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Team South Represent Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Last year, an idea from Elena Solon popped up while on the road. “We should get together another time. You know, work outside the house.”

A few weeks after, we got a “Yes” signal from Jomar Hilario to set the meet up under the Virtual Careers Group (it’s the Facebook Group of those who attended his seminars and read his book).

That was it. I saw myself working on the first meet up of Jomar Hilario’s students with Elena, Nino and Yuan Natividad, and Nath Reyes.

We named it Team South because the meet up is for those virtual assistants residing in CALABARZON and MUNTAPARLAS. But on every meet up, we welcome virtual assistants (or aspirants) from other neighboring areas (Hey, you guys should create your own hahaha).

Last year, we organized two meet ups: one in Buku Buku Kafe in The District Imus and another one in Alabang Town Center.

Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

JH Team South at Buku Buku Kafe, The District Imus.


Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

First Team South meet up in July 2016.


Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Second Team South meet up in August 2016 at Alabang Town Center.


Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Second Team South meet up in August 2016 at Alabang Town Center.


A year after, we did it again! This time around, Jomar Hilario was present on the meet up! Woo hoo!

Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Thank you, Jomar for being our “special guest!” Thank you, too, Chad, for traveling all the way from Bulacan!


Team South Represent: Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers Team South Meet Up

Hooray, Team South!

It was another learning, sharing and fun afternoon.

Credits to Nath Reyes for this Facebook Live video.



Have you been to one of our meet ups? What do you think can we improve?

Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

I was humbled and honored to a panelist of Jomar Hilario’s webinar on Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home. It was my first webinar guesting for 2017 and I’m with fellow virtual assistant friends!

Together with the motley crew Niño and Yuan Natividad, Eleazar Jose and Sheree Brizo, we answered questions that current virtual assistants experience.

Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home


Here were some of the questions during the webinar:

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

Here’s the video of the webinar:

Were you present on the webinar? Let me know in the comments what you have learned!


Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

I am doing another crazy thing (and I am tagging Niña Mendoza along).

I am doing another crazy thing (and I am tagging Niña Mendoza along).

Last month, I got one good news and a couple of bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news para tapos na.

I ended my contract with two clients. (Sigh.)

Sa first client, I told the client to be clear with the tasks kasi bigla na lang s’yang hindi nakipag-communicate! Almost one year na s’yang walang tasks for me. Pero when the client came back, client said “let’s work again kasi you’re very good.”

Well, naniniwala naman ako sa sinabi n’ya. Pero malabong makipag-usap sa mga client na bigla na lang mawawala.

Sa second client ako nalungkot. Kasi serial Facebook marketer s’ya. Ang galing din n’yang magre-purpose ng content n’ya: from Facebook Live, the client’s team (one of the members was me) were able to put them on a podcast, Slideshare, and Facebook posts. The client is focusing on a new phase on her business, so she had to let me go.

Okay, mukhang nauna na ang Mahal na Araw sa bad news. Agahan na natin ang Easter Sunday, okay?

The good news is I GOT A FACEBOOK ADS CLIENT! Woot woot!

Time to work around headlines and ad images, as well as dance with Power Editor! I am so happy kasi magkakaroon ako ng chance na mag-handle ng Facebook ads ulit. Super humbled din ako kasi I was recommended by one of my clients to this new work. Wow, must have done something exceptional!

You know what I love about doing Facebook ads?

1. I get help from those who are doing it EVERY DAY.

I have attended seminars and webinars and read articles about Facebook ads. Yet none beats the EXPERIENCE of doing it. But for me to maximize the experience, I ask help from those who are better than me. Syempre, we are talking of MONEY here – ayokong masayang ang budget ng client.
And I lllooovvveee the people surrounding me because they are selfless. Hindi sila madamot sa oras at advice. Case in point: last weekend, I was able to generate 27 leads for my new client with help from friends.

2. I get to do A/B testing.

Here’s the truth about Facebook ads (and maybe for the other online ads) – walang one true formula para sa effective na ads. Of course, the headline, ad image, interests, and objective must be aligned. Pero in terms of cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), or click through rate (CTR), walang one true effective range. Kasi depende ‘yun sa niche, audience, at maybe, even the country that you are targetting.

