I Help Entrepreneurs And Experts Make Their Business E.P.I.C. Using Social Media And Content Without Overwhelm.

If You Got A Critical Facebook Post That You Need Your Followers To Know, Be Aware Of, Or Act On, What Do You Do? You Click "Pin To Top."

That inconspicuous Facebook (and Twitter) feature is all you need to make a post stand out above the rest.

That’s precisely what Pin To Top Podcast is all about. 

Pin To Top is a podcast for Entrepreneurs and Experts who would like to get help doing Facebook Marketing and gain excellent business ideas. Make it you go-to podcast for Facebook marketing (plus marketing and life lessons in general). Whether you are an entrepreneur or an expert (coach, author, guru, influencer), you’d get actionable Facebook marketing tips and advice on the show.

Other Entrepreneurs and Experts think that just having a mere Facebook Page is enough. On the other hand, others don’t even start on doing Facebook Marketing because they wouldn’t be able to catch up with Facebook’s algorithms, updates, and trends.

Let Pin To Top provide you with Facebook Marketing basics, strategies, and tactics – plus excellent business ideas every now and then – to help you maximize your Facebook presence less the overwhelm.


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Pin To Top podcast - Ann Kristine

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“Perfect podcast for your tips, hacks, or tricks on social media marketing. Good insights to the dynamics of various social platforms.”

Tina Lanipa, Social Media and Facebook Ads Strategist for Amazon FBA and Shopify Sellers

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