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Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

I was humbled and honored to a panelist of Jomar Hilario’s webinar on Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home. It was my first webinar guesting for 2017 and I’m with fellow virtual assistant friends!

Together with the motley crew Niño and Yuan Natividad, Eleazar Jose and Sheree Brizo, we answered questions that current virtual assistants experience.

Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home


Here were some of the questions during the webinar:

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

Here’s the video of the webinar:

Were you present on the webinar? Let me know in the comments what you have learned!


Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I woke up yesterday morning with this first thought in mind: I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I also took a good look on one of my visual boards. There are photos of people there that are reading my book. I was like, “Wow, you did happen last night. Awesome.”

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

These photos are in my dream board. The other day, they came true. I am officially a published author!

Last night, I did my first-ever webinar, “Top 10 Reasons Why You are Still Not a Virtual Assistant (and What You Can Do About It).” A few who attended the live webinar sent me messages saying that they learned a lot and were inspired (and amused, I think) with the stories that I shared with them.

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

The end of the webinar was also the launch of my first e-book, “Small is BIG: 5 exceptional small things on how to switch from being a corporate junkie to a BIG time online professional.”

I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

My first e-book is out! Woo hoo!

Just like what the song says, “What a feeling!” Everything that happened became possible because of YOU! I cannot thank you enough.

Now, the perennial question: Is there a replay?

My answer: OF COURSE! Click here for the webinar replay: http://kickstartyourpurpose.com/BUYSmallisBIG

I encourage you to watch the webinar until the end. I got gifts by the end of the webinar. I hope you’d be able to catch them faster than you catch Pikachu and its crew.

Again, here’s the link to the webinar replay: http://kickstartyourpurpose.com/BUYSmallisBIG

I hope you’re going to make the best choices for your life today!


I am now officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I saw these sheets of paper inserted on my planner. This was my e-book launch a month ago. Indeed, you gotta believe in small things. #SmallisBIG #KickstartYourPurpose

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not A Virtual Assistant

I know, I know. I got busy. I got a weekly audio podcast (virtual hugs if you are listening to the show), had almost monthly webinar guestings, aaannnddd of course, got to serve my exceptional clients!

Whatd’ya know, I was able to put these things into already my crazy life. Have you seen these posts lately – as in the past 3 days?


Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not A Virtual Assistant


That’s because I am about to launch a new project. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Do you remember this post on my Facebook Page a few weeks ago?

Survey post for webinar

On August 23, 2016 at 8PM (PH time), I will be hosting a webinar on Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Not A Virtual Assistant. I am going to breakdown the reasons that were given to me via comments or private messages on the webinar – and what you can do about them!

Attend this free webinar and find out what is keeping you (or someone you know) from kickstarting your virtual assistant career, and what you can do about it). There will only be 50 slots available for the webinar, so I suggest you sign up now.

Here is the link to the free webinar: http://bit.ly/WebinarTop10Reasons

I hope to see you in the webinar!

Get marketing lessons from my Medium blog!

I am currently attending Jomar Hilario‘s Unlocking Success Secrets : Marketing Mindset Webinars. It’s a two-part webinar series that will hopefully change my mind into a full marketing droid (just kidding).

One of its assignments is making YouTube an ultimate hangout for learning and posting the lessons on our blog. For a change, I tried putting the marketing lessons on Medium. Continue reading

5 things I realized about work-from-home

A few days ago, I saw an e-mail in my Facebook. I was surprised to find out that it was from my mentor, Jomar Hilario. He asked my help to list down 5 things about working from home that I didn’t realize was possible before. Sir Jomar said it’s for his Monday webinar.

Being the Jedi student (or wait, should I say a Gryffindor student?) that I am, I listed them down. Sir Jomar replied a few hours later asking for permission to use the list for his upcoming book (finally! it’s long over due, I could say.). I replied with a YES.