For instance, in my current client, I published ad sets with two ad images: isang image na may text at isang image na walang text. After two days since the launch, napansin ko na walang nakuhang leads ang images na may text! Nagulat ako doon. Kasi, when I ran campaigns for my webinars or ebook, may text ang images ko and they worked effectively.



1. I want to help promising VAs (and those who are in the corporate world who would like to take the leap) through coaching.

I believe I am a product of advices and tips and strategies that my mentors, influencers, and group of friends. I wouldn’t be Ann Exceptional VA if not for the help that I get.

Sa bago kong project, I would like to return the favor. I would like to provide more time in helping promising virtual professionals at ‘yung mga gusto nang maging VA (pero hindi magawa).

Hey, I am a person who’s doing VA work EVERY DAY. I think I am capable of helping you. At hindi lang ‘yan. Isinama ko pa si Niña Mendoza. She is one of the people who continue to help me since the day I met her (if you could only see our first conversation close to three years ago. Grabe, she was able to dig it up sa Messenger!)

2. I want to test the market.

Some of you send me emails and private messages every now and then.

I get to reply to some. Unfortunately, not all.

What I observed was most of the people who contact me have the same questions: Paano maging VA? Pwede ba akong maging VA kahit hindi ako techie or marunong mag-English? Paano ka nagsimula? Natatakot akong maging VA eh. Paano mo ginawa?

I would love to reply to you all! Pero guess what, katulad n’yo din akong merong lamang 24 hours a day.

In the coaching project that I am introducing with Niña, I hope not just to answer these questions, but also to guide you as you do it.

At the same time, I am testing the market. I would like to know if you are interested in getting REAL help; as in may helping hand na sasamahan ka sa VA journey mo. I also want to know if this is for me. Sa daldal kong ito, kailangan kong malaman if people are going to take a chance on me.

Game ka ba?

Are you interested in getting further help?

NIÑA AND I ARE INVITING YOU TO A FREE WEBINAR ON APRIL 4, 2017, 8PM, ENTITLED, “THE POWER OF GROUP COACHING”. To register, click here: http://ninsmendoza.com/smartbizzywebinar-registration

I am seriously having dancing nerves about this project. Kasi first time kong gagawin ang mag-group coaching! Makipag-chikahan lang ang alam ko. Pero sabi ng ibang friends, I have expertise (and the smile) that others don’t have. Eh naniniwala ako sa kanila (it’s either mahal nila ako or I love myself so much), so I am going to do this project with Niña kahit kinakabahan ako.

Well, the truth is, wala naman akong ginawa sa buhay na hindi ako kinabahan. Go lang ng go.

See you at the webinar!


PS: There is power in groups. Malalaman n’yo ‘yan bukas. Register ka na dito: http://ninsmendoza.com/smartbizzywebinar-registration

PS 2: I’d like to know if you really really really want me to help you. Help me figure it out with this project.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not A Virtual Assistant

I know, I know. I got busy. I got a weekly audio podcast (virtual hugs if you are listening to the show), had almost monthly webinar guestings, aaannnddd of course, got to serve my exceptional clients!

Whatd’ya know, I was able to put these things into already my crazy life. Have you seen these posts lately – as in the past 3 days?


Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not A Virtual Assistant


That’s because I am about to launch a new project. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Do you remember this post on my Facebook Page a few weeks ago?

Survey post for webinar

On August 23, 2016 at 8PM (PH time), I will be hosting a webinar on Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not A Virtual Assistant. I am going to breakdown the reasons that were given to me via comments or private messages on the webinar – and what you can do about them!

Attend this free webinar and find out what is keeping you (or someone you know) from kickstarting your virtual assistant career, and what you can do about it). There will only be 50 slots available for the webinar, so I suggest you sign up now.

Here is the link to the free webinar: http://bit.ly/WebinarTop10Reasons

I hope to see you in the webinar!

I just shed a tear on live Internet

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

Believe me when I say that I am always grateful to my mentor, Jomar Hilario, every time he is giving me an opportunity to share my virtual professional journey.

