10 ODesk applications

I know one of them (or many?) of them will hire me! I applied to ten jobs in ODesk today. This is so far, the most several times I applied in one sitting. Maybe I got so pumped up after seeing that my profile is now 100%. I am happily, lovingly, and gratefully attracting them […]

My First ODesk interview

A day after Christmas, I had my first ODesk interview. I could not believe it happened. I was just updating my profile and at the same time looking for jobs when I saw an e-mail in my ODesk inbox. There was an invitation for me to apply for a job. The employer said he needs […]

$500 a week.

I was about to be in slumber yesterday when I heard my mind say this: “Ann is earning $500 a week.” I didn’t know how it occurred. And I know was still awake. To be honest, it is way way way higher than what I am earning now. But come to think of it, it […]

At One Click

While undergoing the Mr. Jomar Hilario’s training on Virtual Assistant, I have learned one fact: Anything can be found (and can be done) in the Internet. I know it sounds silly. A techie would probably tell me, “Yes, that’s why it’s called THE Internet. DUH!” I had that realization during the discussion of kinds of […]


Print Screen – it’s one of those keys in the computer keyboard that I ignore. I have always believed that the moment I accidentally click it, a catastrophe will happen to any documents I am doing. Of course I do know the keys in the board (okay, I am still learning F4 to F12. I […]

My First WordPress blogpost

This is my very first WordPress blog post. I created this blog so that I could put my outputs as a Virtual Assistant trainee. My mentor is Mr. Jomar Hilario. I will also post here my journey to new learning. Hopefully, when I get to finish the course, I would be able to look back […]