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Normal by Jomar Hilario

Years ago, my mentor, Jomar Hilario, posted a poem on his website. I printed the poem and posted it on my cork board in my room. At first, I didn’t understand the depth of the poem. During that time, I am beginning to learn online marketing and work-from-home opportunities as a virtual assistant. Years went […]

AEVA_what i learned from my superpower

What I Learned from My Superpower

When I was in high school, one of my friends told me that one of our classmates said she hated the way I laughed. According to my friend, the classmate finds my laugh annoying. Well, such is high school. It’s the stage of your life when you’re trying to know your place in the world […]

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

I Attract Wealth: Wealth Summit 2017

I still could not believe I became a panelist for Jomar Hilario’s Wealth Summit 2017 talk. Seriously. Why not? Two years ago, I was a volunteer on his booth; held handwritten posters (you millennials call it fan signs), answered inquiries of Wealth Summit participants, and got starstruck seeing some of big names in financial literacy […]