Recently, I shared to the participants of his latest Ask Me Anything Marathon Webinar how I prepared our house, bedroom and family for my virtual career. Looking back, it was an exceptional journey. It never occurred to me that I would be able to experience preparing for my virtual career journey, let alone sharing it. I used to hear other virtual professionals prepared their house, bedroom and family for my virtual career.

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

This is one of the teaser posters for the marathon webinar.


I just shed a tear on live Internet.

Another one.


I just shed a tear on live Internet.

Aaannnddd another one.

Everything went on smoothly during my audio test with Isabelle Cuenco (one of Jomar’s virtual professionals) days before the webinar. However, nothing prepared me for the live webinar.

I think some of the webinar attendees forgot what my topic was about and remembered just one person: my Papa.

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

This is my father on my first Snapchat post of him.

I shared with the webinar participants some stories about my father, with the objective of allowing family members to know a little bit about what a virtual professional does (and bond with them as well).

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

Keep only the things (and people, if I may add) that spark joy.

Judging with the responses that Jomar released from his recent blog, a few shed a tear on my story. Here they are:

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

A screenshot of some of the responses from the webinar. I got this from Jomar’s email newsletter.

Eventually, as one of the participants shared why she cried, I (gasped!) found myself having a lump on my throat and water in my eyes.

Oh. My. God. Am I about to make myself cry?

And as you guessed it, I shed a tear of live Internet.

And as Jomar said, “Success leaves tracks.” So I guess the crying moment goes with that, too.

Not complaining, by the way.

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

Success leaves tracks.

Do you want to watch the whole Ask Me Anything Marathon Webinar? Nath Reyes and Anna Termulo also shared exceptional tips! Click here.

Jomar Hilario’s “How to Start Your Virtual Career Seminar”, the LIVE version, is on April 9, 2016! I heard it’s ALMOST FULL! Quick and save yourself a seat here: http://virtualcareersbook.com/seminar/

Another Twin Story

Another Twin Story

I got another twin story for you.

Well, this twin story is not related to my Twin Lakes escapade.

I am going to tell you about REAL twins! Babies!

Okay, let me be just clear: the twins are NOT mine. Let’s go to the story.

Weeks prior to Holy Week, I told my clients that I would be offline a day earlier than the scheduled holidays. I was able to finish all my tasks for them. I already planned to write blog posts or catch up on reading on the free day.

Then, I saw an Instagram post from a friend: his wife finally gave birth to twin boys! What a Holy Week blessing!

Since I got a free day, I planned to visit the husband, wife and their twin boys in the hospital. I thought of visiting them in the morning then do what I planned to do in the afternoon.

On the same day of my visit, they got permission to go home from the hospital.

Their first twin concern came: the husband will drive the car, and the wife will carry the other twin.

Who will carry the other twin?

So a few minutes after I arrived in the hospital, they asked me a favor: may I carry the other twin?

Of course! The question was: Can I?

Here’s the thing:

I am exceptional in social media management. I have increased the number of customers for one of my clients because of my social media work.

I can create an executable content marketing plan in four weeks.

I co-created a marketing lesson blog post with a virtual assistant friend that was shared more than 8,000 times on Facebook, retweeted more than 300 times on Twitter, and discussed in some of the classes three different schools in the country.

I can create a website. You’re looking at it.

I can do email campaigns and automation.

Okay, I will stop here and invite you to my About Page after reading this blog post. (I felt the wind got stronger.)

I hope you got my point: I am exceptional. Just kidding.

Can I carry a life in my arms?!

Okay, I carry babies and toddlers. They are a joy. But not a one-day old baby! And a tiny one at four point something kilos!

Seriously, I told a shorter and a humbler version of what I said above to the couple friends and they laughed.

And so I carried the other twin baby in my arms.

I felt the world stopped.

Suddenly, I forgot how exceptional my skills were.

I forgot how many tasks I was supposed to do for my clients once the Holy Week’s done.

I just concentrated on this one tiny human being sleeping in my arms. (Side note: I was able to make the newborn baby sleep many times during that day. A bottle of milk and a slow & gentle tap on the leg did the trick. I learned from the husband and wife team. I learned fast. That’s a skill point.)

