills (or level up and learn new ones).

This year, one of the plans that I committed to do is to declare Fridays as my Learning Day. Every Friday, I will watch webinars, read articles or books. I recently bought a social media course and it is part of my Learning Day agenda. I emailed my clients about it because my Learning Day meant no-work day. With their approval, I adjusted all my work to be done from Mondays to Fridays so I could focus on studying every Fridays.

Sounds easy, especially that my clients supported my commitment, right? Well, that’s the part that I love. The hard part? No work, no pay! But nonetheless, I did not think of that during the time I was planning the Learning Day. What I thought was by committing a Learning Day every week, I am making myself more valuable. I am making myself steps closer to my goals.


A neighbor told my mom recently that she’s happy that I am now on my third year on my online career. In Chinese, once a business is past three years, the business is on its way to prosperity. Well, I’m no Chinese; nevertheless, since this is my business, I am happy to embrace prosperity.
Indeed, third’s a charm!


As my third-year anniversary gift, I am giving you a limited EXCEPTIONAL offer. When you buy my e-book “Small is BIG” from February 14 to 17, 2017, you will get the PDF, audio book, and e-pub version, as well as a FREE 30-minute consultation. All these cool anniversary stuff for only P975.00. Click here to find out more.

Who Made Success a Bad Word

Who Made Success a Bad Word? by Robin Sharma

I read my copy of Robin Sharma’s “Little Black Book for Stunning Success” every day. It makes me jump off with a better perspective every time, right after reading the Bible.

This was one of Sharma’s entries that jolted me one day. Hope it does the same for you, too.


Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer and leadership speaker, best known for his The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari series.


The Boost Post Experiment Part 1

The Boost Post Experiment – Part 1

Since I learned about Facebook Ads in 2014, I have also heard about Boost Posts. I’ve had seminar learning instructions and read articles about not doing boost posts because it is the worst way of doing ads on Facebook.

So, imagine the moment when I decided to try doing a boost post.

People close to me say that I am a fast mover; if you tell me to do something, I am going to do it. (if it is within my moral bounds and I am not going to die.) And so it goes when you tell me not to do or try something; I am not going to do it because you recommended me not to.

Yet, I am enrolled in Nina Mendoza’s Facebook Masters, where she is teaching me and the rest of a small bunch of crazy people how to do Facebook Ads. (I call them crazy because they are CRAZY enough to learn this thing. If you’re not into Math like I am, you’d understand.) One of her first modules is to do a boost post.

Oh yeah, so off I go to do it.

I tried boosting the survey question that I posted on The Joy and Ann Show Facebook Page. My objective was to find out what topics would our followers love us to talk to in the show.

I worked on followers in the Philippines, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates. I ran the boost post for 1 day for P40.00

The Boost Post Experiment Part 1

After 12 hours, I paused the campaign with these results:

1. 2 reactions
2. 3 comments
3. 166 reach (organic and paid)

I spent P27.04 in the boost post.

The Boost Post Experiment Part 1


Why did I do that? I observed the following:

  1. I did not put any image on my post. I think I should have created a Canva image to support the survey question. It could have gotten more traction.
  2. In relation to #1, I only got 2 reactions and 3 comments, way below what I was expecting to get.

With these lessons at hand, I decided to do another boost post.

Stay tuned to this site to find out what will happen on my next boost post experience.


You may be wondering: is boost post really bad? Check this post

What are the types of posts that you should boost? Check this post

Nina Mendoza’s Facebook Masters is already closed until, well, I don’t know. Want to be the first to know when it will be open again? Visit this site. 

But never lose hope! Jomar Hilario’s Facebook Ads training is always open! I heard you could also learn Instagram Ads. Cool, right? Sign up here.

Finding the Joy of Christmas

Finding the Joy of Christmas

“God heard the people crying. So He sent his Son, Jesus, so that we may find joy. This Christmas, may you find that Joy, too.”

These are the words (though not verbatim) that Fr. Alex Balatbat said in his homily during the Holy Mass on the last Feast Bay Area session of 2016. Here’s the story of how I found the Joy of Christmas.