Sir Jomar again asked for another help: a story out of one of the things that I listed down. Still, like the Gryffindor student (or a Jedi student? Sorry, I couldn’t make up my mind) that I am, I sent my story to his e-mail after a few minutes.

I’m posting down 5 things about working from home that I didn’t realize was possible before here in this post. Do you have the same things on your list? Let me know your thoughts on this by commenting below.

Jomar Hilario’s “How to Become a Virtual Assistant” Seminar is on March 16, 2013. Go to http://filipinova.com for more details.

Well, what do you think of my list? Fire away your comments!

Well, what do you think of my list? Fire away your comments!

3 How to Become a Virtual Assistant Seminar was a success!

We’re about to start a new life!

I was happy to go to Jomar Hilario’s Rosewood Point residence. Jomar is my Internet Marketing and Virtual Assistant mentor. It was my first time to attend a VA seminar (I learned about it through the downloaded seminar two years ago) and I would get to share my VA experience, so even if the rains were pouring down hard, I brave my way through it.

I arrived at the Rosewood Pointe Clubhouse at 7:50 AM of 15 September. I approached Sir Jomar as he was testing his Apple stuff and speakers. He then introduced me to the seminar team. I placed my bag in the designated bag area for the staff then started helping out. By 8:30 AM, the registration started. I think 100 participants came for the seminar. The Clubhouse was full of participants!

We’re ready. This was the clubhouse minutes before we opened the doors to participants. That’s Sir Jomar doing last Apple checks.

Positively Awesome VA checking the names of the participants.

I assisted in providing script for participants who volunteered for video recording of their messages. I also gave a suggestion for them to take their lunch outside the clubhouse so they could enjoy Sir Jomar’s residence. One unforgettable moment was when Sir Jomar asked me to choose Christmas songs from his iPod classic. Honestly, it was first time to ever hold an iPod classic (insert you laughing here), so I did not know what to do. When Sir Jomar asked if I know how to use iPod, I immediately said I “no.” Sir Jomar then said, “Okay, go do something else.”

Some participants approached me in different times in the morning and in the afternoon to ask details about becoming a VA. There are those who were excited; they almost couldn’t wait for my sharing. There are those who were excited but nervous about what they are about to learn and do.

Great job, VA Seminar Team! Thanks a lot, too, for letting me help out!

I met Positively Awesome VA, Jones, and my co-sharer, Work-at-Home Mom Noemi Mora. We got to talk now and then to share what we thought of what Sir Jomar said in the seminar. I could say that we all learned from the seminar (added details and added assignments! No wonder Sir Jomar said it’s the VA Seminar 2.0) and from each other.

I finally took my five minutes of fame at 4:30 PM. If you know me, you know that I could talk for hours. So my five-minute sharing was my shortest presentation ever. I waited for my turn but still felt nervous by the time Sir Jomar gave me the microphone. But by the second slide of my PDF presentation, my confidence came back. I was so happy to have concise my best and worst VA experiences in five minutes for future VAs.

Mentor Jomar Hilario and I.

More people approached me and Noemi after the seminar. I took the time to answer all their questions, as I can not go home right away anyway (the rains came back). Some told me that they knew me from the VA # 3 Webinar last August, and that they learned a lot from it (one even said she’s still waiting for the YouTube upload so she could hear it again). I went home with a picture of my mentor and I, a ride up to Guadalupe MRT, and new friends.

Two years ago, all I ever wanted was to on a journey in becoming a full-time Virtual Assistant. I never thought that along the journey (and engaged in a part-time VA gig), I would get to share my experiences. I hope that most of the participants will get to continue the journey and be better.

Yes, you can work at home in 3 months’ time. Ask me how!

I am VA #3

Sir Jomar’s Facebook banner photo days before the webinar.

“Okay, okay, stop, stop. We will start in a few minutes.”

