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be the best by getting ahead

Be the Best by Getting Ahead

Here’s a lesson on being the best by getting ahead from a “late bloomer nerd.”

The previous weekends were a feast for geeks. A few weeks ago, Disney held their annual D23 Expo (Disney 23) at Disneyland. On the other hand, fans had a grand time in San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), also an annual event.

What do these two events have in common?

It’s in these events where you could wear cosplay and nobody’s going to judge you, buy hard-to-find and expensive toys, and get the latest on comics, TV series, and movies about anything and everything geek.

I became aware of these two events in 2015, since I was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Hint: Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston. Then I found out Robert Downey, Jr. started it all, and yes, the three Chrises…)

If you’re a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, these three movies are on your movie line up: Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. The latter is the culminating movie of the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if you’re an MCU fan, this. is. absolutely. and. immensely. important.

Official movie trailers of Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther are already online right after it was shown in SDCC this weekend. Avengers: Infinity War teaser were also shown in both D23 and SDCC.

Here’s the thing: Marvel did not release the Avengers: Infinity War teaser online (website and social media).

Fans are frustrated, some mad. For them, it is not right for Marvel to keep the Infinity Wars trailer to non-convention fans.

Okay, you might say “Ann is a late bloomer nerd”. This isn’t about that. Hang in there.

Marvel may have their reasons for this. But I’m looking at it at a different perspective.
You see, D23 and SDCC convention fans paid to attend the events. They made sure they were PRESENT.

Think of it as your much-awaited seminar or conference, or even webinar in the dead of the night.

If you’re someone who made an effort to book a seat on a life-changing seminar or kept yourself awake for a 2AM live webinar, then the good is on you. You learn ahead of others. The more you’d get if you execute what you learned immediately!

If you want to change your life, invest in yourself.

Learn and execute. Make sure that you are present in a situation where more people could help you so that you could see yourself in a place you dreamed of having, being, or doing.
Stop telling the world it’s not fair. You create your own destiny.


When you invest in yourself, you’d find yourself in the midst of like-minded people. Well, not as famous as these guys, but your get the drift. Credit: Facebook.com/MarvelStudios


What are the ways you are getting ahead? Share it in the comments below. 


UpWork Uprising

UpWork Uprising

May 4 was supposed to be Star Wars Day. But freelancers, particularly those who have online gigs in UpWork, got the shock of their lives. Effective June 2016, UpWork’s new pricing will take effect.

It resulted into Inside Out emotions – anger, fear, sadness, disgust, and believe me, a few joy.

I compiled few of the many reactions of freelancers and clients alike about what I now call “UpWork Uprising”. I called it UpWork Uprising because clients and freelancers threatened to leave UpWork! That’s how mad people are.

So what do you do with this UpWork Uprising?

Here are my thoughts on this issue:

1. UpWork is not your only way to salvation.

There are other freelancing sites. And if you have your own website, you’re way better off.

Moreover, I suggest that you go to LinkedIn, complete your profile there, and talk to your connections. LinkedIn is the social networking site of the decision makers – CEOs, business owners, HR practitioners, and the likes. Make your presence felt there (and join groups, too!).

2. You are a virtual professional. You should look for long-term clients; not low and fixed projects.

If you think your skills are on the low-rate level, it is time to invest on yourself and learn new skills.

3. If you’re really bent on leaving UpWork, make sure you:

a) have a contract.
b) get a testimonial for your website and LinkedIn.

4. If you are thinking BIG, you would not even budge on the news.

If you are a freelancer who sees his or her online work as a business, you would not be bothered by this news.

If you are a freelancer who believes that he or she is valuable, you would not have sleepless nights because of this.


If you want more about what I say to the UpWork Uprising, watch the replay of my Facebook Live on The Joy and Ann Show Facebook Page.

Also, I guested (for the sixth time!) on Jomar Hilario’s recent webinar show on “Upwork’s New Pricing: How To Maximize It For You” with another success student, Yuhanne T. Natividad.

UpWork Uprising

So if you’ll ask me if I joined the revolt, I say I don’t. I would rather spend my time upgrading my skills.

Have you joined the UpWork Uprising? Let me know your thoughts!

Secrets to Working Smarter Online Revealed

My virtual professional friends and I are always open to questions from aspiring virtual professionals. Questions range from how did we start becoming a virtual professional to well, do I have a boyfriend (to which my answer is always “the real one or the ones that I only know?”).

Suddenly, we found ourselves taking the leap by organizing a telesummit for freelancer newbies and virtual assistants! That’s a jump shot, if you’ll ask me. We want to pay it forward for we were once newbies ourselves. We felt lost with no one to ask or consult on the steps we took (just take a look at my first few posts and you just saw my laughable past). Continue reading

2 ann exceptional virtual assistant

Last month, I saw two kinds of freedom in Tagaytay.

For others, going to Tagaytay in July is already a post-summer getaway. However, I work from home anyway, so honestly, I can go there when I want (aside from the fact that it is just a one-hour journey from where I am. That does not include traffic).

Last month, I am blessed to visit Tagaytay twice – with different sets of people. With different sets of people, I saw two kinds of freedom. Continue reading

1 ann exceptional virtual assistant

The Secret of Following Up Your Delayed Pay

One of my former clients took a while to pay my services.

It was an agony, honestly. The client did not update me every time the deadline payment past.

I am the type of person who ensures that my payments are due. On the other hand, I believe that if someone owes me, it is his or her responsibility to update me on the payments. I really do not like following up. In the first place, I was not the one who has a due.

So what do you do when this happens? A recent webinar with a Filipino lawyer gave these tip: PROTECT YOURSELF. Continue reading

2 Something exceptionally unimaginable happened in my email inboxes

I have four emails in Gmail. I have one each specifically for:

  1. purchases
  2. social media platforms
  3. online marketing/virtual assistant lessons
  4. official VA email (where I get messages from my clients and from the freelance sites I’m subscribed to)

Yes, you may call me OC (obsessive-compulsive). But that’s my way of sorting my online life. Continue reading

2 This is Ann Exceptional VA – Realizing a Simple Dream!

I can not remember the exact time or year, but a few years back, I declared (written or verbal, I’m really not sure) that when I become a virtual assistant, one of the things that I see doing is going to the mall on a non-peak day (Tuesday or a Thursday). And in the mall, I will smile to a few people because all of us are virtual assistants. We are the ones inside the mall because we have time to do it – we just simply can.

Well, God has a way of tweaking dreams – but it happened to me anyway! Continue reading

Date With Freedom Highlights Part 2

Here’s the second part of the Date With Freedom: Virtual Career Summit and Seminar highlights.

Again, super thanks to Jonas San Luis (believe me, when this guy passes by, everybody smiles). Layouts done via Canva.

To all those who have attended: I suggest you post the visuals on your favorite social media accounts. Or better yet, post them on your wall or in your bathroom or in your refrigerators. Let these serve as reminders for you to act. 🙂 Continue reading

Date With Freedom Highlights Part 1

If you attended the Date With Freedom: Virtual Career and Summit Seminar, your Facebook News Feed is full of smiling and happy people. The event was so much fun!

I am honored and humbled to be part of the summit and seminar. I’m still wondering why the participants were laughing on almost every word I said (LOL), but do know that I pray for their journey towards freedom. May the fun and inspiration they got propel them into action.

In case you missed the event (where were you?), here are the highlights. Super thanks to Jonas San Luis for the photos. I did all of these layouts in Canva. Continue reading

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