Get marketing lessons from my Medium blog!

I am currently attending Jomar Hilario‘s Unlocking Success Secrets : Marketing Mindset Webinars. It’s a two-part webinar series that will hopefully change my mind into a full marketing droid (just kidding). One of its assignments is making YouTube an ultimate hangout for learning and posting the lessons on our blog. For a change, I tried putting […]

My Spotify is now filled with wisdom.

I got my Spotify account early this year, just in time when I became a full-time VA. So far, I got 20+ playlists. In fact, I was able to alphabetized my playlists. But then, I got bored today. So I mindlessly typed the name JIM ROHN in the Search Area. Let the images continue the […]

The Exceptional Things I Have Learned during the First Ever Virtual Assistant Summit 2013

I was super glad to be one of the participants of the first ever Virtual Assistant (VA) Summit 2013. The Luneta Hall of Bayview Park Hotel Manila was packed with top-caliber Filipino VAs, aspiring VAs, employees, and entrepreneurs. Our mentor, Jomar Hilario, hosted the summit. Eight speakers, including Jomar, took turns in imparting empowering messages, […]

Courage: Doing it Afraid

  What really, is courage? Is it facing a battle for others to feel safe again? Is it standing up for what is right? Is it facing the music? Is it jumping off a 50-foot cliff, or diving the deep ocean? Or is it reaching the highest peak despite not having enough supplies and tired […]

Is Working From Home a Dead-End Job?

I saw this video from WSJ Live a few weeks ago. The video is about Yahoo! employees who work-from-home being reported back to work. Yahoo! employees reporting back to duty is actually good. According to the interviewee,If a work-from-home person wants to get promoted in his company, he must go back to the office and […]

Video blog: Delivering the best results

“You can have results or excuses. Not both” I admit – when I said “yes, I’ll do it” to the project that I mentioned in the video blog, I heard myself saying, “Ann, think about what you just said: you only have three days before the presentation, your director said she’ll come back in the […]

Video blog: Dedication to work

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” Vince Lombardi In this video blog, I shared my experience on dedication to work. I am so blessed to have worked […]