It was the best feeling in the world.

You know why?

Because this tiny human being got my time. And I did not mind at all.

When the twins’ parents asked for a favor if I could accompany them when they go home from the hospital, I just dropped my plan and said “Yes.”

I gave my friends my TIME.

I gave the tiny human being my TIME.

Because I got time.

Who do you spend your time with?


This blog post is dedicated to Samuel Marco and Samuel Matteo Bendo. May you have the best times of your lives. And don’t prank your parents and grandmothers by exchanging clothes so you can give them a hard time knowing which is which. Oh great,  I just gave you an idea of your mom’s concern.
Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Tagaytay? On a Tuesday?

As a virtual assistant, yes, I can go there. Plus my friends.

And we REALLY did go to Tagaytay on a Tuesday.

My virtual assistant friends and I invaded Tagaytay (specifically the amazing Twin Lakes) for the second time recently. This time around, we were not the only ones who spent time catching up offline. Three of the premium deal participants from the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit were with us, too!

Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Wish you were here.

Part of the premium deal of the telesummit was an invitation to join one of our meet ups. Weeks prior to the meet up, we sent an email to the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit Premium Deal participants.


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Food, fun and friendships.


The three participants – Elena, Marikith and Angelica – never wasted time. They asked us many questions. They also shared with us their concerns as they continue their virtual career journey. Most of all, they saw that the “superstars” from the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit are just like ordinary people who experienced challenges and successes on their virtual career journey. It is our hope that in the near future; they can come back in Twin Lakes on a weekday with an exceptional virtual career, too!


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

We are grateful to Elena, Marikith and Angelica for joining our meet up in Twin Lakes!


It was also a breather to meet my virtual assistant friends, whom I last saw in flesh last December! (or November? See, I could even remember.) Nath has done all the video angles for his video channel; Ralph made up for the missed meet ups with his banters; Ela was happy that she finally got to wear her violet fleece. Shawi and I got new movie files (That’s illegal!) while Conz and Lyn just enjoyed their food and coffee. Niña answered questions from the participants while uploading her client’s Facebook Ads. (Geesh, talk about working anywhere!)


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

We filled Bag of Beans with our laughter during that day.


Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

I told Lyn to take my photo with her iPhone because I look prettier on it. LOL


A famous person once said that you should surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you. Indeed, Twin Lakes is beautiful. Yet I am blessed with the people I was with in Twin Lakes on a Tuesday.


Photos courtesy of Niña Mendoza, Ralph Solomon and Lyn Nafarette.


We are working on the downloadable version of the Work Smarter Online TeleSummit! It’s the recorded version of what Elena, Marikith and Angelica attended last year. Wait for the announcement on the launch!

Situations that Only Virtual Professionals Understand

Situations that Only Virtual Professionals Understand

I am still a big fan of Bitstrips, a comic app where you can create a comic version of yourself. Imagine my amusement when I saw the Bitstrip version of myself. It was like looking at a mirror!

In one of my sane days, I decided to compile situations that only virtual professionals understand. Starring me in all my Bitstrips glory. These Bitstrip comic situations first appeared on my personal Facebook account.

As I was working on the compiled situations, I could not help but wonder and be grateful because I never imagined that I would experience these situations. The dream of working from home has indeed came true. I was just writing about some of my work at home dreams in my earlier blogs!

Do you want to learn how to work from home, forget about traffic and office politics? Years ago, I decided to attend a seminar on How to Become a Virtual Assistant. It has helped me and a lot others how to build an exceptional online portfolio, have confidence in my value and skills, and market myself. I was mentored by Jomar Hilario, Philippines’ top online marketing guru.

Here’s the good news: Jomar is going to conduct another live seminar on virtual careers on April 9! Click here for more details.

You can’t attend on April 9? There is a downloadable version! What’s more, you can also choose between two seminar versions!

If you want to start on virtual careers, click here.

If you want to start on virtual careers by experiencing the recorded version of the Virtual Careers Summit in 2015, click here.

What’s the difference between the two? Here’s is the comparative review of my friend, Jones Mancilla of Positively Awesome Virtual Assistant.