Jomar Hilario came up with many Christmas Parties for virtual professionals last December. He had several virtual or online parties. (I was even one of those who answered questions and shared a Facebook tip in one of the parties.) For the live, he organized an orphanage visit then lunch at a nearby mall.

I did not decide to join the live party until the weekend before the event. Not because I did not want to go to an orphanage. (I think I haven’t been to one in two decades!) My concern was I could not find the orphanage in Google; it was giving me two locations.

Giving up on Google, I called my usual Motley Crew. They were the virtual professionals who were with me during the Doing Nothing Outings last year (also organized by Jomar). When I found out that they would come, too, I set myself on joining the live party.

Elena Solon was so kind to fetch us from Sucat Highway to her family’s abode. The detour was capped by that wonderful chocolate drink. Now I am hyper!

Finding the Joy of Christmas


Jomar, his family, and the other virtual professionals (check the pics courtesy of Eleazar Jose!) were already there when we arrived. We were introduced to Saint Rita Orphanage Director Sis. Cynthia Camuta. The children were completing puzzles and coloring. They were age 4 and up – except one child.

This child was supposed to be in the toddler’s ward, as she is only one year old. But according to Sis. Cynthia, the child insisted to go down as she likes to be around with people. Kid, you got a great future ahead of ya.

I noticed that this child kept of putting the crayons into her mouth, so I kept on taking it out of her mouth! I didn’t know that slowly, she has come closer to me (she was just walking around when we arrived). Later on, I carried her so she could sit on my lap.

Well, what do you know? A few minutes later, I saw here turned around and put her tiny arms around me!

As you will see in this video, people around me were joking me as the child created a lock on my neck with her arms. They were giving me tips on how to take care of the child while working on my online tasks! Hahaha!

In between those laughter and banters, I found myself hugging the child even tighter. And with my eyes closed, I said, “Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. I found You at the embrace of a child.”

After spending time with the children, Sis. Cynthia gave us a briefing about the orphanage. The orphaned children came from the simplest (parents left them there because they could no longer support the children) to worst (flushed in the toilet after giving birth to them). That is why she and the other people at the Saint Rita Orphanage are very conscious about hugging and talking to them; everybody should be given attention because deep inside them, they long for love.

I saw the one-year-old kiddo again after half an hour or so, this time sleeping on her crib with her feet up. Yep, she has great future ahead of her.

I capped the day with lunch while talking with the event’s Motley Crew, plus tons of advice from Jomar (sorry, can’t tell you what they are). Of course, we had to leave before the rush hour. If you’re a virtual professional, you’re scared of those things.

I bring with me the Joy that I found the past Christmas. I hope you found yours and you keep it with you always.


Saint Rita Orphanage is located at Dr. A. Santos Ave., Sucat, Parañaque City 1700 (After SM BF, go down at gas station near 7-11 and Metrobank. You may ride a tricycle or walk to the orphanage.)

They would prefer cash donations instead of in kind to answer the immunization and hospitalizations of the children. And don’t forget to buy polvoron when you visit.

What's Your Christmas Wish?

What’s Your Christmas Wish?

Joy Bautista-Collado and I, as hosts of the The Joy and Ann Show, finished taping this week’s episode. We had Nath “FunChum” Reyes and Niña Mendoza as our guests. You may listen to it here.

Ang saya palang pag-usapan ng Christmas Wish Lists, whether ‘yung mga natupad na noon at ‘yung mga looking forward na matupad! It brings back memories of the past, as well as hope in the coming years.

At the end of the podcast episode, we announced that something is coming up on December 15, 2016. I invite you to visit this page so you can be ONE of those who will know about the announcement FIRST!

What's Your Christmas Wish?

Visit http://newsmartcourses.com/12giftsvip/ now to find out what’s inside the box!

Sign up ka na para hindi ka mahuli sa balita!

Hint: you are going to unwrap one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself this Christmas.


How about you? What’s your Christmas wish?

