The Exceptional Things I Have Learned during the First Ever Virtual Assistant Summit 2013

I was super glad to be one of the participants of the first ever Virtual Assistant (VA) Summit 2013. The Luneta Hall of Bayview Park Hotel Manila was packed with top-caliber Filipino VAs, aspiring VAs, employees, and entrepreneurs. Our mentor, Jomar Hilario, hosted the summit. Eight speakers, including Jomar, took turns in imparting empowering messages, […]

Courage: Doing it Afraid

  What really, is courage? Is it facing a battle for others to feel safe again? Is it standing up for what is right? Is it facing the music? Is it jumping off a 50-foot cliff, or diving the deep ocean? Or is it reaching the highest peak despite not having enough supplies and tired […]

Becoming a VA means isolation? Not for me!

Recently, published an online article on how to solve top pitfalls of working from home. In the article, four pitfalls and solutions were identified. One of the pitfalls was virtual assistants may bring “inevitable sense of isolation.” Well, I’m going to be honest: one of the reasons why I want to work full-time at […]

Helping Ricelle

Last February 2, 2013, I was one of the guest panelists in a private webinar by my mentor, Jomar Hilario. The private webinar was the prize of the second winner of Sir Jomar’s Christmas promo. The webinar is a one-and-a-half hour no-holds barred question and answer about my life as a part-time virtual assistant. My […]

Success in Gestation Period

I’m not sure if this will be a shock to you, but here it is: my part-time virtual assistant job folded up effective first day of 2013. Not really a good way to start the year, you might say. Here’s the story: I was doing my usual work for the client when I got an […]

Planning My 2013

Others woke up last December 26 to brace another day at work after Christmas. Me? I did my 30-minute ran, cleaned the house, took a bath, then closed my door’s room. I was so excited for my two-day ME Planning. I waited for this day to happen. This was my second time to do this […]

Christmas Decor

It’s 11 days before Christmas as I wrote this piece. It was also the only time my mother finished setting up the Christmas decorations in the house. She started last Monday. The past few years, she has prepped up for Christmas a week before the nine dawn Masses. She said she doesn’t want to decorate […]

November Blessings

                November ended for me with much to be grateful about. A few weeks ago, I got my rate increase from my client. I have started working as usual for my client since then. Not long after, I got a lot of links from articles and free e-books […]