Becoming a VA means isolation? Not for me!

Recently, published an online article on how to solve top pitfalls of working from home. In the article, four pitfalls and solutions were identified. One of the pitfalls was virtual assistants may bring “inevitable sense of isolation.” Well, I’m going to be honest: one of the reasons why I want to work full-time at […]

Planning My 2013

Others woke up last December 26 to brace another day at work after Christmas. Me? I did my 30-minute ran, cleaned the house, took a bath, then closed my door’s room. I was so excited for my two-day ME Planning. I waited for this day to happen. This was my second time to do this […]

Christmas Decor

It’s 11 days before Christmas as I wrote this piece. It was also the only time my mother finished setting up the Christmas decorations in the house. She started last Monday. The past few years, she has prepped up for Christmas a week before the nine dawn Masses. She said she doesn’t want to decorate […]

Bounce – two months after

So, it’s been two months since I have not posted anything here in my blog. I guess I have been too busy with my new-found productive job every night! So, here’s a look at my two-month “hiatus”: So far, I have earned enough to pay for my monthly Internet fees. This seemed to be a […]


Last night, I got a job invitation from ODesk. The company was looking for somebody who can manage their Pinterest account for their product. I was thankful that I got a job invitation (I’m always thankful for them). Two things why it happened: one, I updated my skills list in ODesk (I just kept on […]