Do you think the situations that only Virtual Professionals understand is cool? Do you feel that it is for you? Act now.

From Overseas Filipino Worker to Outstanding Filipino Worker: How does one make the transition?

From Overseas Filipino Worker to Outstanding Filipino Worker: How does one make the transition?

In the recently concluded Wealth Summit 2016, one of the most discussed question came from an Overseas Filipino Worker. The question posed was:

“How does an Overseas Filipino Worker transition?”

Everyone in the room had the approving mood. Sure, exceptional business mentors surrounded me, as well as Truly Rich Club members (composed of business owners, employees, infopreneurs and Overseas Filipino Workers). Yet, everyone considered the question valid and important.

In one of my posts, I told you the story of the diaspora that happened in my own family. There were also a number of households here in where I live where a parent is an Overseas Filipino Worker.

Here are some of the answers from the different Truly Rich Club mentors and Wealth Summit 2016 speakers. I hope you will find them helpful.

Moreover, if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker, I hope you will find them valuable and doable. May your transition from an Overseas Filipino Worker to an Outstanding Filipino Worker (whatever you want to do as long as it is legit and you are working here in the Philippines!) be enjoyable and fruitful.

BO SANCHEZ, Preacher in Blue Jeans

Learn new skills.

MAVES ANGELES, Happy Homes Realty CEO

Use your funds to build a passive income and business.

SHA NACINO, author, speaker and blogger

Become an infopreneur; sell information products online.

RONNIE SIASOYCO, President & CEO at Trion Management Corporation

The effects of having Outstanding Filipino Worker is a social problem because a parent or both parents are not at home to guide children. With the technology at hand, use it and communicate to your children.

Share with your children your struggle as you work miles away from them. Telling them stories will let them that you are sacrificing for them.

JOMAR HILARIO, Online Marketing Guru

One of the ways to transition from an Overseas Filipino Worker is to look for job opportunities online. He or she can do this part-time until such time he or she gets many clients, go full-time as a virtual professional, and then go home to the Philippines.

Even the family members of the Overseas Filipino Worker can work online, so while the latter is still working abroad, the family members has another source of income.

This is the reason why the How to Become a VA (Virtual Assistant) Seminar became the Virtual Careers book. The book can reach more people, just like attending the same seminar. All you have to do is to follow everything that is written in the book.

Work from Home who needs to go abroad

Work-from-Home: Who Needs to go Abroad?

I remember how the family of my mother’s sister went to Canada one by one (or should I say, family by family).

It was in 1998 when the classic story of Filipino diaspora happened in my mother’s side of the family. When one of my aunt’s daughters (my cousin) married a Filipino-Canadian, she petitioned her older sister. The older sister followed to Canada and when got settled, she took her whole family. Then the sisters told their older brother to follow. When the older brother has settled, he told his family to pack up and leave. Then my aunt and uncle were petitioned later on.

I was a graduating college student when I realized that almost all of them were already in Canada.

All these years when they went home for a vacation, they would tell me to start preparing my papers for Canada. They said I would get all the help I need – a place to stay and support in looking for work.

Before, I was tempted to prepare my papers and follow them. Lately, I tell them, “Nah, I’ll go there to visit you.”

Why can I say that?

I can say that because I learned about work-from-home from Jomar Hilario.

Work-from-home was just an idea many years ago. Thanks to the development of technology, the widespread list of reasons of what we can do in the Internet, and a mentor who is willing to help, I learned that I can work at the comforts of my home.

I can not blame my relatives from going abroad; they have their reasons for doing so. But I also have the power of choice of not joining the diaspora.

How about you? Would you like to work from home, too?

Well, a lot of us say “yes” when asked “do you want work from home”? We all think it’s some kind of fantasy (that’s impossible) or it’s heaven (I wish…).

Why not stop the speculation and investigate what to expect, how much can you earn, and know more about how you can do this “work at home thing”?

Listen to the “work at home” expert Jomar Hilario as he trains you on how you can start making steps to leaving your stressful work and just staying in your bedroom all day …while earning.

For the live seminar on April 9, 2016, click here.

You won’t be able to make it on the live seminar? Click here instead.

With work-from-home, who needs to go abroad?

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