The Truth about WordPress

I got this infographic from Pinterest. It’s about WordPress. Personally, when I got into blogging in 2008, my mentor, Jomar Hilario, said that WordPress is for experienced bloggers because WordPress is more technical. So when Sir Jomar said that I should have a WordPress blog (as a graduate of the VA Seminar last 2010), I […]

My 20 reasons on why you should be a VA

I know. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve done your best but nothing seems to happen. You have signed up for ODesk, got verified, got great exam results, finished all the VA assignments and submitted them, your blog is full of tutorials. But most of the jobs you are applying to are either declined or closed. […]

Brainbench Games

I was very thankful to one of my VA colleagues for informing us that Brainbench came up with Brainbench Games last week. It enabled members to take exams for free! That was cool, because the exams cost $49.99 each. Once I found out, I opened my Brainbench account and viewed all their tests. I listed […]

Recommended sites on how to earn money

I chanced upon this Yahoo! article on ten smart ways on how to earn money. The job sites provided were in categories based on the skills that one might have. 0Desk was one of the sites mentioned. Read the article here. If you’re reading this, have you tried any one of the sites recommended? Let […]

Money Money Money

      I saw the above pictures in Google and Facebook, respectively. For some, it may look absurd. But since I have committed myself to become rich, I now always say, “why not?” In the first place, I want to have money not only to buy what I need and to secure my future. I […]

The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

I knew about Jim Rohn through my mentor, Jomar Hilario. Recently, he posted this link to one of Rohn’s videos, talking about the magic of part-time. Sir Jomar encourages us to listen to this before the start of 2012. I did everything in my power to download it (I finally saw and and […]

What loyalty could cost you

The news about PAL employees’ strike struck me last September 30, 2011. Around 2,000 employees have spent their day today holding their banners and screaming their hearts out. Most of the protesters are spending their last day crying against contractualization. Months ago, the country’s labor department decided that the Philippine Airlines may opt to use […]

Do You Have a Healthy Fear?

I got this Facebook status from Jomar Hilario’s Facebook Group where I’m currently a member. Zig Ziglar, best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker, advises that fear should not be allowed to run rampant through our lives so that it becomes such a devastating factor that it produces failure. There really is “healthy fear,” he says. […]

Where was I when Pedring struck?

Typhoon Pedring woke me up at 2:00 AM of Tuesday morning. During that time, it was already letting me feel its presence through the winds. At 4:30 AM, Pedring woke me up again. The winds were stronger than the earlier time. At 5:30 AM, I made a decision: I’m not going to report for my […]