Is Working From Home a Dead-End Job?

I saw this video from WSJ Live a few weeks ago. The video is about Yahoo! employees who work-from-home being reported back to work. Yahoo! employees reporting back to duty is actually good. According to the interviewee,If a work-from-home person wants to get promoted in his company, he must go back to the office and […]

Becoming a VA means isolation? Not for me!

Recently, published an online article on how to solve top pitfalls of working from home. In the article, four pitfalls and solutions were identified. One of the pitfalls was virtual assistants may bring “inevitable sense of isolation.” Well, I’m going to be honest: one of the reasons why I want to work full-time at […]

Goodbye, Posterous.

My Virtual Assistant mentor, Jomar Hilario, that Posterous is closing on April 30. Check Posterous’ official blog post here. I felt sad when I learned that Posterous is closing because I started using it last year and it was a great blogging and autoscheduling tool. I have linked my social media accounts in Posterous; I […]

Water everywhere

Water everywhere. That’s how I describe the past few days in our country, particularly in the upper island of Luzon. If you’re a Filipino VA like me, you may have call the events “unli rain,” Waterworld, whatever. I was supposed to report Tuesday night for my client. But then, non-stop rains came pouring as early […]

I rock.

Honestly, in my 10 years of working (commuting to and from work; that meant getting up early even if I didn’t want to), I have never experienced somebody appreciating my work by telling me that “I rock.” I feel like a rock star today. That is why I work not only for work’s sake for […]

A new friend in Owl

I got a new friend – it’s an owl and it has a website called Hootsuite. During my pre-Internet marketing, blogging, social media, and virtual assistant days, I knew of a former boss who loves owl collectibles. The former boss, who’s very intelligent, sees owls as her animal of preference because of its ability to […]

Constant Communication

With the new job at hand, I had to make sure that I would deliver what’s expected. As a Social Media Marketer, I have to look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus as tools to make my client’s business a success. Wow, talk about a 360-degree turn of mindset. Still, if this ain’t a […]

The History of the Internet

Honestly, I knew about the history of the Internet from a class discussion. NO.USE.OF.VISUAL.AIDS. And since I am a visual learner, I lost the sense of it all along the way. So when I saw this infographic about the history of the Internet through Pinterest, I immediately re-pinned it in my Geeky Me board. Have […]