Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

First Webinar Guesting for 2017: Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home

I was humbled and honored to a panelist of Jomar Hilario’s webinar on Uncovering The Answers To Common Issues Of Working From Home. It was my first webinar guesting for 2017 and I’m with fellow virtual assistant friends! Together with the motley crew Niño and Yuan Natividad, Eleazar Jose and Sheree Brizo, we answered questions […]

Ask AEVA: Don't you miss your officemates

Ask AEVA: Don’t you miss your office mates?

A former office mate (and still a friend) asked me a question via Facebook Messenger. Don’t you miss your office mates? See my response in my screenshot (together with the comments that I got from other virtual assistant friends). Now, before you glare at me and scream “How ungrateful!”, “What a loner!”, or worse, “Mewling […]

Cut yourself some slack

Cut yourself some slack.

Recently, I talked to another virtual professional and a good friend. As we were about to end our conversation, we talked about being busy with many things. My friend has highly satisfied clients, expertise on chosen niche, and is able to reach monthly income goal. Seriously, my friend can ask for the moon. However, sometimes, […]

I just shed a tear on live Internet

I just shed a tear on live Internet.

Believe me when I say that I am always grateful to my mentor, Jomar Hilario, every time he is giving me an opportunity to share my virtual professional journey. Recently, I shared to the participants of his latest Ask Me Anything Marathon Webinar how I prepared our house, bedroom and family for my virtual career. […]

Another Twin Story

Another Twin Story

I got another twin story for you. Well, this twin story is not related to my Twin Lakes escapade. I am going to tell you about REAL twins! Babies! Okay, let me be just clear: the twins are NOT mine. Let’s go to the story. Weeks prior to Holy Week, I told my clients that […]

Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Twin Meets in Twin Lakes

Tagaytay? On a Tuesday? As a virtual assistant, yes, I can go there. Plus my friends. And we REALLY did go to Tagaytay on a Tuesday. My virtual assistant friends and I invaded Tagaytay (specifically the amazing Twin Lakes) for the second time recently. This time around, we were not the only ones who spent […]

Work from Home who needs to go abroad

Work-from-Home: Who Needs to go Abroad?

I remember how the family of my mother’s sister went to Canada one by one (or should I say, family by family). It was in 1998 when the classic story of Filipino diaspora happened in my mother’s side of the family. When one of my aunt’s daughters (my cousin) married a Filipino-Canadian, she petitioned her […]

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Have you found the book that can change your life?

I recently tweeted that I am now on my 15th book of the year! I just started reading my 15th book of the year! It’s @ThisIsSethsBlog ‘s All Marketers are Liars. What’s your current read? #BookWorm — Ann Peñaredondo (@annkristineruns) September 12, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js I was happy to tweet that for many reasons: one, I […]