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Date With Freedom Highlights Part 1

If you attended the Date With Freedom: Virtual Career and Summit Seminar, your Facebook News Feed is full of smiling and happy people. The event was so much fun!

I am honored and humbled to be part of the summit and seminar. I’m still wondering why the participants were laughing on almost every word I said (LOL), but do know that I pray for their journey towards freedom. May the fun and inspiration they got propel them into action.

In case you missed the event (where were you?), here are the highlights. Super thanks to Jonas San Luis for the photos. I did all of these layouts in Canva. Continue reading

If third time’s a charm, then so be it.

Not only was I able to grace the weekly webinar of my mentor, Jomar Hilario recently. I was also able to teach other virtual career workers skills on visuals!

I was privileged to be a guest in the webinar for the third time, this time showing the participants the 7 visual ideas that can increase social engagement. I learned them from my former client, Marcus Ho, who was just happy to know that the webinar went well.

To make sure the webinar attendees understood what they learned, I asked them to choose 4 out of 7 visual ideas that they prefer and look for examples for each visual. As of this writing, the attendees are still posting their assignment outputs in the Facebook Groups where we belong (You smashed it, guys! Good job!)

To my surprise, Jomar asked me to demo how I created a visual bullet using Canva. This happened after I mentioned during the webinar that I will be creating a visual out of the 3 success lessons from Manny Pacquiao (discussed in the webinar). Well, I was happy to oblige.

The webinar replay is featured in the Date with Freedom website as of this writing. But if a new webinar is up, no worries. Here are the videos (now in three-part series!).

Happy learning!

Lessons from Firing and Running (or Walking)

Two weeks ago, I was in a roller coaster ride. Not the type that will make you scream and make you pray to all the saints while others are looking at you at the park, though.

On the last of January, my client let go of most of the Philippine team of VAs to cut expenses. One of them was me. In between the horrible “We’d like to inform you…” until the end of the contract was only 4 days.

A few days later, I started February with a 10K walk on Skyway. I walked because I did not have the slightest decent training.

I was tempted to think “So that’s why I was pushed by the woman behind me when Pope Francis was passing along the road leaving Intramuros during his Papal Visit. I should have thought of that as a sign!” I do not really see that as a bad omen or sign of bleak days to come. Continue reading

Papal Visit 2015 posters – thanks to Canva!

As of this writing, it is just two days to go before Pope Francis visits the Philippines for his Papal Visit.

I am one of the many who are excited! It made me reminisce the last Papal Visit 20 years ago of Saint John Paul II. I remember watching all the activities on television (our school holidays were extended from Christmas break up to the second week of January but had to endure many Saturday classes to pay off the extended holidays). My family and I were also among the 5 million Filipinos who flocked the Rizal Park for Saint John Paul II’s concluding Mass for the 10th World Youth Day.

Twenty years ago, we just relied on the information from the newspapers, radio, television for the Pope’s itinerary. With the existence of social media now, I decided to help spread information for Pope Francis’ visit. Continue reading

How manning a booth made me learn 5 marketing lessons

Work from home? Ask me!

Work from home? Ask me!

As far as I can remember, I only had one experience of manning a booth. It was during high school, when I signed up for the Radio Booth of my high school Media Club during our foundation day. Students and teachers may go to the Radio Booth to request for songs, greet friends, or both.

It was fun, of course. During that day, I saw myself progressed from being a researcher (looking for the requested songs in a sea of, take this, cassette tapes), content curator (taking greetings and messages from students and teachers), to a marketer (coordinating with the staff who cues the music and reading the greetings with a microphone, my voice heard all over the campus).

But that did not prepare me when I took the challenge of manning the Work From Home Booth of my mentor, Jomar Hilario, during the Kerygma Conference 2014. I was with one of the exceptional work-at-home moms that I know, Noemi Cariaso-Mora. Continue reading

4 Social Media Management? Here’s Experts Help

I have never heard of a local government unit being so concerned about social media marketing. So I said YES to the invitation!

I have never heard of a local government unit being so concerned about social media marketing. So I said YES to the invitation!

Weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from Sophie, one of Jomar Hilario’s VAs. Jomar was invited as a guest speaker to the Social Media Management Seminar organized by the Local Government Unit of Carmona, Cavite. She asked if I would be willing to join as a guest sharer.

My answer: YES, OF COURSE! 🙂 I have never heard of a local government unit being so concerned about social media marketing. And as a former government employee (and daughter of two former government employees), I always felt the need to give back.

So I immediately filed my leave (my second to the last for the year). Continue reading

Get marketing lessons from my Medium blog!

I am currently attending Jomar Hilario‘s Unlocking Success Secrets : Marketing Mindset Webinars. It’s a two-part webinar series that will hopefully change my mind into a full marketing droid (just kidding).

One of its assignments is making YouTube an ultimate hangout for learning and posting the lessons on our blog. For a change, I tried putting the marketing lessons on Medium. Continue reading

Cashflow Game 101 Event: learning about game and life

Let's play!

Let’s play!


(This was the testimonial I sent to Jomar Hilario a day after volunteering for the Cash Flow 101 Game. He read it last May 26 on his Free Weekly Webinar.)

For the first time since knowing Jomar, I made it to his seminar volunteer list. I tried doing the VA Summit last November 2013, but the others had faster fingers than me.

As an Online Mentoring Club 3.0 member, I was privileged to sign up as volunteer. I did not get the confirmation until Friday night, so I did not know what will my Saturday was going to be until I got the notice. I made it! I’m going to finally see how this game in played! Continue reading