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The Truth about WordPress

I got this infographic from Pinterest. It’s about WordPress.

Personally, when I got into blogging in 2008, my mentor, Jomar Hilario, said that WordPress is for experienced bloggers because WordPress is more technical. So when Sir Jomar said that I should have a WordPress blog (as a graduate of the VA Seminar last 2010), I got scared. But I had to do it because Sir Jomar said possible clients will see advantages in a VA with a WordPress blog. Because Sir Jomar’s tutorials, I have been in WordPress for two years now.

My 20 reasons on why you should be a VA

Forgot why you're doing this VA thing or you're losing hope? Think again. You want to have this kind of office, right?

I know. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve done your best but nothing seems to happen. You have signed up for ODesk, got verified, got great exam results, finished all the VA assignments and submitted them, your blog is full of tutorials. But most of the jobs you are applying to are either declined or closed.

Don’t fret. It’s not yet the end of the world (well, if it’s true, we still have eight months to go).

Don’t lose hope. You’re not alone.

You’re not the only one who gets rejected – not only in VA jobs, but in some aspects of life. It happens to make you really focus on what you really want. But if the inevitable happens, I have listed down my twenty reasons on why I – and you – should be a VA.

I hope this cheers you up and is enough for you to tell yourself, “what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger.”

20 Reasons on Why You Should be a VA

1. No gossips.
2. You are taken in as a VA based on what you can deliver, not based on who you are, your clan, your race, or even your character.
3. Client with business + You with great skills = SUCCESS
4. You would have to care what others say about you because… c’mon, you work alone.
5. The term “work-at-home” just sounds absolutely cool.
6. You earn in dollars and you spend it in your own country – way better than going abroad to work.
7. You can sing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” every day.
8. You are taken in as a VA based on what you can do.
9. You get to learn and improve and go beyond being a VA – way better than waiting for promotion.
10. No office politics.
11. No hard manuals to read, no company rules to follow.
12. You get to do what you love.
13. No physical boss.
14. No big taxes to pay.
15. No need to buy a nice wardrobe, make up or office utilities.
16. No commuting during the rain, traffic, and all-public-transports-are-filled seasons, which happens every day.
17. You don’t have to worry about what food is served in your canteen (if you have). If you bring your own food, then no need to bring the love from your home’s kitchen far away.
18.You forget about the dates.
19. You don’t have to drag the weekdays to live on weekends.
20. You do a work that you love in your home filled with love. You see, feel, sense, taste, touch and radiate all love. What more can you ask for?

Well, I have listed down my twenty reasons on why you should be a VA. Do you think I should have listed down more? Let me know by putting your comments below.

1 Brainbench Games

"Houston, we have a GOOD problem." A screen shot of my e-mail inbox full of Brainbench notifications on the exams that I took. It would take some time to update my ODesk profile. 🙂

I was very thankful to one of my VA colleagues for informing us that Brainbench came up with Brainbench Games last week. It enabled members to take exams for free! That was cool, because the exams cost $49.99 each.

Once I found out, I opened my Brainbench account and viewed all their tests. I listed down the exams that I would take (it became easier for me during the exam week, as I need not decide what to take. I just clicked and answered the exams!). I originally listed 25 exams.

When the smoke got clear, I ended up taking a total of 23 exams, passing 18! Hooray! (I will take a needed revenge on the exams where I failed. You’ll see!)

More so, the Philippines placed 6th on the countries with most number of Brainbench certified members and of certifications with grades of 4.00 and above! Way to go, PH!

Money Money Money


Got this from Facebook

I saw the above pictures in Google and Facebook, respectively.

For some, it may look absurd. But since I have committed myself to become rich, I now always say, “why not?”

In the first place, I want to have money not only to buy what I need and to secure my future. I have also realized that I want to have money so that I could extend help to others.

I have given up on the fact that I can only share my talents and skills to the world. I am also capable of making money out of them. I can also share money to those in need.

Me? A budding philantropist?

I’d like to think yes.

So bring on the money mess in my house and in my bath tub.

I really would not mind.

I am posting this picture of future desk in my dreamboard.

From Google+: The idea is that your desktop itself would be a Microsoft Surface-like multi-touch display that responds to objects placed upon it. Sync your phone by just setting it down on the desk. Touch any area of the desk and it becomes a trackpad.

