Helping Ricelle

Last February 2, 2013, I was one of the guest panelists in a private webinar by my mentor, Jomar Hilario. The private webinar was the prize of the second winner of Sir Jomar’s Christmas promo. The webinar is a one-and-a-half hour no-holds barred question and answer about my life as a part-time virtual assistant. My […]

Planning My 2013

Others woke up last December 26 to brace another day at work after Christmas. Me? I did my 30-minute ran, cleaned the house, took a bath, then closed my door’s room. I was so excited for my two-day ME Planning. I waited for this day to happen. This was my second time to do this […]

I am VA #3

“Okay, okay, stop, stop. We will start in a few minutes.” That’s what my mentor, Jomar Hilario, said. I just finished almost a non-stop sample blubbering (that’s a sample) to check if my audio is working. Sir Jomar, as he is fondly called, finished setting the sites for the webinar. He called me through Skype […]

The Truth about WordPress

I got this infographic from Pinterest. It’s about WordPress. Personally, when I got into blogging in 2008, my mentor, Jomar Hilario, said that WordPress is for experienced bloggers because WordPress is more technical. So when Sir Jomar said that I should have a WordPress blog (as a graduate of the VA Seminar last 2010), I […]

I didn’t know I inspired a few.

I never expected that my VA story will inspire others. Take a look at this post that I saw in our Facebook group (I erased the name and picture for the person’s security): I’ve got a lot of comments from my “Whirlwind” posts. Thanks to my mentor, Sir Jomar, for sending the link through our […]

The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

I knew about Jim Rohn through my mentor, Jomar Hilario. Recently, he posted this link to one of Rohn’s videos, talking about the magic of part-time. Sir Jomar encourages us to listen to this before the start of 2012. I did everything in my power to download it (I finally saw and and […]