be the best by getting ahead

Be the Best by Getting Ahead

Here’s a lesson on being the best by getting ahead from a “late bloomer nerd.” The previous weekends were a feast for geeks. A few weeks ago, Disney held their annual D23 Expo (Disney 23) at Disneyland. On the other hand, fans had a grand time in San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), also an annual […]

UpWork Uprising

UpWork Uprising

May 4 was supposed to be Star Wars Day. But freelancers, particularly those who have online gigs in UpWork, got the shock of their lives. Effective June 2016, UpWork’s new pricing will take effect. It resulted into Inside Out emotions – anger, fear, sadness, disgust, and believe me, a few joy. I compiled few of […]

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Secrets to Working Smarter Online Revealed

My virtual professional friends and I are always open to questions from aspiring virtual professionals. Questions range from how did we start becoming a virtual professional to well, do I have a boyfriend (to which my answer is always “the real one or the ones that I only know?”). Suddenly, we found ourselves taking the […]