The Boost Post Experiment Part 1

The Boost Post Experiment – Part 1

Since I learned about Facebook Ads in 2014, I have also heard about Boost Posts. I’ve had seminar learning instructions and read articles about not doing boost posts because it is the worst way of doing ads on Facebook. So, imagine the moment when I decided to try doing a boost post. People close to […]

Finding the Joy of Christmas

Finding the Joy of Christmas

“God heard the people crying. So He sent his Son, Jesus, so that we may find joy. This Christmas, may you find that Joy, too.” These are the words (though not verbatim) that Fr. Alex Balatbat said in his homily during the Holy Mass on the last Feast Bay Area session of 2016. Here’s the […]

What's Your Christmas Wish?

What’s Your Christmas Wish?

Joy Bautista-Collado and I, as hosts of the The Joy and Ann Show, finished taping this week’s episode. We had Nath “FunChum” Reyes and Niña Mendoza as our guests. You may listen to it here. Ang saya palang pag-usapan ng Christmas Wish Lists, whether ‘yung mga natupad na noon at ‘yung mga looking forward na […]

Behold and Beware

Trick or treats, Halloween parties, television shows featuring the unexplained and the unknown. Except for the first two, scary stories had been the usual happening this time around. This is the time of the year when we scare ourselves. Children, as cute as they are, dress themselves into monsters, ghouls, or fairies and superheroes. More […]

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I woke up yesterday morning with this first thought in mind: I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. I also took a good look on one of my visual boards. There are photos of people there that are reading my book. I was like, “Wow, you did happen last night. Awesome.” Last night, I did […]