How to Connect Unbounce to BenchmarkEmail

The good thing about Unbounce is it captures the leads (e-mail addresses and other data that you asked from your audience) from the site then you can download it via Excel. But you can avoid the long version of downloading the data from Unbounce to uploading it to your e-mail storage through integration.

How to Create a Landing Page in Unbounce

If you do not like LeadPages because it does not have a free account (it will charge you $40 per month after a 30-day trial), then you can try Unbounce. I opened a Unbounce account around September 2014 after the first pre-webinar for the VA 202 seminar. Before my 30-day free trial is up, I switched to […]

Facebook Ads is as Basic as the Scientific Process.

That is what I remembered most on the conversation that I had with an FB Ads Specialist recently. After getting the results for the three Facebook Ads, I asked the FB Ads Specialist of my I-cannot-sleep-until-I get-the-answers concerns. We worked together for a previous client – I handled the social media management while he took care […]

A Different Take on Interests Targeting

I learned about Interests Targeting when I took the Digital course on Leveraging FB Native Ad Platform to Drive Massive, Targeted Traffic to your Native Content. Previously, I chose the different activities, hobbies, fitness, and the like by clicking Browse. This time, I worked with Facebook’s Graph Search.

I did a new Facebook Ads experiment.

After my consultation with the VA 202 Facebook Group, I decided to test the following in Optimization and Pricing: 1. Website Conversions 2. Optimized Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (oCPM) 3. Interests Targeting I decided to use the very first ad that I uploaded on Facebook Power Editor. Anyway, it seems that Facebook did not really see […]

Lessons from the VA 202 Facebook Group

Every seminar, Jomar Hilario makes sure that all attendees of each of his seminar are included in an exclusive Facebook Group. This is for the attendees to continue to interact by asking questions, sharing milestones, and let go of their confusions. With the third reason upon me, I brought my Facebook ads concerns to our VA 202 […]