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Get marketing lessons from my Medium blog!

I am currently attending Jomar Hilario‘s Unlocking Success Secrets : Marketing Mindset Webinars. It’s a two-part webinar series that will hopefully change my mind into a full marketing droid (just kidding).

One of its assignments is making YouTube an ultimate hangout for learning and posting the lessons on our blog. For a change, I tried putting the marketing lessons on Medium. Continue reading

The truth about my VA journey and the World Cup

Happy to have witnessed an awesome sporting event at the comforts of my home!

Happy to have witnessed an awesome sporting event at the comforts of my home!


Four years ago, I was in an 8-5 job. I just finished my VA assignment and looking for a VA gig. At the same time, the World Cup is everywhere on the Internet and the news.

Four years later, I’m happy to be in a different state: I’m now a full-time VA, catching up with my Online Marketing Club and VA 101 assignments (I’m trying!).

This time, the World Cup in on – and I have totally fallen in love with soccer. Continue reading

Cashflow Game 101 Event: learning about game and life

Let's play!

Let’s play!


(This was the testimonial I sent to Jomar Hilario a day after volunteering for the Cash Flow 101 Game. He read it last May 26 on his Free Weekly Webinar.)

For the first time since knowing Jomar, I made it to his seminar volunteer list. I tried doing the VA Summit last November 2013, but the others had faster fingers than me.

As an Online Mentoring Club 3.0 member, I was privileged to sign up as volunteer. I did not get the confirmation until Friday night, so I did not know what will my Saturday was going to be until I got the notice. I made it! I’m going to finally see how this game in played! Continue reading

May the 4th be with you. :)

It's my blog's 4th year anniversary!

It’s my blog’s 4th year anniversary!



WordPress told me today that it’s my blog’s fourth year anniversary!

After changes on names and from just a simple portfolio, my blog now is an online journal of virtual assistant adventures. I guess YOU like it – there are 703 of you following my exceptional craziness.

Cheers to more years for my blog – and for your great future in work-at-home!

Tomorrow is the start of my Crazy.

One last look at my office table.

One last look at my office table.

I have cleared my office desk two weeks ago. But nothing prepared me for the last time I took out the last piece of stuff that I brought home with me last Friday. I blame the sleepless nights for feeling numb to my clearing out of office stuff.

But then, as I stepped out of the office gate for the last time, I felt heaviness and at the same time peace in my heart. I felt the wind against my face, then I saw the bright moon.

The same bright moon that’s staring at lovers last Friday is the same moon that stared at me, almost saying, “This is the start of something crazy!” Continue reading