Get More Social Media Checklists from Me

Get More Social Media Checklists from ME!

I noticed a lot of questions on social media groups on what social media courses to take. Some aspiring and current virtual assistants want to become better social media professionals by investing on courses. Moreover, in spite its existence for a long time, some business owners still don’t get how important it is to have […]

How I ran my first LinkedIn ads

How I ran my first LinkedIn ads

I dipped my hands in the very cold river of LinkedIn Ads for me to know if I could create a campaign on LinkedIn. I think I made it through! February 17, 2017 was the third year of my full-time virtual career. So I decided to create an offer for my e-book, Small is BIG. […]

Announcing: YouTube Thumbnails

A week after the Date with Freedom: 2015 Virtual Careers Summit and Seminar, I was able to do create and use the YouTube thumbnail not only on my video blog, but also for my client! YouTube’s video thumbnails let people see a quick snapshot of your video. But if you don’t want that, you can […]