I found this on Google+’s What’s Hot stream. You may read the full article here.

I hope to have one for my home office. I just hope the table’s legs could be adjusted so that I could work whether standing or sitting.

This is so cool! I want this!

1 The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

I knew about Jim Rohn through my mentor, Jomar Hilario. Recently, he posted this link to one of Rohn’s videos, talking about the magic of part-time. Sir Jomar encourages us to listen to this before the start of 2012.

I did everything in my power to download it (I finally saw and and jumped for joy). It was fantastic listening to it.

I hope you’d get to listen to it, too.

Cheers to 2012!

1 What loyalty could cost you

The news about PAL employees’ strike struck me last September 30, 2011.

Around 2,000 employees have spent their day today holding their banners and screaming their hearts out. Most of the protesters are spending their last day crying against contractualization.

Months ago, the country’s labor department decided that the Philippine Airlines may opt to use outsourcing companies for the airline’s ground operations to save money.

The 2,000 employees that were affected had an option to work under the chosen outsourced company, but will undergo six months of probationary period.

The case is still being reviewed in the Court of Appeals. But effective October 1, 2011, 85 days to Christmas, those 2,000 employees are jobless (minus close to 750 people who opted to work under the outsourcing company).

Imagine if you have worked for a company for more than a decade.

You’ve put all your hard work – blood, sweat, tears – for the organization.

You’ve risked your life commuting every day, getting out of the house early and coming home late.

You took the risk of going to work even if you were sick, or if a family member was sick.

You braved the rains, the heat, the traffic.

Of course the company have trained you, provided you the best conducive working environment, sent to seminars now and then, deducted the right amount of taxes from your salary and gave you bonuses (if any). You learned a lot from the company.

But still, you’ll be jobless by midnight of October 1.

Is this how loyalty pays?

I wish I could say now that I am happy that I have my weekends and by Monday, I have a job.

A few years ago, I was sticking to that same grateful attitude.

Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful that I am able and capable to work for others.

But since I have learned that I could work from home, my insights on these situations have changed.

I am putting together all the skills that I know. I’m reading books. I’m attending webinars. I keep on learning and updating my skills. Soon, I would schedule taking of tests and applying for online jobs.

So that one day, I would see myself entering a different office, a new door that set to open more possibilities. A door which is just next to my room in the house.

No more early morning alarms.

No more traffic jams.

No more braving the rains.

No more job uncertainties.

PAL employees, if you could read this, I want you to know that I am sad for your plight.

Cry now, be sad now, and you may even scream your pain out.

But get up after.

You can either sulk until a wall brakes on you, or you can rise from this.

Like the usual adage says, there are many ways to kill a cat. You can work from home.

Do You Have a Healthy Fear?

I got this Facebook status from Jomar Hilario’s Facebook Group where I’m currently a member.

Zig Ziglar, best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker, advises that fear should not be allowed to run rampant through our lives so that it becomes such a devastating factor that it produces failure. There really is “healthy fear,” he says.

“Fear of ignorance causes you to seek an education, and fear of poverty makes you work. Fear of disease motivates you to practice healthy and sanitary living. Fear of losing your job will inspire you to show up on time and do the best you know how to do. Fear of failing a class will drive a student to spend extra time in the books. Fear of losing our family inspires us to be faithful to them, work hard for them, and show them love on a daily basis.”

Where was I when Pedring struck?

Typhoon Pedring woke me up at 2:00 AM of Tuesday morning. During that time, it was already letting me feel its presence through the winds.

At 4:30 AM, Pedring woke me up again. The winds were stronger than the earlier time.

At 5:30 AM, I made a decision: I’m not going to report for my day work.

It is now easier for me to make decisions in this type of situation.

Not because I am now earning money online so I don’t even if I don’t report (well, at least, not yet for now).

I just do not want to take the risk of commuting, getting wet, and running after vehicles once work is suspended.

So there I was in my room with my back as if cemented on my bed. I officially woke up at 6:30 AM, with Pedring about to tell me about its business.

I spent the day praying for my family and others’ safety (especially those in the areas where it hit), finishing a magazine (Kerygma September 2011 issue), a book (Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen), and reviewing the Internet Marketing, Virtual Assistant seminar paper and notes.

The day after, my office mates were having their own share of stories of what happened to them during the storm – how they arrived in the office and how they made their way back to their houses.

I just kept quiet.

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