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The truth about my VA journey and the World Cup

Happy to have witnessed an awesome sporting event at the comforts of my home!

Happy to have witnessed an awesome sporting event at the comforts of my home!


Four years ago, I was in an 8-5 job. I just finished my VA assignment and looking for a VA gig. At the same time, the World Cup is everywhere on the Internet and the news.

Four years later, I’m happy to be in a different state: I’m now a full-time VA, catching up with my Online Marketing Club and VA 101 assignments (I’m trying!).

This time, the World Cup in on – and I have totally fallen in love with soccer. Continue reading

Cashflow Game 101 Event: learning about game and life

Let's play!

Let’s play!


(This was the testimonial I sent to Jomar Hilario a day after volunteering for the Cash Flow 101 Game. He read it last May 26 on his Free Weekly Webinar.)

For the first time since knowing Jomar, I made it to his seminar volunteer list. I tried doing the VA Summit last November 2013, but the others had faster fingers than me.

As an Online Mentoring Club 3.0 member, I was privileged to sign up as volunteer. I did not get the confirmation until Friday night, so I did not know what will my Saturday was going to be until I got the notice. I made it! I’m going to finally see how this game in played! Continue reading

My First 100 Days as a VA: Days 1 to 40

Here's a recap of my first 40 days as a VA.

Here’s a recap of my first 40 days as a VA.

The president  has first 100 days in the office. Some of my friends in Facebook have counted their first 100 days of 2014. Since I also entered a new adventure in my life, I also thought of doing my first 100 days as a VA.

So, I have worked from home for the past 6 weeks. There were ups and downs, but the most important thing is that I am living in what I have imagined – well, kinda not yet, but that’s another story.

So here’s my first amusing 40 days (photos from Facebook Bitstrip and Instagram) Continue reading

The Standing Desk Verdict

Here's my personalized standing desk!

Here’s my personalized standing desk!

It’s been a month since I had my standing desk made. I guess it’s time to let you know what happened to the standing worker convert.

Here are my notes:

1. The most hours that I have stood is 5 hours. But this is not all the time. I sat down on the nearest chair when programs took time to run, walked to the kitchen to see what’s on the fridge (only healthy food!), and did some stretching.

2. I realized that my standing desk still has, well, standing issues (pun intended). I still felt uncomfortable using it because the height of the table was well measured for my taller younger brother. The wooden stool created for me and extra base for the keyboard still had to be adjusted so that my pair of hands is not one inch lower from the keyboard.

3. My stool is strong enough to carry me, but I got to buy a foot mat.

3. Everything is still a balance. If I feel that my legs are tired, I grab our high chair and sit. What I love about the high chair is that it strictly tells me to sit with correct posture or my head will be tilt up while looking at the screen (I hope to buy a high chair soon because what I have is a make-shift). Sheesh, tough teacher.

4. The great thing about having a standing desk is that I got a better choice now to make a stand (again, pun intended). When I still had my old computer table, it was hard to type if I wanted to stand up from long hours of sitting. So I had no choice but to sit down again.

5. This desk made me do a reward-punishment scheme of sorts. When writing, I target a time to finish it. I set my focus on finishing my writing for it is only when I finish that I’d get to sit!

Now, this post is done minutes before my deadline to myself! I can now sit! Hahaha!

Here's me using the standing desk. I know, I'm beside the window, which is a no-no. Still trying to find a better workspace. :)

Here’s me using the standing desk. I know, I’m beside the window, which is a no-no. Still trying to find a better workspace. 🙂

2 Standing Desk – coming soon to my home office!

These plyboards, nails and glue will become a magnificent standing desk soon!

These plyboards, nails and glue will become a magnificent standing desk soon!

Weeks after my thyroid operation, I focused on one of my vacation goals: have a standing desk.

Why a standing desk? Well, I have read many studies about sitting for too long as unhealthy. Two years ago, I felt numbing pain at my back for sitting too long. I thought that as a runner, I may have overused something in my body that caused the numbing pain. I was stuck on that theory as I underwent therapy.

I was wrong.

The latest issue of Runner’s World Philippines (where I’m subscribed) formally wrote about my concern. Even if I run many kilometers for my training or for my race, I am still at risk if I sit too long.

This was the tipping point: I want to be a healthy virtual assistant. I had to have a standing desk.

So after proposing the plan to my family, phase one of my plan pushed through: we talked to a recommended carpenter.

Unfortunately, the carpenter, after talking with him about the specifications and the design, did not show up. I thought maybe another client called him for another work, so I waited.

I saw the end of my vacation with no carpenter. So, no standing desk yet.

Today, we talked to another carpenter and we agreed on the specifications and the design that I want. A few hours later, a delivery of wooden boards, nails, and wood glue arrived. Wow, my standing desk is about to become a reality!

Since my brother is taller than me, the standing desk’s measurements shall be based on his height. The new carpenter will create a stool for me to stand on if I am the one’s who’s on board the computer. Once the standing desk is done, the next plan is to buy a foot mat and a tall chair (if I get tired of standing. We still need balance in all things!)

I am preparing myself to be a stand convert in the name of health. I think being exceptional is both in the skills that I have and my physical ability to use those skills. I am excited to work standing!

2 A prayer for the Virtual Assistants in the Affected Areas of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

Please continue to pray for our country and our fellowmen. And a big thank you for sending us help.

Please continue to pray for our country and our fellowmen. And a big thank you for sending us help.

We thank you that working from home has been possible now due to the brilliance You have given to man.

Thank you for the opportunity to work in the comfort of our homes; just a hand’s reach to our loved ones every day. This chance has made us Filipino Virtual Assistants earn from the work of our hands in our own country.

This past week, Typhoon Yolanda hit our country, particularly in Visayas. All of us directly hit or not, prepared well for the worst. But the typhoon was just too much.

We pray for all the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, especially the Filipino Virtual Assistants who are living in the affected areas. May all of them and their families be safe.

May they be able to communicate with their clients. Their clients may understand their situation.

Send the Filipino Virtual Assistants their immediate need like food, water, and clothing coming from generous people all over the country and abroad

Let the Filipino Virtual Assistants who lost their homes and their equipment find solace in the fact that material things can be replaced, but not their life.

May other Filipino Virtual Assistants who were spared find many ways to extend their hand to those who need help.

Somehow, we still cannot understand why this disaster happened. Maybe some of us don’t know what lies ahead. But the typhoon’s disastrous magnitude is so little compared to Your wisdom.

We know that You are holding us even in these times of uncertainty and desperation. We will be steadfast on our faith. We may never understand now, but we trust You.

Because we know that at the end of these, better days are coming.

We are going to see the best in us.

What we lost, You will help us gain.

Your grace is enough until the pains heals.

With Your guidance, we Filipinos will rise again.

Lastly, we pray for those who have helped and are still extending help to us. May Your blessings pour on them immensely.


2 25 Best Free Android Apps

Here’s a list of 25 best apps from Mashable. Do you have them on your phone?


Ever since I got myself a smart phone early this year, I became more aware of apps, particularly Android Apps.

Recently, Mashable released its list of 25 best Android Apps.

I have some of the mentioned apps on my phone:

1. Gmail

2. Evernote

3. Instagram – it took me a month before finally getting this without errors. Boo on that.

4. Pinterest

5. Skype

6. Candy Crush – this is embarrassing, but I’m in Level 35 on my phone and Level 10 on Facebook. Somehow, my phone Candy Crush won’t connect to Facebook. Anyway, I open my Candy Crush Facebook so I can give lives to my hooked friends.

How about you? What do you think is the most interesting Android App among the list? Be sure to share on the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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