Preparing to be Relentless My Planning 2017

Preparing to be Relentless: My 2017 Planning

In 2012, I started planning my year. That was the year when I attended the “Make Your 2012 Your Best Year Ever” by Jomar Hilario. I found the session very helpful in terms of being clear of your goals for the year and deciding for the long-term (beyond one year), that I adopted the planning habit since then.

In the next years that passed, I did my planning in the comforts of my room. I would spend two to three days locked up, only going out to eat and check out what day it was. Jomar even featured one of my planning stories.

This year, I decided that my room have given me its perspective many times. It’s about time to get out of the house to plan my 2017.

And so, last week, I traveled further south and worked on my plans. I booked for an overnight stay in Balay Indang.

Hello, quiet. Let's think more.

Hello, quiet. Let’s think more.

Guess what? I did not only plan outside my room this year. I brought my brother along to do his own planning, too! Exceptional, isn’t it?

Planning with my brother!

Planning with my brother!

The place was full of greens and very quiet. Perfect for the mind stuff. It had a big space that I got to finish reading two books in many areas.

Read and plan, read and plan.

Read and plan, read and plan.


Another beautiful area in Balay Indang. Actually, everywhere is beautiful.

Another beautiful area in Balay Indang. Actually, everywhere is beautiful.

The food in Balay Indang were delicious (and A LOT, something that I did not expect). Perfect for planning because all you had to do was sit back and relax while eating.




Bon appétit!


No molestar. Estoy comiendo. (Do not disturb. I am eating.) #TeamTakotMagutom

No molestar. Estoy comiendo. (Do not disturb. I am eating.) #TeamTakotMagutom

I was blessed to have booked an overnight stay this time of the year, where most places are already fully booked. When we arrived in Balay Indang, it was only my brother and I who were there! There were more people the next day as it was a holiday, but it was okay.

Here are some tips that I could give you in planning your year:

  1. Pray first!
  2. It does not matter if you have a journal to write your plans or a MindMap on a laptop. Whichever works for you is best.
  3. Plan for each area of your life – spiritual, emotional, work/career, financial, intellectual, family, and physical.
  4. Quality is better than quantity. As you place a goal in each area of your life, ask if it’s doable within a year.
  5. On each goal, break it down further to the how’s. For instance, if your goal is to become a virtual assistant in 2017, what should you do? List them down.

Some of my dreams need a lot of resources – tools, budget, even people. But I just placed them in my plans for next year. It was the same thing that I did the last few years – I wrote my goals without even knowing just how they are going to happen. The crazy things that I do, right?

But in one of Bo Sanchez’s  books that I read during the planning, “Life Manual 101: How to Make Your Dreams Come True”, he said, “Your resources are not enough. But give what you can. I (God) will cover the difference.” Okay, Bro. Bo, you got me teary-eyed there.

I read, you think. Deal?

I read, you think. Deal?

Here’s the thing: I do my plans with fear. I always do. But I plan anyway.

Because I know that underneath those goals, God is going to work His way. Therefore, I will calmly do my work, too.

2017, I am going to be relentless. Remember that smile. ;)

2017, I am going to be relentless. Remember that smile. 😉

2017, I am going to be relentless. Fasten your seatbelt.


Some photos courtesy of Marc Raphael A. Peñaredondo.

Balay Indang is located at #88 San Juan Street, Mahabang Kahoy Cerca, Indang Cavite. Visit their Facebook Page.


Behold and Beware

Trick or treats, Halloween parties, television shows featuring the unexplained and the unknown. Except for the first two, scary stories had been the usual happening this time around.

This is the time of the year when we scare ourselves. Children, as cute as they are, dress themselves into monsters, ghouls, or fairies and superheroes. More than a decade ago, I walked to a mall with kids doing trick or treat, while there I was, at junior college, grumpy because I bought new things that my group needed to redo a project. I wanted to shout to those children, “You’re going to have nightmares tonight!”

