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Ann Kristine_testimonial_Marcus Ho

Marcus Ho

Ann is a great social media manager! She manages clients expectations to the best of her abilities. I'm very confident that anyone who is engaging her will benefit immensely in so many areas.Ann is well trained in the area of social media marketing and her skills are highly capable of growing businesses in many areas.

Adam Stewart - Ann Kristine testimonial

Adam Stewart

Ann is my first official social media manager. Previously, this role was being done on an ad hoc basis, so I wanted a professional who knows what they are doing. Ann is this person. She is hyper aware of the best tools to use and the best options for online marketing and social media posting. I'm very confident to recommend her for this field. Ann has also handled video posts to Youtube and other tasks. She is competent and is able to take initiative and add value, even when not asked. This is a rare gift, so keep it up Ann. Well done.

Fred Mosquida - Ann Kristine testimonial

Fred Mosquida

Since day one, I knew I am entrusting my Facebook page to the right person. And I was right. Ann increased the number of followers and engagement on my Business page through her timely and creative images that will surely catch your attention when scrolling through the endless Facebook feed.She always comes up with engaging, sharply written content while keeping my audience and brand in mind, which is very important for me.So if you’re a business owner who likes to get the most out of your social media accounts, you should consider Ann Peñaredondo. She's a real asset.

Julie Wilson - Ann Kristine testimonial

Julie Wilson

owner of figmint catering

Ann has been a pleasure to work with. She is super efficient, motivated and reliable. Working with a social media marketer requires trust and I had no issues here with Ann.

Jody Milward - Ann Kristine testimonial

Jody Milward

Ann really is an exceptional virtual professional. Extremely organised, diligent and reliable. Great communication and would often prompt me when I got behind. It was great having Ann work with me for over 18 months.

Norman Yeo - Ann Kristine testimonial

Norman Yeo

Ann is a highly committed individual that will go the extra mile to get things done. Above that, she puts in extra effort to her own improvement and development. I believe that she will be an asset to the company and will recommend her.

Arvin Peralta - Ann Kristine testimonial

Arvin Peralta

“I love working with Ann! She always brings a vibrant and positive energy with her that is quite contagious. I admire her commitment to the quality of her work and the exceptional value that she brings through her extensive training in social media marketing.”

Jan Michael Tan - Ann Kristine testimonial

Jan Michael Tan

associate certified meta-coach | online marketing manager of gigwire | owner of message that connects

Ann is a joy to work with. She is very organized and detailed when explaining things. She is very approachable and very willing to give a helping hand. Ann is a true asset to any organization: organized, diligent and efficient!

Wilbs Lirag

Ann is a self-motivated, success-oriented and very friendly person who gives valuable feedback to your concerns especially when it comes to social media management. I also witnessed here journey of resiliency in everything that life throws at her. Having Ann in your company, organization and event is like having a long time friend, reliable teacher and trainer.

Ann was AMAZING! I can’t imagine a better assistant and social media marketer. With the right guidance and direction she is capable of creating the perfect content. We definitely added quite a few followers as a result of her work! Great job!

Danita Walton

Owner of Different Drummer Travel

Legend - Ann Kristine testimonial
"Ann Kristine", "ann exceptional virtual assistant"
"Ann Kristine", "ann exceptional virtual assistant"
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