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Papal Visit 2015 posters – thanks to Canva!

As of this writing, it is just two days to go before Pope Francis visits the Philippines for his Papal Visit.

I am one of the many who are excited! It made me reminisce the last Papal Visit 20 years ago of Saint John Paul II. I remember watching all the activities on television (our school holidays were extended from Christmas break up to the second week of January but had to endure many Saturday classes to pay off the extended holidays). My family and I were also among the 5 million Filipinos who flocked the Rizal Park for Saint John Paul II’s concluding Mass for the 10th World Youth Day.

Twenty years ago, we just relied on the information from the newspapers, radio, television for the Pope’s itinerary. With the existence of social media now, I decided to help spread information for Pope Francis’ visit. Continue reading

4 Social Media Management? Here’s Experts Help

I have never heard of a local government unit being so concerned about social media marketing. So I said YES to the invitation!

I have never heard of a local government unit being so concerned about social media marketing. So I said YES to the invitation!

Weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from Sophie, one of Jomar Hilario’s VAs. Jomar was invited as a guest speaker to the Social Media Management Seminar organized by the Local Government Unit of Carmona, Cavite. She asked if I would be willing to join as a guest sharer.

My answer: YES, OF COURSE! 🙂 I have never heard of a local government unit being so concerned about social media marketing. And as a former government employee (and daughter of two former government employees), I always felt the need to give back.

So I immediately filed my leave (my second to the last for the year). Continue reading

Internet Wars: A New Hope

No Internet connection? That's not good if you're a VA. You need to do something about it. Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/noii/2327713880/in/photolist-fA1on3-4xG9eW-8yBd-gg8Jt6-4J8DCD-5pnm2t-fsByM-95eKs-kdovHU-5NB4K-e3Xq11-2z249e-3FjPcz-aTTZkv-97aq7h-amamRU-gVcwCP-5pnm4v-2vdHqH-cz5Rm-7efbqT-bpzeQ2-tq6MH-9Mcwzt-4JcPGs-5XSxr7-qdhVU-8CwN8z-7mzBYT-qh37i-7A6MZA-6zUJsE-metF8m-8JPib7-84yYwn-aAdC87-9SaRSm-4qETvU-5VSm5h-g2Jwmp-4J8A6v-6wo5vG-iotsX-2aCeyG-9F1eQx-dmQRk-e1B5yx-e1GK2J-dmQRp-6Skz2/

No Internet connection? That’s not good if you’re a VA. You need to do something about it.

“You must be living in a rich village because you got Fibr,” Jomar told me minutes before the February 10, 2014 webinar where I shared my VA story for the second time. He was referring to my Internet connection.

Let me make this clear: Yes, I live in a village. But it’s not called Ayala Alabang (but my proximity in that area is one commute only). I live in a simple village that just luckily is slowly getting Fibr-d.

I am no longer having Internet connection concerns (just a few minor hiccups now and then) since I signed up for it.

I was too far from seven months ago, where I had sleepless nights and zombie-like days just to get the best connection. Continue reading

2 25 Best Free Android Apps

Here’s a list of 25 best apps from Mashable. Do you have them on your phone?


Ever since I got myself a smart phone early this year, I became more aware of apps, particularly Android Apps.

Recently, Mashable released its list of 25 best Android Apps.

I have some of the mentioned apps on my phone:

1. Gmail

2. Evernote

3. Instagram – it took me a month before finally getting this without errors. Boo on that.

4. Pinterest

5. Skype

6. Candy Crush – this is embarrassing, but I’m in Level 35 on my phone and Level 10 on Facebook. Somehow, my phone Candy Crush won’t connect to Facebook. Anyway, I open my Candy Crush Facebook so I can give lives to my hooked friends.

How about you? What do you think is the most interesting Android App among the list? Be sure to share on the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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How to Use Pinterest


Pinterest is your pin board of your dreams, plans, and even your window to everything nice and beautiful – only online.

I accidentally learned about Pinterest early last year.

I was reading the blog of my mentor, Jomar Hilario, when I realized I reached the bottom part of his blog. I saw a “Follow me in Pinterest” icon there. Being the curious one, I clicked the icon. I was directed to Pinterest.

The rest is history.

I have a dream board in my room. Now, with Pinterest, my dream board is somehow extended online.

Pinterest, I think, is the home of everything beautiful images. And I’m happy I have a Pinterest account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Pinterest account and spend time looking at everything beautiful.

How to Use NutshellMail


NutshellMail reports your social media sites’ newsfeed neatly and nicely – for you.

In a nutshell, NutshellMail will send you a summary of your social media news feeds without you opening all your accounts.

NutshellMail is very helpful for those who have so many social media accounts so you can keep up with them and for those who can no longer open their social media accounts due to work or other projects.

Here’s a step-a-step guide on how to have a NutshellMail.


How to Use Hootsuite


I found this smiling owl amusing. I have never seen one before. I hope you will also have lots of smiles by using Hootsuite!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. These are the social media networks I am subscribed to. I know that like you, I have something in mind that I want posted to all social networks, but that meant opening many tabs, and copy-paste the status or post.

During my Social Media Manager on my last gig, I was able to use Hootsuite in scheduling posts for my client’s social media sites. It was very useful because I can schedule the posts in the social media sites days or even weeks before.

This is my comprehensive tutorial on how to use Hootsuite (I posted a tutorial on How to add Google+ Page stream and autoschedule posts here). I hope you’ll find this comprehensive tutorial useful like me.

20 job applications

My 20 job applications

I can not believe that I was able to use all my quota for ODesk job applications!

It took me two days to empty my ODesk job application quota. I applied to jobs again after doing an update on my ODesk profile. The ODesk job application quota was the result of my happiness upon being verified by ODesk. whoopee!

I applied to a lot of jobs – blogger, Pinterest poster, HR consultant, social media manager, and article writing. I gave each possible client a link to my blog so that they will what I am capable of doing.

I know that after so many ODesk job applications, I will get hired.

I’m claiming it.

How to Open an Account in Pinterest

Pinterest is the next best thing in social media today. It has given Facebook the challenge. And why not? All you see in Pinterest are pretty pictures, something that is not yet a feature in Facebook.

One more thing, recent ODesk job positions are now looking for VAs who are knowledgeable in Pinterest. This could be an advantage.

As promised, here is the step-by-step tutorial on how you can have your own Pinterest account.

Happy pinning!