Adults do likewise. This is the time to walk like a zombie, like what they see on The Walking Dead or the recent Asian hit, “Train to Busan”. A few months back, I chanced upon a flash storage of The Walking Dead. To kill my curiosity, I watched the first season. I never allowed myself to engage with the rest of the show, to the dismay of few friends. When I asked why, I told them that it has the same concept with Lost: to survive, you need to outwit, outplay and outlast the people around you one day at a time.

Since I do not like to scare myself, and my choices are limited during this time, I decided to watch documentaries. I hit play on a National Geographic 9-11 documentary on a Saturday afternoon, while I sat myself on my father’s rocking chair for the documentary, “The Rape of Europa”.

In the 9-11 film, I learned how the plane-hitting-buildings came into a doomed reality. It took more than a decade to happen. Get this: the plane-hitting-buildings was an idea that two friends talked about. I cannot imagine how mad those people were, thinking of such an idea.

I went further into history for the film, “Rape of Europa,” as this happened during the Second World War. The documentary explained how former dictator Adolf Hitler wanted to seize all of Europe’s artworks and place them into his German hometown, making it bigger and better and more beautiful than Paris. Humanity’s patriots and art heroes took all effort to safe keep works of art. Eventually, a group called Monuments Men were assigned to ensure that all stolen artworks will be returned to its rightful countries and owners. (A movie was based on this heroic acts.)

You may tell me that what I watched weren’t as scary as ghosts and ghouls. To tell you the truth, they are.

Adolf Hitler’s unprecedented art stealing, aside from trying to annihilate a race, is scary.

Terrorists putting down buildings and killing thousands of people, is scary.

They were not works of fiction. They happened right before our eyes.

Ask your grandparents about “Peace Time” and they will give you tons of stories.

I saw the Twin Towers fall one after the other after being hit on television more than a decade ago, wondering if what I was seeing was really true.

What is scarier: a wandering soul or what a person can become in pursuit of his life’s journey?

I heard the late Jim Rohn in my iPod recently again (sheesh, he died in 2009 yet he still manages to teach me). He said that with observation and experiences, anyone can be successful. But as you make your way to success, behold and beware, he said.

Behold of the experiences, people, and lessons that you will have in pursuit of your goals. Because all of them would help you and make you tell yourself, “Wow, it really is possible!”

On the other hand, beware of what you can become in pursuit of what you want. Would you hold grudge to people who did not make the way easy for you? Would you give up in just one try to tell everyone that it’s not worth it? Would you be a grateful person or a grumpy person?

In my choice to avoid horror stories, I unconsciously dealt with the scariest thing: what I could become as I continue my journey. But this is a scary story that won’t give me sleepless nights.

It’s the scary story that can be a wonderful dream, as long as I remember to behold and beware.

behold and beware

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I woke up yesterday morning with this first thought in mind: I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I also took a good look on one of my visual boards. There are photos of people there that are reading my book. I was like, “Wow, you did happen last night. Awesome.”

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

These photos are in my dream board. The other day, they came true. I am officially a published author!

Last night, I did my first-ever webinar, “Top 10 Reasons Why You are Still Not a Virtual Assistant (and What You Can Do About It).” A few who attended the live webinar sent me messages saying that they learned a lot and were inspired (and amused, I think) with the stories that I shared with them.

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

The end of the webinar was also the launch of my first e-book, “Small is BIG: 5 exceptional small things on how to switch from being a corporate junkie to a BIG time online professional.”

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

My first e-book is out! Woo hoo!

Just like what the song says, “What a feeling!” Everything that happened became possible because of YOU! I cannot thank you enough.

Now, the perennial question: Is there a replay?

My answer: OF COURSE! Click here for the webinar replay: http://kickstartyourpurpose.com/BUYSmallisBIG

I encourage you to watch the webinar until the end. I got gifts by the end of the webinar. I hope you’d be able to catch them faster than you catch Pikachu and its crew.

Again, here’s the link to the webinar replay: http://kickstartyourpurpose.com/BUYSmallisBIG

I hope you’re going to make the best choices for your life today!


I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I saw these sheets of paper inserted on my planner. This was my e-book launch a month ago. Indeed, you gotta believe in small things. #SmallisBIG #KickstartYourPurpose