Meta Marketing Strategy

Is Meta™ still relevant? YES.

Here’s How It Could Help Your Business.

  • Would you like your customers to know about your business? Meta™ could help you. Meta™ can significantly raise brand awareness. This is the perfect opportunity to make more and more people familiar with your company and the products or services you have to offer.
  • Would you like to get customer feedback immediately? Meta™ could help you. Businesses benefit from social recommendations. If you have a Facebook Page, Instagram™ account, or WhatsApp™, customers can look you up.  What’s more, if you provide valuable content, customers could see you as the go-to for your industry. Customers could even give reviews of your product or service. 
  • Would you like a zero-budget marketing tool? Meta™ is for you. It’s free to sign up and maintain a Facebook™ Page or an Instagram account. You will only pay Meta™ once you decide to advertise on the platform.

Are you scared about Meta – Facebook or Instagram – going gone? To be honest, Meta™ will continue for a longer time. I always remember what my mentor said, “Facebook™ will continue to become one of the best platforms around. It’s not yet MySpace or Friendster.” 

This could mean that your customers are going to hang out here for a very long time, too. Wouldn’t it be right for you to be on Meta as well?

Here’s the key to making this work for you: Do Whatever It Takes! 

Take action! Nothing happens until something moves, so get up and get moving right now. You could ask other business owners who have signed up for Facebook™ and were able to grow their business.

I am taking action! Could you please tell me more about your Meta Marketing Strategy?

I thought you’d never asked!

I explain my implement-right-now list on this whole page. This is the SAME STRATEGY that I have learned in the course of my career. I do these for my clients.

If you decide to invest in my strategy, I will do this for your business.

As a bonus, you would be getting monthly digital marketing advice that could help you grow your business’ online presence.

Meta™ (Facebook™ or Instagram™) Page Audit

We’re going to make an online inspection of your Facebook™ Page or Instagram™ account. The objective is to optimize your page. Why? 

If you search something on Google™, say Social Media Examiner, you’ll see that their website and Facebook™ Page/Instagram™ both show in the results.

If you search something on Google™, say Social Media Examiner, you’ll see that their website and Facebook™ Page both show in the results.

Having an optimized Facebook™ Page or Instagram account will give your audience a good look at what your business is about, just like your website. Isn’t that fun?

Create a Customer Avatar

Simply put, a Customer Avatar is a person you are selling to. 

Digital Marketer said it best about the KISS OF DEATH: A marketer or business owner gets so focused on WHAT they’re selling that they forget to think about WHO they’re selling it to.

Do you know your ideal customer? I will help you figure it out by compiling EVERYTHING about your customer.

Seth Godin said, “Everyone is not your customer.” You shouldn’t be shooting for everyone.


Create a Brand Persona

Whether you are a business or an individual, you have a brand. According to Weebly, “Every piece of communication you have with a customer tells them a little something about you (or your business).”

What is the voice of your brand? What are your values? What do you stand for? Do these reflect on how you communicate with your audience?


Set up Key Performance Indicators or KPIs

We will work together in setting up objectives, metrics to measure goals, keywords, and even official hashtags for your business. 

Our KPIs are our map, an indicator that we are on our way to your business goals using Facebook™. Without the map, we’ll lose our way in the jungle.

Create Social Media Integration Strategy

Okay, now you have your Facebook™ Page or Instagram account. You post helpful content and tell your audience about your events. Awesome.

How about your team members in the office? Do they know what is happening in your business online? If someone calls your office about your upcoming event, will your employees hang up?

I will help you work on strategies to align your offline and online marketing so there would be alignment to your business objectives.

Create Editorial Calendar

When you work with me, I won’t do a “What I am going to post today?” strategy.

We are going to use an editorial calendar so we could organize your content so we can publish it in bulk and in the future. Awesomesauce.

Curate Content using Visual Ideas and compelling copy

This is where the work starts. Imagine that? That’s because the first few steps are all about GAINING CLARITY on what you want to achieve on your Meta™ Marketing.

We’ll use different types of images (even videos) and copy (text) to provide helpful content to your audience. 

Of course, we’ll promote your products or service to your audience every now and then, but we are not going to do it every day.

How about viral content? I subscribe to Jonah Berger’s way of creating content. But to be honest, no one knows when content will become viral. Providing helpful and valuable content is what I do best. If you’re looking for someone who can create viral content, you may go somewhere else.

As long as we know your ideal customer, we can talk to them like a friend and give them great information that could change their lives.


Post Breaking or Trending News

We can post breaking, developing, or even trending news or images on your Facebook™ Page or Instagram accounts, provided that it is aligned to your brand or your audience loves it. For instance, in August 2014, as soon as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding was revealed, I searched the bride’s wedding dress

I told my client that we could align the wedding dress to the lingerie product they were selling. The post was a smash hit to their audience. 

Fan Engagement

Every comment and every message, we will get to them immediately. With the help of a frequently-asked-questions document, I could respond to your audience in no time.

Got no chatbot? No problem! We will activate the Instant Replies on your Facebook™ Page or Instagram account so your audience could get information right away.

Run Contests or Promos

Who does not love contests? We can launch promos and contests on your Facebook™ Page or Instagram account. We can do contests or promos through third-party contest apps.

Don’t have those apps? No problem! We can create contests by publishing the post and putting it at the top of the Facebook™ Page or Instagram account. Of course, we will follow Facebook™’s policy on promotions.

We can even create a Meta advertising campaign for your contest or promotion (well, it’s a hint for the next step).

Ann Kristine_Meta Marketing Strategy_pin to top

You’ll see a pin on a post if it is pinned on top of the Facebook Page.

Advertise on Meta

If you want to reach your audience via paid ads, I can help you do that, too. We will create ad creatives (images or videos) once we have identified our customer avatar, brand persona, and KPIs. 

I send updates on campaigns and strategies (as needed) to my clients weekly.

Understanding Meta™ Insights

Once your Facebook™ Page or Instagram has enough Likes or Follows, we would be able to get access to Facebook™ Insights or Instagram™ Insights. Insights provide information about your Page of account performance, like demographic data about your audience and how people are responding to your posts.

On the other hand, Facebook™ Analytics allows us to look at trends about your current or potential customers across Facebook™. This tool would help to deliver your message to your audience better.

We can also use third-party insight apps.

The Secret to the Meta™ Marketing Strategy

Meta™ platforms are still part of the top social media channels in the world. 

If you want to reach the people who will support your products, services, and tell friends about your business, Meta™ is your best choice.

The Meta™ Marketing strategy I provided to you here works with CONSISTENTLY and PATIENCE. Commit to this strategy and you will meet your business goals through Meta™. Heck, you can even do the same strategy outside Meta™ platforms!

But if you want to get help, I am a call away! Click on the link below and let’s talk about creating an E.P.I.C. business through Meta.

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