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The Facebook Ads Process Outside Facebook: a Wealth Summit Booth Volunteer Experience

To be honest, I am still in the process of recovering from spent energy when I joined the Work from Home Booth Volunteers during last week’s Wealth Summit. But it was all worth it because I got to bond with my co-booth volunteers, rub shoulders with the speakers and The Feast personalities, and learn from some of the Wealth Summit talks.

Jomar gave us instructions on how to invite people to the Work from Home booth. He brought his two pieces of mobile whiteboard and provided us with messages: two for those who are interested to work from home as virtual assistants (the programs offered are VA Summit 2015 and VA 202) and two for business persons who would like to increase their sales online using Facebook ads (the current strategy discussed for the Marketing Success Formula). Since the time we joked about the messages as “A/B testing of Facebook Ads”, we never stopped using the Facebook Ad terms.

So to recap the wonderful two-day experience, here is how ads are run – outside Facebook.  Continue reading

Facebook Ads is as Basic as the Scientific Process.

That is what I remembered most on the conversation that I had with an FB Ads Specialist recently.

After getting the results for the three Facebook Ads, I asked the FB Ads Specialist of my I-cannot-sleep-until-I get-the-answers concerns. We worked together for a previous client – I handled the social media management while he took care of the ads. Continue reading

Lessons from Firing and Running (or Walking)

Two weeks ago, I was in a roller coaster ride. Not the type that will make you scream and make you pray to all the saints while others are looking at you at the park, though.

On the last of January, my client let go of most of the Philippine team of VAs to cut expenses. One of them was me. In between the horrible “We’d like to inform you…” until the end of the contract was only 4 days.

A few days later, I started February with a 10K walk on Skyway. I walked because I did not have the slightest decent training.

I was tempted to think “So that’s why I was pushed by the woman behind me when Pope Francis was passing along the road leaving Intramuros during his Papal Visit. I should have thought of that as a sign!” I do not really see that as a bad omen or sign of bleak days to come. Continue reading

The truth about the 12 fruits for the new year

Have you got fruits at your table for New Year's Eve? There's more to that.

Have you got fruits at your table for New Year’s Eve? There’s more to that.


I am sure you that as you are reading this, it is either you are a) liking and commenting “Happy New Year!” on your social media accounts, b) busy in the kitchen, or c) you just survived an avalanche of people in the market (congratulations, you made it alive just like my mother).

During this time of the year, some Filipinos are making sure that there are 12 fruits on their table by New Year’s Eve as a superstition. It’s said that you are in for an abundant year if you have 12 round fruits as the new year usher in (12 symbolizes the 12 months a year). Continue reading

How manning a booth made me learn 5 marketing lessons

Work from home? Ask me!

Work from home? Ask me!

As far as I can remember, I only had one experience of manning a booth. It was during high school, when I signed up for the Radio Booth of my high school Media Club during our foundation day. Students and teachers may go to the Radio Booth to request for songs, greet friends, or both.

It was fun, of course. During that day, I saw myself progressed from being a researcher (looking for the requested songs in a sea of, take this, cassette tapes), content curator (taking greetings and messages from students and teachers), to a marketer (coordinating with the staff who cues the music and reading the greetings with a microphone, my voice heard all over the campus).

But that did not prepare me when I took the challenge of manning the Work From Home Booth of my mentor, Jomar Hilario, during the Kerygma Conference 2014. I was with one of the exceptional work-at-home moms that I know, Noemi Cariaso-Mora. Continue reading