What is an E.P.I.C. business?

What does the word "epic" mean to you?

Can you consider your business as such?

In 2020, I took the Meta-Coursera course, a requirement before taking a Meta™ Digital Marketing Associate Certification Exam.

One of the topics discussed in the course is about having a brand, and why it’s important for you to have one. It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur or an expert in your field. You need to have a brand as you set up and establish your social media presence.

A brand is no longer just for big companies with huge advertising budgets or celebrity endorsements. A brand, by definition, is a combination of elements or attributes of a business that make up an experience about that business.

Meta™ created a framework that small businesses can follow to create and establish a brand. This framework is called E.P.I.C.

While the framework is very helpful to entrepreneurs and even experts, here’s what I observed about the E.P.I.C. framework:
  1. Meta™ said that small businesses often lack the support, resources, knowledge, and tools to create and establish that brand, that’s why they created the E.P.I.C. framework. I can attest that this is true.
  2. While Meta™ created the framework, they don’t tell small businesses about it. Weird, but true. I have talked to Meta™ Support via chat, email, and even sat down in calls with them. No mention of the E.P.I.C. framework whatsoever.

How understated.

As a Meta™ Marketing Strategist who has helped businesses in the fields of shopping malls, retail, dairy, hotel, and luxury furniture, as well as authors and experts in business, food, health, and education, I am frustrated over businesses that have a Facebook™ Page or Instagram™ account, but:

  1. No basic elements, like cover photo and profile.
  2. The feed is empty or has very few contents.
  3. Takes too long to respond to a comment or a private message, or worse, do not respond at all.

Make all those elements present, and it’s going to get me in a Hulk-mode in a second (not kidding).


Nowadays, social media platforms like Meta™ (Facebook™, Instagram™, WhatsApp™) are easily accessible and free. They allow us to connect with thousands, or even millions, of people.

Unfortunately, you and I (yes, I would admit it) don’t leverage that power.

Allow me to help you understand what the EPIC framework means, and how you can create an E.P.I.C. business.

What does the E.P.I.C. framework mean?

Now, don’t be overwhelmed with the word, epic. 

I realized that there are two meanings for the said word. A "long poem" that tells the adventures of a hero, a figure, or a history is called an "epic".

The other meaning is in its adjective form, which means grand in scale, monumental, ambitious.

Both meanings were intended to be grand. And sometimes, when we see the word “grand”, it means unattainable or hard to reach.

Don’t give in to the unattainable mindset. The fact that you created a business is by no means epic. 

Let's simplify this in an epic way.

E.P.I.C. means:


If I ask you what your business is about, I won’t doubt that you will tell me a story.

That’s what Existence is all about. It's your business' origin story, what problem it solves, and why people should care.


If your back is against the wall, one of the things that would empower you to get out of it is your purpose. 

Why did you start your business? What does your business stand out for? You’ll most likely answer with a pain or a pleasure story. It's either an experience you either don't want others to go through, or an experience you want others to have as well.


This is where the visual look and feel of your business falls in. Logos, colors, images and the words that you use for your business are part of your identity. 

Most of the time, entrepreneurs and experts focus on this only. While identity is important, it is more powerful when your story and purpose are clear.


Connection is how you interact with your customers through the written word. Most of the time, this is called the Brand Voice. It's the way your business communicates. Are you formal or casual? Serious or funny? Respectful or irreverent? Matter-of-fact or enthusiastic?

Ann Kristine_What is an E.P.I.C. Business

Why you need to establish an E.P.I.C. business

There are many functions to a brand. It builds trust and connection, fosters loyalty, enables recognition, and signals understanding (“Hey, it seems like they know me!”). They also reduce price sensitivity for customers and help facilitate a business’ decision-making. 

Customers always create their own perceptions and judgements after interacting with your business. If you have a brand, it allows for a balance of what your brand is about and what the customers are saying.

In the end, if you have an E.P.I.C. Business, everything that you do on social media will be easier. You can easily create social media profiles, post valuable content, and invite others to try your product or service. It will be very simple.

How you can create an E.P.I.C. business without overwhelm

Creating an E.P.I.C. business is a discovery process. You must explore, experiment, and release.

Explore what your competitors are doing. How are they promoting their business? How are they interacting with their customers?

Experiment. Would it be good to boost a post about your next promotion, or launch a contest? 

After that, don’t be afraid to release what you explored and experimented on. Take notice of what your customers are doing. Analyze feedback and opinions. 

Explore, experiment, release, repeat.

How to get started in creating an E.P.I.C. business

I highly suggest that you sit down and document your E.P.I.C. business. Since it's your blueprint, it requires laser-like focus. 

There is the template for you to get started on creating an E.P.I.C. business. You can find more examples in Meta’s creating a brand in this business article.

Need help in creating an E.P.I.C. business without overwhelm?

If you are an entrepreneur and expert who’s efficient and focused; someone who has already gained ground in the business’ someone who’s clear about the direction of your business…

If you want to move quickly but need guidance or build the framework and strategy and execute it for you, then you can create an E.P.I.C. business.

If you need help in creating an E.P.I.C. business, I invite you to book a call with me. Let me help you create your own E.P.I.C. framework.

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