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Learn Facebook Marketing at Raket Remedies!

January got me stoked and busy because of Raket.ph’s Raket Remedies! Raket.ph launched their Raketeer School, the first Freelancing School in the Philippines this year. Under the Raketeer School is Raket Remedies, which will conduct live seminars and webinars for freelancing concerns. For Raket Remedies’ first offering, Raket.ph invited me and dear friend, columnist and […]

"Ann Kristine", "ann exceptional virtual assistant"

Closing 2015 by Paulo Coelho

One of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, captured the best message as we close Chapter 2015 of our lives. See the post here. As soon as I saw the post, I immediately thought of doing another thing that was not planned – launch Ann Exceptional VA Soundcloud! This is where I will put all inspiring […]

"Ann Kristine", "ann exceptional virtual assistant"

Being Online vs. Working Online

I got to listen again to the webinar interview of my mentor, Jomar Hilario with social media expert and author Peg Fitzpatrick. The webinar happened sometime summer this year, but I never got to really understand the webinar because one, I was starstruck and two, I was putting questions in the webinar chat box.

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Have you found the book that can change your life?

I recently tweeted that I am now on my 15th book of the year! I just started reading my 15th book of the year! It’s @ThisIsSethsBlog ‘s All Marketers are Liars. What’s your current read? #BookWorm — Ann Peñaredondo (@annkristineruns) September 12, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js I was happy to tweet that for many reasons: one, I […]