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Building Businesses with Karla Singson

Karla Singson is a serial entrepreneur who leaves footprints in the path of business and entrepreneurship. And why not? From first and foremost being a writer and speaker, Karla has successfully ventured in events, public relations, franchising, and digital marketing.

Find out Karla’s exceptional attitude in building businesses and how you can learn from her.

  • What you can learn from Karla from her interview episodes:
  • The big mistakes that you could be doing as you start your business
  • Three things you should consider when creating a business
  • How choosing a business partner is like choosing a spouse
  • Why you as an entrepreneur should start thinking big even if your business is still in the beginning phase
  • Where Philippine business is headed
  • Top business ideas to get started (less capital!)
  • How to get started in social media
  • On fighting overstimulation and business advice

The Power of Podcasting with Eloisa Almonicido and Ce Mercado of ValuePod Productions

It was not long ago when podcast were unheard of. Okay, that is not true. In fact, a few individuals started doing podcasts for at least a decade! Today, podcasts are embedded in our lives. Whether we are driving the car or working, we listen to podcasts.

Two Filipinas decided to help entrepreneurs send their message out to the world through podcasting production and management. Listen to the story of Eloisa Almonicido and Ce Mercado of ValuePod Productions in this two-part episode where they answered the following top-most questions on podcasting:

  • How will podcasting fare in the next few years?
  • Is podcasting the new social media?
  • Is it the time to TALK NOW?

Jeff J Hunter on Personal Branding, Getting Attention, and Tik Tok Talk

Jeff J Hunter is known as the King of Outsourcing, a title that he did expect to have. In this two-part episode, Jeff provides his insights on personal branding and how to do it right at this age, and his thoughts on getting started on becoming a thought leader. Jeff is a Savage Marketer who has numerous guestings on TV, radio, and podcasts (including this show!) so you better take down notes.

And did I mention that he currently has 2.5 million TikTok followers? We checked out his TikTok video that went viral in September 2020) – and how this would affect his business

Myrna Natividad on Courage During Crisis and Becoming an Employee Champion

In times of crisis like what have now (read: pandemic), I think a business owner listens to a business owner. So I got another guest on my show. This time, it’s Myrna “Mommy Negosyo” Natividad, Grow Your Business Pinoy! author and mentor to small and medium business owners.

As a retired businesswoman, she has four decades of business experience under her belt. Her hands-on experience in managing businesses made her a credible mentor to small and medium business owners. Listen to Mommy N’s advice to business owners, especially on how to take care of your biggest business’ asset.

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Perry Belcher on Pandemic: Pivot, Don’t Pause

Yes, you read that right. Perry Belcher, investor, direct response marketing specialist, and co-founder of Digital, is my third podcast guest. I needed to talk to someone who understands what the business owners are going through these tough times. You’ll never know how excited (and nervous) I was when he agreed to do this interview.

Here are the topics you need to listen to in this episode:

  • Why he’s busier now than in the last five years,
  • How to pivot, don’t pause during the challenging times (like right now)
  • Taking mental notes: Remembered you during the downtimes
  • Handling some of his businesses that were affected by COVID-19
  • The best characteristics that Perry is looking for his great team member
  • How he keeps updated with business trends

Marcus Ho on Serendipity, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

“Everything in my life is almost serendipity.” That’s what Marcus Ho, Managing Director of Brew Interactive said of his journey to entrepreneurship.

Marcus is one of my long-term clients. To think and say that I have learned a lot from him already is a mistake. This guy still makes me think, “Why didn’t I thought of that?”

After leaving the two-year mandatory military service (a must in Singapore), Marcus realized he didn’t want to become an employee. He wanted to make an impact – his way.

Find out how Marcus found his way to entrepreneurship, marketing, and building a digital marketing agency that has helped big names in various industries around Asia and the world.

Jomar Hilario on Online Marketing, Virtual Careers, and Business

I met Jomar Hilario in 2009 in an Internet Marketing Workshop in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. I attended his seminar to know how to earn a side income from the Internet. Little I know that meeting my mentor in that seminar will turn my life 360 degrees.

Jomar shares how he started his encounter with online marketing, and how he forced himself to be a speaker in an event (!) Listen also to his insights on business owners leveraging online marketing, his advice for business owners so they would understand how social media would help their business, and how he keeps tab of market and technology conditions.


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