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Realizations on My First Facebook Ad Experience

I still could not figure out what happened to my first Facebook ad. As I have mentioned in my earlier blog, I did not receive ANY notice whether my ad was disapproved or not. Moreover, since Facebook’s Power Editor confirmed that my Facebook ad was uploaded and completed, I thought it will start running as scheduled.

Well, I’d like to take it as my first Facebook Ad punk. Anyway, Facebook did not charge me anything, so I am moving on from this incident (you owe me, Mark Zuckerberg). 🙂 Continue reading

Facing Facebook’s Power Editor

Facebook ad image: complete
Landing page: complete
Thank you page: complete
Autoresponder: complete

Honestly, I find Facebook’s Power Editor too complicated (I don’t know if I was able to mention this to you previously, but just in case, I’m saying it again). There are too many things happening inside; it’s like a party that I don’t want to be in. But then, this assignment is not only about mastering Facebook Ads – it’s also overcoming that complicated feeling that I have over Power Editor.

So, I took a deep breath and logged on to Then, I clicked Power Editor.

Here we go! Continue reading

Papal Visit 2015 posters – thanks to Canva!

As of this writing, it is just two days to go before Pope Francis visits the Philippines for his Papal Visit.

I am one of the many who are excited! It made me reminisce the last Papal Visit 20 years ago of Saint John Paul II. I remember watching all the activities on television (our school holidays were extended from Christmas break up to the second week of January but had to endure many Saturday classes to pay off the extended holidays). My family and I were also among the 5 million Filipinos who flocked the Rizal Park for Saint John Paul II’s concluding Mass for the 10th World Youth Day.

Twenty years ago, we just relied on the information from the newspapers, radio, television for the Pope’s itinerary. With the existence of social media now, I decided to help spread information for Pope Francis’ visit. Continue reading