AEVA_do you miss the office benefits

ANNswer: Do you miss the office benefits?

Overheard from Facebook: I miss the benefits in the corporate life. Benefits. Hhhmmmm….. Let’s see. 1. Insurance Pwede ka pa din namang makakuha nito kasi malaki naman ang earnings mo as you work online. 2. Health card Pwede ka din namang kumuha nito. Or be healthy. You actually have the time to be more conscious […]

Recommended sites on how to earn money

I chanced upon this Yahoo! article on ten smart ways on how to earn money. The job sites provided were in categories based on the skills that one might have. 0Desk was one of the sites mentioned. Read the article here. If you’re reading this, have you tried any one of the sites recommended? Let […]

Money Money Money

      I saw the above pictures in Google and Facebook, respectively. For some, it may look absurd. But since I have committed myself to become rich, I now always say, “why not?” In the first place, I want to have money not only to buy what I need and to secure my future. I […]

$500 a week.

I was about to be in slumber yesterday when I heard my mind say this: “Ann is earning $500 a week.” I didn’t know how it occurred. And I know was still awake. To be honest, it is way way way higher than what I am earning now. But come to think of it, it […]