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AEVA_do you miss the office benefits

ANNswer: Do you miss the office benefits?

Overheard from Facebook: I miss the benefits in the corporate life.

Benefits. Hhhmmmm…..

Let’s see.

1. Insurance

Pwede ka pa din namang makakuha nito kasi malaki naman ang earnings mo as you work online.

2. Health card

Pwede ka din namang kumuha nito. Or be healthy. You actually have the time to be more conscious of what you eat (and better choices!)

3. Summer outings

Hhmm, yeah. Pero you have new friends na pwede mong mayaya. And you can travel anytime, right?

4. Christmas party

You give gifts to people you don’t like, may competition ng production (and we do it on the “sharing and caring season”!), aannnddd everyone’s talking about not having enough bonus.

Benefits. Hhhmmm…

Are you a virtual professional who also missed the office benefits? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

o You Mean Business Let's Talk via Clarity.fm

Do You Mean Business? Let’s Talk via Clarity.fm!

Early in 2017, I attended Jomar Hilario’s Instant Virtual Skills. He mentioned a lot of tools and insights but one struck with me.

“Filter clients from non-clients.”

A tool that he recommended to this is Clarity.fm. It is a platform where you are able to talk to experts on different areas of business for 15 minutes. So if you have concerns or decisions, schedule a call with an expert and get well, clarity!

Jomar instructed the Instant Virtual Skills students to sign up as an EXPERT. For the students who are finding it hard to talk to people on client-VA interviews, a Clarity.fm-15-minute-call would help them get used to talking to potential clients.

From my end, I saw a deeper meaning to filtering. So the day after the Instant Virtual Skills sessions, I created my Clarity.fm Expert account.

Do you mean business? Let's talk via Clarity.fm

Here’s a screenshot of my Clarity.fm Expert approval Yay!

Here’s how Clarity.fm works.

You may ask: I already have a website, social media accounts and subscription to freelancing sites. Why get a Clarity.fm account?

Here’s my answer: I want to give advice to people who mean business.

I know that freelancing sites aren’t the only way to salvation, clients and VAs alike. By providing advice to business owners, I’d get to show what I have learned in online marketing and social media from years of doing it.

I know that there are still aspiring VAs who want to build their virtual careers. I’d like to filter the whatever-it-takes people from the curious.

Are you an aspiring virtual assistant who wants to experience a freedom lifestyle?

Are you a business owner who wants to get better insights on your online business?

Let’s talk via Clarity.fm! Schedule a call with me on this link.

Do you mean business? Let's talk via Clarity.fm

Look for my Clarity.fm account then start scheduling a call!

Ask AEVA: Don't you miss your officemates

Ask AEVA: Don’t you miss your office mates?

A former office mate (and still a friend) asked me a question via Facebook Messenger.

Don’t you miss your office mates?

See my response in my screenshot (together with the comments that I got from other virtual assistant friends).

Ask AEVA: Don't you miss your officemates

Don’t you miss your officemates? My answer: Sometimes yes. Most of the time no.

Now, before you glare at me and scream “How ungrateful!”, “What a loner!”, or worse, “Mewling quim!” , let me explain.

As you saw by now in my response, I said, “Sometimes yes. Most of the time no.”

Let’s break it down:


I forged working relationships with the best mentors. I am forever grateful for their wonderful lessons that they gave to me.

I met exceptional people who became my friends until now. I am happy for their successes. And I hope they are happy for me, too.

I miss spending time with them. That’s why I try my best to catch up stories with them in any way possible.


I do not miss the times that I had to deal with toxic people. They are present in any office.

I do not miss the times when I had to be pitted or compared with someone else because that’s not the way it was supposed to be.

I do not miss the times when I heard office politics news because there was nothing else to talk about.

I’d rather be alone than be with others who sulk in sour graping and endure office politics. Honestly, there’s gotta be more to life than that.


I hope I set things straight and clear.