How to Use Pinterest

I accidentally learned about Pinterest early last year. I was reading the blog of my mentor, Jomar Hilario, when I realized I reached the bottom part of his blog. I saw a “Follow me in Pinterest” icon there. Being the curious one, I clicked the icon. I was directed to Pinterest. The rest is history. […]

How to Use NutshellMail

In a nutshell, NutshellMail will send you a summary of your social media news feeds without you opening all your accounts. NutshellMail is very helpful for those who have so many social media accounts so you can keep up with them and for those who can no longer open their social media accounts due to […]

How to Use Hootsuite

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. These are the social media networks I am subscribed to. I know that like you, I have something in mind that I want posted to all social networks, but that meant opening many tabs, and copy-paste the status or post. During my Social Media Manager on my last […]

20 job applications

I can not believe that I was able to use all my quota for ODesk job applications! It took me two days to empty my ODesk job application quota. I applied to jobs again after doing an update on my ODesk profile. The ODesk job application quota was the result of my happiness upon being […]

How to Open an Account in Pinterest

Pinterest is the next best thing in social media today. It has given Facebook the challenge. And why not? All you see in Pinterest are pretty pictures, something that is not yet a feature in Facebook. One more thing, recent ODesk job positions are now looking for VAs who are knowledgeable in Pinterest. This could […]