That’s what my mentor, Jomar Hilario, said. I just finished almost a non-stop sample blubbering (that’s a sample) to check if my audio is working. Sir Jomar, as he is fondly called, finished setting the sites for the webinar. He called me through Skype a few minutes after I called him. “There are noises, I’ll call you,” he said.

I really could not believe what I was seeing: I saw on justintv my picture (sent through e-mail to Sir Jomar minutes before the webinar) and my “screen name,” Ann Peñarazzi.

I used to attend his webinars. Being a guest was far etched on my mind.

How did I get into this pretty perfect mess?

I just posted my monsoon rains story here in my blog, when I saw the “kumusta? (flood stories of my VAs)” of Sir Jomar (by the way, for non-Filipinos who passed by my blog, “kumusta” is Filipino for “how are you?”). I e-mailed what happened to me. My e-mail got him confused, so Sir Jomar clarified if I still working on a full-time office job. I replied, stating that yes, I still do have a full-time job; my Social Media Manager position is a part-time VA job.

“Dami mo nang adventures ah (You seem to have experienced a lot of adventures). Are you game for an interview?”  Sir Jomar said.

e-mail exchanges

Funny thing was it has not sunk in to me that I’ll be a guest VA, not a participant. My wits got me when the exchange of emails on Skype tests and final schedule of the webinar became frequent in a span of 5 days (honestly, I it was a miracle I got 80 in my Logic class back in college).

Uh-oh, what did I get myself into?

During the 4-day holiday, I saw the Interview Your Virtual Assistant #3 Webinar announcements. I got cold feet. Sir Jomar’s really serious about this! My mind was on a race of thoughts: does he really know that I am not a full-time VA? What if participants will leave the webinar once they find out that I’m not a full-time VA?

Uh-oh, here it is. Cold feet!

But then, I thought, I was honest admitting that I am a part-time VA. Besides, I have been a participant to many webinars of Sir Jomar; people only leave to refresh their pages, then they’re back after a few minutes. I started thinking: what if participants will stay and learn from me? What if my experiences will lead to them going on a better path than mine? What if I they would be able to relate to my experiences and never leave the webinar?

Wow, such is the power of Brendon Burchard’s book, The Charge. I can change my what-if questions into something positive! I was challenged. Though still nervous, I waited for the webinar night head on.

Hours before the webinar, I wrote down notes on how I became a VA, plus a list of my experiences. I did this so that the story-telling would be fast; it would lessen the pauses that I could do just because I kept on thinking of the next story. I was also thankful that Sir Jomar sent me an e-mail with a list of questions; it gave me an idea of what the webinar participants have in their mind. What I was not ready for was the question “what books do you read?” I honestly never thought that would be asked; good thing my wits were still with me, so I got to say that book titles, their authors, what are the books about, and how I got them!

Here are my notes so I can keep on talking (and laughing)!

In the end, I felt so great and grateful of the 135 people (close to that) who listened, asked questions, and stood with my brand of entertainment (I hope my voice was not screeched, I tend to be like that if I’m really happy and excited). I really do hope they learned a lot from me. My most important prayer was that they got inspired to do better than me.

My view from JustinTV. That’s Sir Jomar’s Mac with ANN Exceptional VA on the screen. Hey, it’s this blog!

I was so glad my Internet connection and my Skype were fabulously efficient during the one and a half hours of webinar.

This was when I was discussing BrainBench. I also got to answer questions in JustinTV (right).

I was happy to go over my fear of not being good enough. My mentor already said time and again that I am a success. My Great Maker, the Divine God, has His own words for me. I slept soundly but not before whispering in prayer, “those 135 people will start getting their overflowing blessings starting tonight.”

Damn, I can’t wait for magic to start!

Thanks a lot, Sir Jomar, and to those who catched the webinar! By the way, the next VA Seminar is on 15 September 2012!

Want to work from home? The next “How You Can Work From Home as A Virtual Assistant” Seminar is on 15 September 2012 at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig (that’s where Sir Jomar lives). Details here.