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3 10 ODesk applications

I know one of them (or many?) of them will hire me!

I applied to ten jobs in ODesk today. This is so far, the most several times I applied in one sitting.

Maybe I got so pumped up after seeing that my profile is now 100%.

I am happily, lovingly, and gratefully attracting them to interview me, consider me, and hire me (all 10 of them running after me is a very nice blessing to think about).

My First ODesk interview

A day after Christmas, I had my first ODesk interview.

I could not believe it happened.

I was just updating my profile and at the same time looking for jobs when I saw an e-mail in my ODesk inbox.

There was an invitation for me to apply for a job. The employer said he needs someone who has knowledge in freight forwarding industry.

My first job was in a freight forwarding company, where I learned about sales and communicating with agents and clients properly and promptly or you’ll lose big profits.

I replied on the invitation, opened a Skype account in the process (another achievement!), sent my résumé, and agreed with a scheduled interview time.

It took two weeks for the interview to finally happen because I got sick. It also had difficult time opening a Skype account.

But the employer was very persistent in interviewing me. I have been honest about my concerns and I have  communicated it with the employer.

Finally, the day came. Or should I say night. The interview happened  at 10:30 PM Manila Time.

The interview started through chat. Then, the employer called me and we conversed for 15 minutes. I made sure that my VA resume file was open.

The interview was just like the face-to-face interview that I have experienced. What is different is that the online interview does not see facial expressions and other jitters.

I think I was able to answer all the employer’s questions. But since he needs someone for a full-time position, he said he will contact me (I’m only available for part-time work for now).

Nevertheless, I was blessed to have my first interview. I have learned a lot. If I’m taken in, I’d jump for joy. If not, then I move on to other opportunities while I update my profile and skills.

This is one achievement I’m proud of.

$500 a week.

I was about to be in slumber yesterday when I heard my mind say this: “Ann is earning $500 a week.”

I didn’t know how it occurred. And I know was still awake.

To be honest, it is way way way higher than what I am earning now.

But come to think of it, it IS possible to earn that. I know I have the skills and the knowledge to bring that amount into my pocket.

And to my charity of choice.

And renovate the house.

And build my home office.

When I dozed off, I knew I never had a dream about the $500 coming into my hands.

But I know it’s going to happen.


I’m back – now more fearless.

After quite some time, I was able to make a post on my VA blog. I got so caught up with my running blog that I forgot about this.

I also nurtured some fears about being a VA. Then one day, upon reading my mentor’s email as he asked how I was (of course it was not only me; he asked a lot of his students in VA seminars that he conducted), I realized I have made fear my best friend.

Why am I afraid of making money?

And with that, I let go of fear and embraced change.

And boy, success hugged me too!

And so I am going to blog here again, to remember that I don’t know fear anymore, especially when it comes to increasing my income.

I have a lot of work to do; days before opening this blog, I learned that the VA outputs that I uploaded here through Scribd was gone. I found out that due to inactivity, my Scribd account was deleted. I did not know I said goodbye to them.

But I am positive about re-uploading them all over again. It would also mean I would get to review my WordPress knowledge.

Yes, I am back – now more fearless.

At One Click

While undergoing the Mr. Jomar Hilario’s training on Virtual Assistant, I have learned one fact: Anything can be found (and can be done) in the Internet.

I know it sounds silly. A techie would probably tell me, “Yes, that’s why it’s called THE Internet. DUH!”

I had that realization during the discussion of kinds of programs in the Internet.

Imagine this, average techies like me. You can do the following (for free or with pay):

–          Convert any file to portable document format (pdf)

–          Send invoice to someone

–          Track your work time

–          Track somebody’s computer or work

These things I never imagined exist in the Internet.

I guess this tool will only be limited to what as far our minds can create, invent, and explore.

Everything’s amazing at one click.


Print Screen – it’s one of those keys in the computer keyboard that I ignore. I have always believed that the moment I accidentally click it, a catastrophe will happen to any documents I am doing.

Of course I do know the keys in the board (okay, I am still learning F4 to F12. I also do ignore them). But I belonged to the Words Star and Floppy Disks generation – during that time, we were not taught of what is the use of the Print Screen.

Several years back, one of our student assistants in the office was asked permission from my immediate head to do her one of her IT projects. After being allowed, she immediately worked on her project. That was the first time I have seen a window of a website copied and pasted in the Microsoft Word document. I was so surprised that I asked her how she did it. She innocently pointed her right point finger to the Print Screen key.

You’re thinking – “Since then, you remembered its use, right?”


I forgot its use the minute the student assistant showed it to me.

Well, I did not find any use of it for me at work during that time.

What ignorance, as I have realized it now. Since I am involved in training work, I could have used it to prepare or enhance our training modules.

Fast forward to now. I am undergoing training for Virtual Assistant with Mr. Jomar Hilario.

He said that Print Screen is a good friend of Virtual Assistants (well, sort of that idea). So he taught us how to use it.

I tried using the Print Screen key for my sample slide in PowerPoint. “Be nice to me, buddy,” I silently said.

I pressed it once, went to my Powerpoint file, then pressed Alt – Print Screen to paste.

After that, my tech life was never the same.

I have fallen in love with Print Screen.

My First WordPress blogpost

This is my very first WordPress blog post.

I created this blog so that I could put my outputs as a Virtual Assistant trainee. My mentor is Mr. Jomar Hilario.

I will also post here my journey to new learning.

Hopefully, when I get to finish the course, I would be able to look back to this journey with a smile – and see that I made it.

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