Lessons I Learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Friends

One of the unforgettable seminars that I attended last year was the Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila with Masters of Wealth. I learned about how other ways to earn and grow my money (I was amazed at affiliate income and real estate) and how present a content that would enable you to offer your product (participants were literally […]

From Overseas Filipino Worker to Outstanding Filipino Worker: How does one make the transition?

From Overseas Filipino Worker to Outstanding Filipino Worker: How does one make the transition?

In the recently concluded Wealth Summit 2016, one of the most discussed question came from an Overseas Filipino Worker. The question posed was: “How does an Overseas Filipino Worker transition?” Everyone in the room had the approving mood. Sure, exceptional business mentors surrounded me, as well as Truly Rich Club members (composed of business owners, […]

Work from Home who needs to go abroad

Work-from-Home: Who Needs to go Abroad?

I remember how the family of my mother’s sister went to Canada one by one (or should I say, family by family). It was in 1998 when the classic story of Filipino diaspora happened in my mother’s side of the family. When one of my aunt’s daughters (my cousin) married a Filipino-Canadian, she petitioned her […]

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016

Faith Restored in Wealth Summit 2016

Last Sunday was an unsuspecting Sunday for me. My only goal during that day was to attend The Feast in Bay Area, Manila. After meeting Ralph and Patty Solomon (they shared their UK trip stories. Welcome back, newlyweds!) , I walked Jones Mancilla of Positively Awesome Virtual Assistant to the venue of the Wealth Summit […]

"Ann Kristine", "ann exceptional virtual assistant","Raket.ph"

Learn Facebook Marketing at Raket Remedies!

January got me stoked and busy because of Raket.ph’s Raket Remedies! Raket.ph launched their Raketeer School, the first Freelancing School in the Philippines this year. Under the Raketeer School is Raket Remedies, which will conduct live seminars and webinars for freelancing concerns. For Raket Remedies’ first offering, Raket.ph invited me and dear friend, columnist and […]