Sticking to my rate

As a VA, sticking to your rate is important. Sticking to your VA rate is also like negotiating for your salary in a physical workplace. As a VA, you will not only be paid based on your skills, but also for your incremental costs (electricity, Internet bill), so it is important that you are well […]

20 job applications

I can not believe that I was able to use all my quota for ODesk job applications! It took me two days to empty my ODesk job application quota. I applied to jobs again after doing an update on my ODesk profile. The ODesk job application quota was the result of my happiness upon being […]


Last night, I got a job invitation from ODesk. The company was looking for somebody who can manage their Pinterest account for their product. I was thankful that I got a job invitation (I’m always thankful for them). Two things why it happened: one, I updated my skills list in ODesk (I just kept on […]

Moving On

After a week of not surfing the Internet, I’m at it again. The sudden me-out-of-online-job got me to contemplate about what I need to do so that it will not happen again. What I am happy about is that I was able to finish a book (Hooray!). I realized that I got to finish it […]

I didn’t know I inspired a few.

I never expected that my VA story will inspire others. Take a look at this post that I saw in our Facebook group (I erased the name and picture for the person’s security): I’ve got a lot of comments from my “Whirlwind” posts. Thanks to my mentor, Sir Jomar, for sending the link through our […]


It was my first day in my ODesk job. I was happy and excited. Finally, another work! My dad was watching TV during the time that I worked. He switched the channel and found the show, “Glee,” on TV. Before I could even tell him to stop watching the show (we watch the re-runs on […]

Lessons from the New Job

Here are the lessons that I have learned on the new job that I just got: 1. Training is really important. I am thankful for the VA seminar that my mentor, Jomar Hilario, has been conducting. It did not only open my mind to this new “work-at-home” idea (no scams), but it also made me […]


On my last post, I showed you a print screen of the 10 ODesk job applications that I did. It was really the most number of applies that I did in just one sitting. As I signed out on my ODesk account, I said a prayer. I know that out of the ten jobs, there […]