Are you struggling to keep up with marketing your business on Facebook?

Growing your business doesn't have to be OVERWHELMING.

I can help you be on top of the changing algorithms, trends, and updates.

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Has your business gained ground but want to have more leads and sales through Facebook?

Are you already working too much on your business but finding that you're not getting enough consistent leads online?

Are you overwhelmed of what’s being offered out there?

You don’t know which is true or false, you always ask, “Am I doing the right thing?”

I know that you are clear about your business and its direction.

You have a message to share and probably, a product that will solve your customer's problem. You want your business to be successful and profitable while also having time for the things and people that matter to you. You want more than just chance or luck. 

What if you lose the business today because of you lack a good understanding of marketing online through Facebook?

Would you allow naysayers to succeed, hearing them say, “I told you so” every time they talk to you?

Do you see yourself working harder than before just to get ahead on the business, you end up getting sick?

Would you be able to accept the fact that you will just let go of your trusted team and close your business?

Would you like to see yourself come back to exchanging time for money?

What would it meant for you if you finally get enough consistent source of leads each month?

What would it be for you if you get the best business advisor to help you on Facebook marketing who’s very keen on learning about your business and guiding on the process? 

How would you feel if you spend the day working on your business with the best team and the best customers?

What would if be for you to wake up each day, feeling healthy and grateful because you’re still on a mission?

You don’t need to take massive action to be able to feel like you’ve lived up to their potential.

I can help you people figure out how to spend your energy in the smartest, fastest way for your business. I make sure that what I do is designed to give you exceptional brand awareness, expanded following, and exponential business growth.

I keep up with the best Facebook marketing strategies so you won’t have to.

We can work together to create an online machine generating new leads through Facebook.

I can help with:

  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Creating a brand persona
  • Establishing a content calendar
  • Create contagious content 
  • Use analytics to monitor performance
  • Facebook advertising
  • Reputation management 

Why Work with Me?

I’m Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo. I am the host of Pin To Top podcast, a published author, and a mentor to entrepreneurs and experts. I’ve been a Social Media Engineer since 2009. Social media is my passion and my purpose! My most favorite: Facebook.

I have in-charge of managing several Facebook Pages in different industries, including retail, lingerie and dairy. I have also managed Facebook Pages for authors and experts. I created contagious content, ensured smooth run of contests, and engaged fans in conversation about the brands.

But here’s the truth: I only work with business owners who believe in the process of marketing online, particularly on Facebook. I believe in business owners who are efficient and focused; someone who’s clear about the direction of their business and their message. 

If you are a business owner who wants to move quickly, but need guidance about the smartest places to invest energy or resources, then we could be a good fit. 

Want to work with an exceptional Facebook Marketing Strategist?


Marcus Ho

 Best Selling Author and Brew Interactive Managing Director 

Ann is a great social media manager! She manages clients' expectations to the best of her abilities. I'm very confident that anyone who is engaging her will benefit immensely in so many areas.

Ann is well trained in the area of social media marketing and her skills are highly capable of growing businesses in many areas.

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