How to Use Evernote

Evernote is a helpful tool to help you gather your to-do lists, videos, audio, and even images. Virtual Assistants can definitely benefit from Evernote, as it can capture and save your ideas and things you like, see, and hear. What’s more, you can organize your captured things in Evernote by using keywords. And you can […]

How to Use RoboForm

  Ever since I learned about online marketing and virtual assistants, my usernames and passwords have multiplied. I have to admit, I have learned a lot since, but it’s hard to keep up with a lot of usernames and passwords (let alone sites!) And I got wide eyes from others about this. One time in […]

How to Use Google Drive

I was mystified by Google Drive. I have seen my other friends and mentor share a document to me via Google Drive, so I thought this is for the “intelligents.” With that in mind, I had apprehensions in learning Google Drive. Good thing YouTube tutorials woke me up. Before doing this tutorial, I did research […]

How to Use Prezi

I love MSPowerPoint because it has helped me spread my message to the world. But if you want a different twist in sending your message, then Prezi is a great alternative. Before I did this tutorial, I was able to see some Prezi presentation done by other users. Boy, their presentations were flying and going […]

How to Use Pinterest

I accidentally learned about Pinterest early last year. I was reading the blog of my mentor, Jomar Hilario, when I realized I reached the bottom part of his blog. I saw a “Follow me in Pinterest” icon there. Being the curious one, I clicked the icon. I was directed to Pinterest. The rest is history. […]

How to Use PicMonkey

My brother is the all-knowing Photoshop man. He has done several Photoshop projects for me for the past few years, and I can say that he’s really an expert. Not only he works fast; the image he works on becomes more alive. I tried working on a Photoshop project one time. I asked him to […]

How to Use NutshellMail

In a nutshell, NutshellMail will send you a summary of your social media news feeds without you opening all your accounts. NutshellMail is very helpful for those who have so many social media accounts so you can keep up with them and for those who can no longer open their social media accounts due to […]

How to Use Hootsuite

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. These are the social media networks I am subscribed to. I know that like you, I have something in mind that I want posted to all social networks, but that meant opening many tabs, and copy-paste the status or post. During my Social Media Manager on my last […]

How to Use Dropbox

I have been a Dropbox user since 2010. During that time, I used Dropbox to send my first VA tutorials and resume to my mentor, Jomar Hilario. I was amazed by how Dropbox can send big files sending it via e-mail attachment. I can say that I am one of Dropbox’s  delighted users. Dropbox is one […]

How to Use Carbonmade

As a virtual assistant, I can say that most (if not all) our accomplishments are not printed. It could be an office document (MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), a Facebook page, or even a website (like this!). Carbonmade can put those accomplishments together and give us a great online portfolio! Here’s a how-to guide for you.